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Sixers Balls: A Roster Worst Than This? 1995-96 Roster..

Philadelphia Sixers

I am sitting here wondering what is the worst roster the Sixers have ever assembled. Why I am thinking that? It’s pretty DAMN obvious, why I am thinking about that. This year’s roster looks to be able to do barbaridadesBarbaridades is the Spanish word for terrible things. Yes, this roster could do some terrible things, once it is finalized.  Could this roster be historically bad? Probably not, BUT

I mean, the Bobcats (7- 59) finally took over the worst winning percentage (.106 winning percentage) in NBA history from the Sixers two seasons ago. Well, that 1972 Sixers team went 9-73 and had a winning percentage of .110.  They were actually lead by Hall of Famer Hal Greer, though Greer was in the twilight of his career. With all the terrible things that are likely to happen with this year’s team, I figured to take a look at some of the worst rosters put together by the Sixers organization. I am thinking about just doing my ERA of Sixers b-ball. I say, let’s go from 1990 until now.

My search for the worst roster begins and ends in the “Dark Ages” of Sixers Ball. If you’re a Sixers fan, you know exactly what ERA I am talking about. That would be 1992-1996. For the love of all  things that are good, they had some dreadful rosters back then.  You had Charles Shackleford, Sharone Wright, Andrew Lang, Thomas Jordan, Billy Edwards, Greg Graham, B.J Tyler, and Sean Higgins that were involved in those rosters then. I could have kept going, but I would have given myself carpel-tunnel.

After looking up and down those rosters, I said to myself that 1995-96 team (18-64) has to be the worst roster ever assembled by the Sixers in my ERA. Here is look at that roster:

Derrick Alston– The 6″11′ forward played three season in the NBA.  He some how scored 30 points in a single game. I am still not sure how he did that.  He averaged 5.4 points for his NBA career.

Elmer Bennett– This guard scored a total of 48 points in four NBA seasons. Enough said.

Shawn Bradley– The “Savior” of the Sixers franchise.  Yeah, not so much. He did have a decent career though. Still can’t believe that the Sixers didn’t take Penny Hardaway with that pick.

Mike Brown– Another journey-man center. If only I could have been 6″9′ or 6″10′.

Derrick Coleman– I believe that this was the infamous hurt “toe-nail” season. What a waste of talent. He was actually voted the second worst cancer ever to a team by ESPN

Richard Dumas– This dude looked to be a very solid player at one time, but substance abuse derailed his NBA career. He was done when he was with the Sixers

Greg Graham- He was a nice college player, but as a NBA player? Well…

Greg Grant– I used to love this dude. Why? Well, he was my height 5″7′. That is all he had going for him.

Sean Higgins- Well, he could actually shoot the ball at least, which was his MO back then. Though strangely enough, his shooting results never said that.

Jeff Malone– Malone had a good NBA career (17, 231 points scored). That year though, he only averaged 6. ppg and had a .394 shooting percentage for the Sixers. He retired after that season.

Tony Massenburg– This dude was a monster.  He was 6″9′, 220 lbs of muscle. He ended up playing 14 seasons in the NBA.  He was an OK player.

Vernon Maxwell– The dude could score, but was streaky as hell. He also was not all there in the head, hence the nickname “Mad Max”. He actually thought about trying out with the Eagles that year. That would have been fun.

Tim Perry- TempleUniversity’s own.. That’s all I like to remember him for.

Ed Pinckney– “Easy” Ed was an NBA journeyman and a Villanova alumnus.  He played 12 seasons in the league. That year he played for the Sixers was a forgettable one. Though 1985 will never be forgettable..

Trever Ruffin– This dude had a game for the Sixers that year where he scored 32 points. He could score, but was awful defensively. After that year he vanished from the league. Not sure what actually happen to him.

Scott Skiles– Skiles was on his last leg with the Sixers. He retired after that season.

