2013 Fantasy Football 15s

 Fantasy Football

Yes you can rejoice.  I am providing a part of my 2013 rankings as we hit the midway point of the preseason. 15 of each position to be exact.  Drafts will be ramping up this week so I wanted to give you guys a little bit of help.  These rankings are based on a PPR format that provides 6 points for ALL TDs.  I mean they are worth 6 points in the NFL right? I’ll never understand the whole 4 points for Passing TDs.  Anyway….


1. Drew Brees- 40 TDs and 5,000 passing without even thinking about it.

2. Aaron Rodgers- He is the most consistent QB you can find.

3. Peyton Manning- 2nd most consistent with a slightly weaker arm.

4. Tom Brady- I don’t care if he has rookie WRs. He will light it up.

5. Matt Ryan- All I have to say is Julio, Roddy, Gonzo and S-Jax.

6. Cam Newton- 62 TDs in his first 2 seasons.

7. Colin Kaepernick- If he stays healthy, he could finish #1 amongst all QBs. IF…

8. Matt Stafford- He still has a guy named Negatron to throw to.

9. Andrew Luck- Scored 28 TDs in his rookie season, throwing primarily to rookie receivers.

10. Robert Griffin III- There won’t be as many called rushing attempts, but I think the allow him to throw downfield more.

11. Russell Wilson- Still a run heavy offense which keeps him out of my top 10.

12. Tony Romo- A very good fantasy quarterback.  Not a good “real life” quarterback. Does that make sense?

13. Michael Vick- This is not the homer in me.  The Chip Kelly system is better suited for Vick, plus there is a better O-line now.

14. Andy Dalton- Big step for Dalton this season. Green, Gio, Eiffert and Sanu should win the AFC North.

15. Sam Bradford- Best receiving corps he has ever had and it’s the first time his offensive system stayed the same.


1. Doug Martin- Last year was the tip of the iceberg.

2. Ray Rice- Lil Ray could approach 90 receptions this season.

3. Adrian Peterson- He won’t repeat last season, but he’ll get over 15 TDs

4. LeSean McCoy- Chip Kelly’s offense is a RBs dream

5. Jamaal Charles- Some injury concern but Alex Smith LOVES to check down.

6. Trent Richardson-  This is probably the best Browns offense we have seen in a decade. Trent will get 330 touches.

7. CJ Spiller- The coach literally said they are going to give him the ball “until he throws up”.  Nothing else has to be said

8.  Marshawn- He will chew up yards on the ground.  PPR deficiency bumps him down some.

9. Arian Foster- If you draft Foster, make sure you go grab Ben Tate real early.  Foster may not make it week 1.

10. Matt Forte-  PPR monster and is now getting goal line carries.

11. Alfred Morris-  In another week I might be moving Alfred up into the top 8.  Word is he will be ‘vital’ in the passing game.

12.  Darren Sproles- Avgs 70 yards from scrimmage, 5 catches per game and .53 TDs per game= 12-17 points per game…

13.  Reggie Bush- The Lions threw the ball to RBs 120 times last season.  That number WILL go up.

14. Stevan Ridley- Quietly ran for 1,263 yards and 12 TDs last season.  Offers nothing in the receiving game though.

15. Maurice Jones-Drew- I’m going to regret ranking him this low, but if his legs hold up he will finish in the top 10 in PPR.


1.  Calvin Johnson-  The dudes name is Megatron.  Need I say more?

2.  A.J. Green- A better all-around offense should benefit Green immensely.

3. Dez Bryant- I hate to rank a cowboy this high, but he is the truth.

4. Brandon Marshall-  Jay Cutler forces passes.  They are usually thrown to Marshall and can climb to as many as 20 per game.

5. Demaryius Thomas- He’s got ridiculous talent and Peyton.  Recipe for success.

6.  Julio Jones-  Jones is the best athlete on the field, but his ceiling is limited with other stars on the field.

7. Larry Fitzgerald-  After a disappointing 2012, look for a big bounce back year now that Palmer is throwing him the ball.

8. Danny Amendola- Could Will be the new Wes Welker in New England.  Slight injury concern, but he could go over 110 catches in 2013.

9. Randall Cobb- I was thinking of moving him up another spot or two, but this is about right.  100 catches is very possible.

10. Andre Johnson- Slightly down on Andre as he is a step slower.

11.  Roddy White-  For whatever reason, owners are down on Roddy this year.  Not sure why.

12. Victor Cruz- You will see a lot of salsa dancing with Cruz now that his contract his settled.

13. Vincent Jackson- Not a volume guy, but should be a vulture in the end zone.

14. Antonio Brown- With Wallace out-of-town, Brown will soak up that lost production.

15. Dwayne Bowe- Say what you will about Andy Reid, but he likes to throw the ball.  Alex Smith is also the best QB that Bowe has ever had.


1. Jimmy Graham- Contract year. Brees. Sean Payton.

2. Tony Gonzalez- You better believe it that Tony wants to go out with a bang.

3. Jason Witten- PPR monster, but lacks TDs.

4. Greg Olsen- Something tells me that Cam is going to lean on Olsen frequently.

5. Antonio Gates- Oldie, but a goodie.  Plus, who else is Rivers going to throw the ball to?

6. Jermichael Finley- Contract year. Healthy. Rodgers. Lots to like here.

7.  Rob Gronkowski- Until I know for sure that he is not on that PUP list, I am ranking towards the bottom.

8. Vernon Davis- I refuse to believe the hype of his preseason.  Bit me in the past.

9. Owen Daniels- Another guy in a contract year. Good for 60/800/7

10. Jordan Cameron- Breakout TE of the season.  I don’t care that he plays in Cleveland.

11. Kyle Rudolph- Great TE, but APETE gets on the carries inside the 10.  Rudolph won’t see many red zone targets this year.

12. Juilus Thomas-  SLEEPER of the year.  Thomas has a great shot to be the TE for Peyton Manning offense.

13. Fred Davis-  Was a top 10 TE a year ago. Bounce back candidate this year.

14. Jared Cook- Could be dangerous now that he has a good QB.

15. Coby Fleener-  I’m expecting Fleener to approach 65/750/5, but weird injuries are scaring me away.


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