5 Players on the Proverbial ‘Bubble’

With players reporting yesterday, I thought it might be a good time for me to speculate who have been mainstays on the Eagles roster in the past few years that probably won’t be here by the end of August.  Any young developmental player that Andy Reid drafted has a poor shot at making this team, but the following vets have a distinct chance of being let go.

Jason Avant, WR

Jason Avant

Fan favorite and team leader Jason Avant might not be on this team come to the end of August.  Not because of deteriorating physical ability, but mainly due to the fact that he simply doesn’t fit this offense.  He is a possession type WR with below average speed, great hands and the ability to run crisp routes.  With this offense, speed is key an Jason just doesn’t have it.  Considering his excellent route running tree and ability to catch the ball he might be attractive to another team looking for a possession WR.  I think Jason gets traded towards the middle of training camp for a 6th round pick to a team lacking depth. KC?

Clay Harbor, TE

This offense is going to be about mismatches and three years ago, Clay Harbor seemed to be the type of TE who was going to turn into a threat down the seem in the vertical offense or in a hurry up offense.  Unfortunately for Harbor, injuries and slow development have placed him 4th on the Eagles depth chart and I don’t see him moving from there.  The Eagles are only going to carry 3 TEs and unless there is an injury to Brent Celek, James Casey and Zach Ertz he won’t make this team.

Casey Matthews, LB

Casey Matthews

This is the unusual situation where cutting Casey might be what is best for him and the Eagles conjointly.  Casey is the crux of what was wrong with Andy’s personnel decisions and stubborn ignorance to tell the Eagles fans that an below average player has below average skill.  The only way this guy makes the team is as a special teamer, but his speed is only average for a undersized LB like himself.  Cutting Casey will be one less memory of how poorly this team was ran the last 4 years.

Kurt Coleman, S

Two years ago, I was a big fan of Coleman.  I thought that he was a hard hitting safety from “The Ohio State University” that would develop into a impact player.  Sadly I was wrong.  This league is too fast for Coleman and in some cases, a bit small.  Inside the box safeties need to be big and fast with the emergence of big, fast TEs and 3 WR sets with players like Calvin Johnson playing in the slot.  I know it’s hard to find a 6’2″ safety with 4.5 speed and excellent tackling ability, but Coleman has none of these qualities.  It’s a bare minimum to have at least one, ideally 2 of the 3.

Curtis Marsh, CB

Another one of Andy Reid’s 3rd rd picks/unsuccessful project players, Curtis Marsh is in a make or break 2 weeks here at the NovaCare complex.  Chip Kelly doesn’t have time to wait for a project player that he didn’t draft.  He will need results day one and if Marsh doesn’t shut down Maclin or DeSean one on one, his days as an Eagle will be over. I doubt he gets signed anywhere else.


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