Jerry Stackhouse– One of the few bright spots for the Sixers. I will never forget his first game with the Sixers. He dropped 27 points in a Sixers win in the opener. That was the only time the Sixers were above .500 that year. Game One…

Greg Sutton– Ummm…

LaSalle Thompson– The 6″10′ center played 15 seasons in the NBA. He was a solid player at one point. With the Sixers? Well, he averaged 1.9 ppg and 4.5 rb. He was also at the end of his career.

Rex Walters– He did have that one game where he scored 23 points, dished out 12 assists and had 6 rebounds for them. Just throwing stuff into the wind here.

Clarence Weartherspoon– Spooooon!!! He was my favorite Sixer growing up before A.I came around. Man, his top of the key and baseline jumper was nice.

Scott Williams– The “Lance Parrish” of the Sixers.

Trever Wilson– Played for four different NBA teams in his four year career. Enough said.

Sharone Wright– Well, he at least made the Second Team All-Rookie Team in the 1994-95 season for the Sixers.

You know I had to show you my “Spoon” jersey. Yes, Sir…

Clarence Weatherspoon Philadelphia Sixers

Sixers Balls: Highlights From Media Day, Turner Wins…

Sam Hinkie Philadelphia Sixers

As we are all waiting for training camp to open, I have decided to go through some of the highlights from “Media Day”. Gotta love media day. That’s when the players and the media play “nice, nice” with each other. It really is rather cute.

Let’s begin…

Chris Vito of the Daily Times reported that Kwame Brown (who is injured already) entered through the PCOM doors with a plate full of food in the very beginning of the day. Glad to see Kwame working hard on that new Brett Brown rule of being in top shape. Kwame being Kwame.

-Hey, guess what? Royce White is not afraid to fly after all. He said that his afraid of flying is a big misconception.  He said that he will fly when he has to, drive when he can. He also said that he he will make the trip to plans to Europe. Interesting.

-Some of the media members asked Nerlens Noel about his flat-top. They asked him if he thought that his hair style would become a Sixers-wide fad. Noel’s reply, “Nah, they’re all grown men.” Shit, sounds like I am asking these questions.

-I do love me some Khalif Wyatt, but the dude already is rocking Jrue’s old number 11.  Yes, I know, let it go Joe.

-We found out that Arnett Moultrie had ankle surgery yesterday. He suffered left ankle medial malleolus injury and is likely out until January. We also found out that J-Rich is likely out until January. Saw that coming.

-Evan Turner was asked about his take on the Holiday trade. Turner: “just shocked we traded Jrue” via Turner also said how it took guts by Sam Hinkie to pull off the trade.

-Speaking of Hinkie, he had the quote of the day.  Hinkie was talking about how he thought that camp would be competitive.  He talked about this: “You’ll eat what you kill”. Well, then…

– I spoke too soon.  Highlight of the day? Well, that goes to Turner. Why? Take a looksie…

Sixers Balls: Camp is upon us..

Nerlens Noel Philadelphia Sixers

When you’re talking Sixers, you’re talking non-guaranteed, minimum contracts. That is basically what the Sixers have done since trading Jrue Holiday. I mean, it is smart on their part. Next year’s draft class is Exhibit A for that ( Wiggins, Parker, and Randle).  I have said it before, I am not crazy about the tanking thing, but in the NBA sometimes it must be done.  David Stern doesn’t like taking credit for that.

The Sixers have brought in undrafted rookies, players that haven’t found their niche yet (likely never will), and veterans desperately trying to stay in the league. That adds up to non-guaranteed contracts, partial guaranteed contracts, some guaranteed contracts and barely reaching the cap floor. That is the ultimate tanking job. Well, done Mr. Hinkie…

Training camp is upon us (opens Saturday) and with that said lets take a look at one of the most interesting  Sixers rosters ever assemble.  This is going to be a fun year. I say the Sixers win 17-22 games. Too much?

I figure to begin with the players that actually are guaranteed to make this roster, unless Hinkie decides  to say no, and just trades everyone. It could happen.

          Guaranteed Contracts

PG- Michael Carter-Williams – The 6-6 point guard is one of the youngsters that Hinkie is relying on to be part of the future. The kid has good vision and can get to the rack. He struggles with his jumper and turning the ball over.

