Philer Up: Amaro makes a Splash.

Philadelphia Phillies

Everyone is  waiting for the Phils to begin their Fire Sale.  Amaro, the “Gun-Slinger” waits for no one.  Right after the Phils lost their sixth in a row, they signed Cuban pitcher Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez to a deal that could be worth around $59 million over six years. That would be the richest deal ever for an international player, according to a Yahoo! Sports report. The contract is guaranteed at $48 million over six years.

In previous years, the Phils never came close to signing an international player for those kinds of dollars. The highest before this is when they signed Korean righthander Seung Lee for $ 1.2 million, who never made it to the majors. This Phillies franchise is a different breed now.  They might make a couple of moves at the deadline but they’re looking to contend right away again in 2014. I don’t see the “Fire Sale” coming now with this move. I know some people might not want to hear that. To be honest though, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I LOVE IT… We might not see the late 1980’s and 1990’s Phils ever again. Why, you might ask. It’s called MONEY. The Phils have plenty of it.

Let’s get back to Gonzalez now. Gonzalez, 26, was also being pursued by the Dodgers, Angels, Red Sox and a few other teams.  The Phils will likely to send him to the minors for some tune-up starts before summoning him to the big leagues. Scouts say that the righthander (6-foot-3) has a 94-95 mph range with his fastball while touching 96. He also throws a changeup, fork ball and a curveball.

Teams have been very successful of late with signing international players. You have Yu Darvish, Yeonis Cespedes, Yasiel Puig and Aroldis Chapman, just to name a few.  Fingers crossed people. The Phils could have a rotation of Lee, Hamels, Gonzalez, Doc (maybe) and Kendrick for next season. 


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