Could RAUUUUUL Ibanez be coming back to Philly?

If the Phils make any moves, it ‘s only going to be for bullpen help or a bat.  Also, it’s going to be an expiring contract or an aging player who won’t cost much in the way of prospects or salary.  The Phils do have some flexibility and these are a few guys we could see in a Phillies uniform by the end of July.

Scott Downs is a lefty for the Los Angles Angels with a ERA of 1.42 and has been extremely effective against left handed hitters this year.   Going into today, lefty’s are only batting .178 off of him this year and with less than 2.5 million on his contract for the rest of the season, the Phillies might be willing to give up a “player to be named later” for the 37 year old.  The Angels are 7.5 games in back of the 2nd wild card spot and 9 games back of the Philadelphia Oakland A’s in the AL West.  I’m sure they will be slashing as much salary as possible over the next few weeks.

The White Sox have a guy who might come cheap to the Phillies if he can get healthy.  Jesse Crain is dealing with some shoulder soreness right now, but has been able to throw for the past few days and if he gets better the Phils could go get him.  He is a right handed setup guy who has an ERA of 0.74 on the year and has been especially effective versus right handed hitters this year as they are only batting .174.  I’m sure that it wouldn’t take more than a low level prospect to take the rest of his contract.  Both Crain and Downs have no given up a HR all season.

Raul Ibanez
Believe it or not, former fan favorite Raul Ibanez could be back in a Phillies uniform.  The Mariners are 11 games under .500 and are fading.  One bright spot has been Raul Ibanez.  If you haven’t noticed, Raul is batting .264 with a .576 slugging percentage.  He has 24 HRs and 54 RBIs despite splitting time at the beginning of the season.  Ruben might be trading for Raul with his value at an extreme high, but given the lack of power in this line up and age of Raul, the price might be reasonable if the Phillies want to push for a playoff spot and division title.

Like I said, this is just a few of the guys out there that could be have for relatively little value.  The Phils do have wiggle room to take on some salary and even give away some international signing bonus money.  This weekend will be interesting and after the All-Star break it will really heat up.  Needless to say, I’m JACKED!


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