Sixers Balls: Brett Brown hired for the second time or is it the third?

Brett Brown

 What a journey it has been. So many twist and turns, I never knew which way to look.  It all started when Doug Collins handed in his resignation as the Sixers coach back on April 18. It’s all about the journey people. That is what life is all about. My apologies….I will stop with the dramatics, its just doesn’t work, especially when it comes to the Sixers.

The Sixers have finally got the man that they wanted all along.  Brett Brown is set to become the 8th coach in 10 years (since Larry Brown left in 2003) for your team, your town, and your 76ers. Brown agreed to a four-year deal with the Sixers, according to the report. Yes, I believe it’s actually official now. We all remember that report that came out on Draft Night that the Sixers were ready to name Brown the head coach.  Hinkie squashed that rather quickly. He said that he wanted to go through the interview process first with other candidates. I can’t believe there were a lot of them, but hey, its still NBA head coaching job at the end of the day.

Of course there was another curve ball mixed in.  Reports came out at the end of  last week that some of Browns peers urged him not to take the job. Of course they did. I can’t really say I blame them either. Brown is highly respected around the NBA; he could have easily gotten another job next year, when something else opened up.  If the Sixers weren’t  going to give Brown enough money and job security to prove that they really wanted him, Brown would’ve likely said, “Nah, i’m good”.  I am guessing (of course I am), that Brown wanted nothing to do with being a transitional coach. All seriousness, who in the world would? The Sixers must have really wanted Brown and must have GUARANTEED those 4 years.

Brown, 52, was a Spurs’ assistant for the past seven seasons and worked in player development with San Antonio before that.  Brown also coached for 14 years in the Australian National Basketball League. He coached Australia in the 2012 Olympics. One of the best things about Brown, other than sitting next to “Pop” all these years, he has spent almost a decade as the leader of player development for Spurs.  Oh yeah, they have won three championships in that time period.

Some have crowned Brown the savior already. I find that quite amusing, but hey, he did work for Pop so that’s always a good thing.  To be honest I would have been happy with anyone on that Spurs staff. Why? Two words- Gregg Popovich. Me happy.


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