C- Nerlens Noel – The Kentucky product should just sit out until he is fully healthy from his ACL injury. Even if that means the entire season.

PF/SF- Thaddeus Young – The heart and soul of the Sixers. A good guy to have around for youngsters to learn from.

PF/C- Spencer Hawes – Can you say traded by the deadline? Yes, Sixers fans. He does have some value. As much as he drives us insane, he does have skills for a big-man.

PF- Arnett Moultrie – If he wants to stay in the NBA, there is no better time than now to prove it.

PF- Lavoy Allen– Remember that time when we thought that Lavoy maybe could be a starter in this league?  He is a decent backup.

SG- Jason Richardson– I did read a report that the Sixers may ask him to sit out the year. Hinkie is a funny dude…

G/SF- Evan Turner– The Sixers “whipping-boy”. Some thought that he would have been gone already. Does Hinkie actually like Turner? Or does he not know what value Turner has in the trade market. I sure as hell have no clue.

PG- Tony Wroten– This dude is intriguing as hell. He has size (6-6) and is very athletic. He sees the floor well, BUT the guy can’t shoot. That is a recurring thing on this team.

C-Kwame Brown- Giving this guy a guaranteed contact is the ultimate “tanking” move. Just start him at center every game.

         Partial Guaranteed  Contracts

PG- Khalif Wyatt-  I love me some Wyatt.  If Wyatt wants to make this team or stay in this league, he should be watching Andre Miller game tape’s .

PG-Darius Morris– Well, he did play for the Lakers at least.

C-Tim Ohlbrecht- Who? The center appeared in just 3 NBA games for the Houston Rockets. The 25 year-old  is a German professional basketball. Hooray, for the Deutschland!!

PF- Royce White– Actually, I have no clue where to put this dude at. I guess, I can say that he is a partially guaranteed contact. He is expected to be in camp. I really don’t even know where to start with this talented, but trouble dude.

         Non- Guaranteed Contracts

SF/PF- Arsalan Kazemi – Reportedly, signed a contract overseas in Iran. I would love to see him stay. Love his grit.

SF/G-Rodney Williams– The undrafted wing out of Minnesota is a good athlete. He did run the floor well in the summer league. Just saying… 

SG-James Anderson– The former first round pick by the Spurs (20th overall), has played three seasons in the NBA.  He has played for the Spurs and Rockets

G-Vander Blue– The former Marquette guard, is an outstanding athlete. His name is awesome.

SF- Hollis Thompson- The 6-8 swing-man out of Georgetown, He spent last year with the Thunder’s NBA Development League affiliate, the Tulsa 66ers.


The Sixers may go up to 20 guys on the training camp roster. As of now, 19 where it stands and this is where the journey for Wiggins begins…


Sixers Balls: Stern Doesn’t Want Sixers To Have Top Pick

David Stern NBA

The National Media is starting to catch on to the “Winless for Wiggins” movement that the Sixers began many months ago.  The Sixers are just putting the finishing touches on their movement by signing players (Vander Blue to name one) to partial guaranteed contracts, to fill out the remaining roster spots.  Signing players to partial guaranteed contracts? Man, if that is not tanking I don’t know what is.

So David Stern was hanging out last week at the Beyond Sports Summit, when someone decided to ask him about what he thought about the Sixers movement.  Well, he didn’t seem very pleased with this “Hinkie” revolution going on in South Philly.  Stern:

That is so… small,” said Stern. “I hope they have a great season & don’t have the chance for the No. 1 pick.” via ProBasketBallTalk

David, David, David… I hate to break it too you, but the Sixers actually do have a chance at the number one pick. That would be 25 percent chance that is. They also have set themselves up very nicely for that chance too.

