Birds Training Camp Coverage…

Philadelphia Eagles fans

I think some people know that I cover the Eagles for and  starting next week I will be pumping-out about an article per day (Gotta meet that quota). I figure to give out some of the latest that I have written about so far to get you ready for training camp and the up-coming season. I love that word, “up-coming’.  Also check out my fellow writers Chuck Lombardi (@chuckwagon924) and Frank Capriotti (@TheFrankCap). They will be spitting “Hot-Fire” at you with Birds coverage too.  Moving on…

Here is some of my latest…

Michael Bamiro the new OT.

So news came out a few days ago that the Philadelphia Eagles are signing Stony Brook offensive tackle Michael Bamiro, who was declared a free agent last week by the NFL. That’s only the beginning of this dude’s story. Continue reading…

Chip Kelly’s hand signals

So many new things are coming our way this year for the Philadelphia Eagles.  We got a brand new offense, defense, and coaches. There will be so many new activities to see. I am not sure if activities actually fits there, but I just love the movie “Step Brothers”, so I am going with it. Continue reading...

Little known WR Nick Miller

I was looking for someone to write about and I wanted it to be an unknown player on the Philadelphia Eagles. I was thinking, ‘how about Donnie Jones, the punter?’. Imagine if I really wrote about a punter — I think most people wouldn’t read past the first line. With that said, I figured to write about wide receiver Nick Miller.

Who? Exactly Continue reading…

DC Billy Davis

As we all know, there has been a ton of turnover on the Philadelphia Eagles‘ defensive side of the ball, not to mention a totally different scheme. The Eagles’ defense needed a change in the worst way. Last year’s defense ranked 29th in points allowed and 15th in yards against.

In the past two seasons (2011-12) they ranked 30th (2011) and 31st (2012) in takeaway/giveaway ratio. Yup, not so good. Continue reading...

Safety Patrick Chung

Since I am on the subject of the Philadelphia Eagles secondary, I might as well take a peek at the new strong safety Patrick Chung. The former second-round pick out of Oregon left the New England Patriots after four seasons. The man has flashed some major talent there, but also struggled with injuries. He has missed 12 games over the last couple of seasons. The Pats were hoping to re-sign him, but they decided to let him walk (injuries). Continue reading…

Trent Cole on 3-4 transition

I’ve been thinking a bit about Trent Cole and if he could make the transition from 4-3 to 3-4 for the Philadelphia Eagles. I know Chip Kelly has said that he will be playing some 4-3, but they will be playing a 3-4 defense most of the time.

Cole, 30, who was drafted out of Cincinnati (fifth round in 2005) has built himself into an every-down defensive linemen by putting on weight and muscle over the years. Continue reading…

CB Bradley Fletcher

All we have heard about this offseason is about Cary Williams for the Philadelphia Eagles secondary. How Cary will bring a hard-nose type of football to the Eagles and how he doesn’t “do” voluntary work-outs. I think its time to talk about another Eagles cornerback addition and that would be Bradley Fletcher. Continue reading…

As always thanks for checking us out!


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