5 Questions Heading into Training Camp

2013 Eagles Camp

This time of the summer is when I start getting psyched about Eagles football.  It’s hot, humid, hazy and I love it.  I’m in beautiful Sea Isle City for a 2 week vacation and it is by far THE BEST TIME to have vacation.  Not only are there the best of the best scantily dressed girls from Delco walking the beach, but during the last week of July is when Eagles camp opens.  Reports fly in everyday about who is looking good, who is looking bad and who is going to make this roster that no one knew of at the beginning of the season.  Going into camp, these are the questions that most of us are wondering.

1. Can Lane Johnson be the final piece to sure up this offensive line?

Last season, injuries destroyed the offensive line before training camp even started with Jason Peters’ injury.  Now at 100%, the All-Pro tackle will be back at LT and it will be on  Lane Johnson to bookend that right side.  If he can do what’s expected of a top-tier tackle, Herremans will be able to move inside to guard and help out the interior of the line.  This move would drastically improve this offensive line, but it’s on dependent on rookie tackle Lane Johnson

2.  Where will Trent Cole fit within this new 3-4 defense?

Trent has played his entire career at DE in a 4-3 defense and now that he will be asked to stand up on the outside as a pass rushing LB, the transition might be difficult.  His athleticism to rush the passer without his hand in the ground won’t be the issue, but asking him to drop back in coverage could be.  I want to see how much they ask him to do this.  Will he primarily rush the passer or is it going to be expected of him to drop back into coverage?

3. What will be the identify of this offense?  Fans are expecting this offense to be a read-option type offense, but I don’t see it that way.  I think it’s strictly going to be a hurry up offense. AT ALL TIMES.  Not here and there, but a constant no huddle offense with 2 TE sets in single back-formation.  This team will be split down the middle on types of play calls.  50/50 EACH GAME.

4.  Who will be the rookie that comes in and simply blows the coaches away?  Who will be the rookie who is a huge disappointment?  There is always a rookie each year who exceeds expectations and there is always one who lacks.  I think one guy Eagles fans will come to love is DT, Bennie Logan.  He’s a bit undersized, but has the mindset to never give up on a play.  This is going to come through at camp and Eagles reporters will be very attracted to a player like this, because that’s who Eagles fans want to hear about.  One guy who might underperform, not to say he will have a bad camp is Matt Barkley.  Elevated play from rookies last year is putting a lot of pressure on this kid.  Fans need to ease up and let this kid grow before anointing him the future or naming him as a bust.

5.  Last but not least, who will be the Philadelphia Eagles starting QB?  Vick and Foles are very even right now and some are even saying that Mike Vick is losing the battle, but I don’t buy it.  This offense wants to play for Mike Vick.  DeSean and company will simply play harder for their guy.  I think Foles will give a great fight, but the more athletic vet will win the job.  How long he stays healthy is another conversation.


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