David, my man, I know that you were taking the high road with that answer, but if you really don’t like the tanking thing, you only have yourself to blame for that. That is the way you have the league setup.  You reap what you sow there David…

Chip And His Gang Need Time…

Chip Kelly Philadelphia eagles

The honeymoon is over already? Please… People have to have real expectations about the Birds this year. This really is a TRANSITIONAL year. I know some thought that the Birds would go 10-6 and surprise people while others thought they could make a playoff run. Well, maybe that could still happen, but I doubt it. There is just too much of a learning curve for this team. I also seen John Gonzalez, of CSN Philly, say that Chip is now under the microscope after the loss to the Chiefs.  Ummm, this is Philadelphia so he was under the microscope the minute he was hired by the Birds. That dude is the worst.

Like I said before, it’s all about learning curves people – a new offense, new defense, and a plethora of new coaches.   Some of the media and fans love to write people off as quick as possible. For example, ESPN First Take asked if Kelly’s offense has been exposed after the Birds put up 511 yards on the Chargers. Huh?

I do understand that patience is not a virtue for Birds fans (I can include myself in there at times), but I think we need to learn this virtue, especially when it comes to Chip Kelly.  I should throw in the new 3-4 defensive scheme as well.  We are three games into the season and for once I am willing to have patience with the Birds.

Chip Kelly... Give the guy time to see how the NFL game works. Let him learn time management better and that you really don’t need a two-point conversion, unless the situation calls for it. Let him learn what is the best ratio for run to pass plays during an NFL game. Let him learn to push the pace and when not too offensively.  Let him learn what tricks will work and what won’t.  The BIGGEST thing will be to give him time to make adjustments.

Offensive Line…Give them time to gel. Give Lane Johnson time to learn the NFL game. Give time to Jason Peters (two torn Achilles) to get back in rhythm. As a whole, give them time to learn the offensive scheme as one.

Defense… Try to give Billy Davis the benefit of the doubt. I know he doesn’t have the greatest track record, but neither did the late “great” Jim Johnson, until he came to the Birds. Understand that they don’t have the right personnel for the 3-4 scheme. That some players have never played in that scheme before. That it will take a little bit of time to get the right players for this system.

To some this is a lot to ask of. I do understand that to a point. We as a fan base are tired of not having a Super Bowl ring, and that every other team in our division has more than one. We are tired of hearing that (I know am). We are also tired of being held accountable as the only fan base to ever boo anyone (Santa Claus). OK, fine…We also throw snowballs at him. He deserved it though. Trust me…

We proved a lot of the National Media wrong when we gave Andy Reid and McNabb great ovations. Now we can even surprise our selves by giving Chip and the Birds some time…

Philer-Up: To sign “Doc” or not to sign “Doc”?

Roy Halladay Philadelphia Phillies

To sign “Doc” or not to sign “Doc”? That is the question. Well, actually the Phils have many questions to be answered heading into the off-season.   Hernandez or Revere for CF? Or do they look outside the organization?  Is  Asche the future 3B?  If so, what do they do with Franco? Do they make a run at Brian McCann (FA to be) or do they bring back Chooch. Has Ruf done enough to win the job in right-field?  Or do they make a run at Nelson Cruz, who they can likely get cheap now. Has Rosenberg and Diekman earned a spot in the pen next season?

I mean, I could keep going here. There is just a ton of questions that need to be answered over the next few weeks of this season and the off-season. You could say that the Phils have a plethora.

To go back to my main point, should the Phils bring back Doc next season? That might be the hardest question for Amaro to answer.  The Phils have Hamels, Lee, newly acquired Gonzales as their likely top three in next’s year’s rotation. The last two spots are wide open.  Kendrick seemed to have one of those spots locked up in the first half of the season, but now? Not so much… I like to call him Mr. “Non-Tender”.

Jonathan Pettibone was decent, until he had shoulder issues. Ethan Martin looks to be better suited for the pen. I mean, I would think that the Phills would like to go with one veteran and one kid in those 4th and 5th spots.  Let’s just say that Phils give Jessie Biddle the 5th spot for the fun of it.  That is where the veteran comes into play. I know some might like another kid in that spot, but Amaro is always looking to reload and make another run.  You might not agree with it, but that’s Amaro.

