Eagles Round-Up…

Mike Vick

I have been so busy writing for RantSports that I just don’t have the time to get on my site as much as I like. Why? Unfortunately, I have a day job as well… But I was able to find some time this week.  With that said, here are some of my latest on the Eagles…

Bryce Brown

Mr.Bryce Brown, I really want to love you bro. I really do. But, my man, you really need to learn how to hold on to the damn ball. Maybe you can take the same classes that Adrian Peterson took? Whatever AP did to fix his fumbling issues, Bryce needs to get on that ASAP. Continue reading…

Kenny Phillips- Wrote this the night before he got released.

I was excited and leery at the same time when the Philadelphia Eagles signed safety Kenny Phillips for a one-year deal from the New York Giants.  The 26 year old is talented as hell, but the dude just can’t stay healthy, if he can’t get healthy quick he maybe on the verge of being cut. Continue reading…

Eagles/Jags Preview…Yes, I know the game is over with, but read it anyway. I give a shout-out to Flying Dog Dogtoberfest beer.

When it comes preseason games, the third game is always the most important, as that is when the first units get there work in. They usually play a full half, maybe even a little more. That is why Chip Kelly really couldn’t wait until the end of the preseason to name a starter; it just didn’t make any sense. When its comes to the fourth game, that is usually when the ‘bubble” players win that 50th through 53rd spot on a roster. Continue reading…

Mike Vick “Now or Never”

Unless you have been living under a rock in Philadelphia Eagles land, you know by now that Michael Vick has won the starting job. I am a Nick Foles guy. When I say I am a Foles guy, I mean I would have liked to have seen him get the opportunity to be the starter. I can’t sit here and say to you that Foles is the Eagles’ franchise QB for the next 10 years, but I do think that the kid deserves a shot. Continue reading…



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