Some Eagles Round-Up. Plus, Some Fantasy Football Guidance

Bradley Cooper

Well, it looks like Vick can all but rap up the starting QB situation on Saturday night against the Jags. Foles has played well, but Vick has been better. With that said, here is some of my latest from over at Also, checkout my boy Frank Capriotti (@TheFrankCap).  The former Daily Times writer has been pumping out some awesome articles on fantasy football. If you have a question on who to draft and where, he is your guy.  Here is the link to his work.

The Running Back  Battle:

“There are battles everywhere on the Philadelphia Eagles. You have the secondary battle going on, the outside linebacker tussle, and obviously the starting quarterback battle. I have another one that I have my eye on, and that would be the backup running back battle or you can even say the third string battle. Yes, I know its not as “sexy’ as the other battles, but it’s important” Continue reading…

The Defense Progress:

“After the first preseason game, the defense was the hot topic for the Philadelphia Eagles aside from the quarterbacks situation.  The team made a complete turnaround in their second preseason game on the defensive side of the ball, even though they were playing the Carolina Panthers.” Continue reading…

QB Battle:

“Everyone is writing about the Philadelphia Eagles‘ quarterback situation, so I have to chime in as well. My last post about the quarterback situation I called the race even after round one. Well, it’s still close, but Michael Vick might have a slight advantage now, just because of Nick Foles‘ turnovers, after round two. They both have moved the ball very well in this preseason thus far.” Continue reading…

What National Writers Are Saying:

“I loving reading local  bloggers and writers for the Philadelphia Eagles for obvious reasons.  They understand the situations going on around the team better and they follow the team day-in and day-out.  To be honest, I would rather read a blogger’s article than a beat writer. Why?  Well, I believe that you get better info and more realistic views on the team.” Continue reading…

Here’s one I wrote about the Eagles pace a few weeks back:

“That issue of the Philadelphia Eagles playing too fast might not be an issue after all. There was thought that Chip Kelly‘s offense would be too fast for the NFL, and that officials would have to slow it down. I mean, how fast can the Eagles really play? Well, Chip’s offense at Oregon last season ran a no-huddle offense 75 percent of the time. The NFL average last season was 12 percent — that’s fast.” Continue reading…


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