One of the few players that the Phils can maybe look at would be Phil Hughes (former 18 game and 16 game winner), He is just 28 years-old and leaving the AL could be recipe for success for him.  Phils could get him for around 5-6 million I would think. I am not really crazy about him, but he is an option.

Another guy they could look at could be Ubaldo Jimenez (likely to void the last year of his contract).  The 30 year-old has been very good of late for the Indians, showing the flashes of when he was dominant for the Rockies. His problem over the past few years has been control issues. He has averaged around 4 BB/per 9 innings over the past 4 seasons.  Well, actually he has average 4.1 BB/per 9 innings for his career. Amaro loves taking chances on those “low-risks, high-reward” type of players. Or is it ‘high-risk, low-reward”? Whatever…

There are others out there. There is Paul Maholm, Jason Vargas, and Bronson Arroyo. All those fit that 4th starter types.  Now, that leaves us with “Doc”.

The two-time CY Young Award winner has an ERA of 5.07 in four games back from shoulder surgery. Overall, he is 3-4 with 7.28 ERA. In his last outing, he couldn’t escape the fifth inning after walking four consecutive batters for the first time in his career. His fastball is topping out at 87 mph, though Doc has never been labeled as power-pitcher anyway. His best year was in 2008, when his fastball average in-between 92-93 mph, according Ryan Lawrence of the Daily News.

His main issue is his control. The dude has no clue where the hell the ball is going.  Doc himself, and us fans are not used to seeing anything like this from him. That is likely why Doc looked ready to have aneurysm on the mound the other day. Obviously, the main reason for his control issue is the shoulder surgery (still amazing how quick he returned from it).  In 2006 through 2012, he only averaged 36.8 BB a year.  This year has he 31 BB in just 11 starts. His control issues can be straightened out by the more he gets comfortable and finds his arm slot again.

By next spring training, Doc should be throwing around 90 mph again.  To be honest, it’s not like he getting knocked around out there.  Overall he has only given up 51 hits in 55 innings, and  since returning from the DL, he as given up 18 hits in 21.1 innings. Like I said before, he just doesn’t know where the ball is going right now.

I might be in the minority here, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Doc back in a Phils uniform again. I know, I am not getting the “old” Doc, but I believe that guy still knows how to pitch. The Phils would not be asking him to be a number 1 anymore. They would be asking him to be a 4th starter.

Sixers Balls: Meet Your Coaching Staff

The Sixers and Brett Brown are finally rounding out their coaching staff.  Get excited people…  This new staff is loaded with player development pedigree. Maybe, all this development stuff can help out Evan Tur….Sorry, it was worth a try. Let’s take a look at the new coaching staff

Greg Foster

greg foster philadelphia sixers

Foster played 13 years in the NBA (ended in 2003). He played for the Washington Bullets, Hawks, Bucks, Jazz, Supersonics, Lakers and the Raptors.  Foster was coaching at UTEP  the past few years. He started as an graduate assistant under Tim Floyd (he was a lovely NBA coach) in the 2010-2011 season. He then became an assistant coach the following year. He was known for he solid recruiting skills. He got skillzzz… This was first reported by Anthony Salom of SBNation.

Chad Iske

Chad Iske Philadelphia Sixers

Iske comes to the Sixers with a great reputation for player development. That goes right with Brett Brown. As we all know, its all about the development in the Sixers world. Iske was a part of the Denver Nuggets’ organization for the past 13 seasons. Though the last five years he has been an assistant coach under George Karl. Funny thing about Iske. He never played basketball in the NBA or college. He once was a volunteer for an high-school team. Now, this dude is in the NBA. Nice story there. Of course, Wojo broke the news of this hiring a few weeks back.

Lloyd Pierce

Lloyd Pierce Philadelphia Sixers

Lloyd was Brown’s first hire. He actually was rumored to be a candidate for the Sixers head coach spot early in the off-season. Lloyd has been with the Grizzles the past few years as a player development guy. This is Lloyd’s fourth NBA assistant-coaching job. He was with the Warriors and he also was with the Cavaliers as a player-development coordinator for three seasons. Marc Spears  of Yahoo! was the first one to report about this hire a few weeks ago.

So when does the 2014-15 season start again?


This picture is just Awesome…

This might be the picture of the year. Yes, I know. We have only played one week so far, but this is just too good. 

Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles Round Up….

Philadelphia Eagles fans

Well, we are all set for one of the most interesting football seasons that we have had in some time around here. The obvious reason for that is Andy Reid not here anymore.  People are excited and full of wonder about these Birds. I have heard people say that the Eagles will go 10-6 this year. That they’re going to surprise a lot of people. I also have heard that the Eagles are going 5-11 because of their defense.

I say, they fall somewhere in-between. I am going with 7-9 for the Birds.  Monday Night should be fun to watch. With that said, here are some of my latest from RantSports on the Birds.

Jairus Byrd

Could the Philadelphia Eagles be a landing spot for the disgruntled safety Jairus Byrd? NFL Media insider Ian Rapoport reported Tuesday that Byrd will miss the start of the season for the Buffalo Bills because of a lingering plantar fasciitis injury. Rapoport also reported the “wildcard” to watch for in the Byrd situation is the Eagles…Continue reading here…

Cary Williams and his issues.

Cary Williams my man, you have some issues. Yes, I get that whole incident the other day at practice for the Philadelphia Eagles likely stems from the Riley Cooper incident. Cary was one of the players that didn’t forgive Riley right way. Obviously he still hasn’t, but Cary has his own issues. This dude loves to talk even though he wasn’t talking to reporters after the fight. He also loves to stir stuff up. You could say he has an anger management issues…Continue reading here…

Danny Watkins talking about his time here

I use to love that one particular song by Limp Bizkit, you know what one I’m talking about. No,  not that “I did it all for the Nookie” song, though I did enjoy that one thoroughly. I am talking about “It’s all about the he said, she said, BS”. Sorry, people, I am trying to keep it PG style. Why do I bring up the he said , she said song?  Well, it has started between Danny Watkins and Howie Roseman. Actually,  like I said before, I just like the song…Continue reading…

“Shady” On Cooper: “We definitely have his back.”

Riley Cooper Philadelphia Eagles

Well, since the Riley Cooper incident may or may not be resolved even in the Eagles own locker room and Cary Williams is exhibit A for that. I have been wondering how other players around the league will deal with Cooper.  I can almost guarantee that players will harass Cooper on the field by taunting him or whatever. That is something Cooper will have to just live with.

Some people believe that scuffle between Cary and Cooper was directly from that incident even though some players on the Eagles say that it’s unrelated.  I call “BS” on that one.  To be honest, Cooper is just going to have to get use to these little scuffles from players. I would think that these types of incidents will arise a handful of times throughout the season for Cooper.

The other day LeSean McCoy talked to to reporters about Cooper. McCoy:

In the beginning when the whole situation happened, guys were different to him and didn’t really speak to him,” McCoy said. “They really didn’t know how to take it. But now, it seems like normal again. He’s interacting with every guy — the offense, the defense, myself. … There is no difference between me and him and other guys.”   “It’s been great. Everything’s been great. Everything is completely, 100 percent normal, talking to everybody, everybody talking to me. We’re all real close — everybody, Cary included.” via PhillyMag

I still say it’s “BS” about Cary, but McCoy was very honest with the way that he felt about Cooper, when Cooper’s incident happened. So why would he lie now?  I believe “Shady” to an extent.

“Shady” went on to talk about how other players will likely deal with Cooper. “Shady”:

I think for sure a lot of guys are going to try and do dirty things to him,” McCoy talking to Tim McManus of PhillyMag. “Obviously they are going to say things to get under his skin. For one, they are opponents, so they are going to try and do anything to get the advantage. And two, I think maybe some of the words that he did say offended a lot of guys. We definitely have his back.” via PhillyMag.

I did say,  I believe him to an extent right?