What The Redskins Are Saying About The Birds…

Philadelphia EaglesThe bright lights of Monday night are almost upon us. The Eagles and the Redskins are ready to do battle.  This really does setup to be an exciting opener for both of these teams. Robert Griffin III is set to return for the Skins. Chip Kelly and his bag of tricks is set for his NFL debut. Plus, they’re division rivals and that always helps. You really couldn’t ask for a better stage for these things to happen.

With all the Eagles coverage flying around the Philly areas, I figured to take a look at what some of the Skins coaches and  players are saying about the Eagles. With that said, lets begin.

Skins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett on Chip Kelly’s offense: Haslett:

“I’ve watched 23, 24 Oregon films; I watched what they did in preseason,” Haslett told reporter. “If they can do anything else, God bless ’em.”  “He (Kelly )must have been a heck of a recruiter because he had about 35 wideouts running in and out and they’re all good players.” via NFL.com

Seriously, good luck their Jim. I wouldn’t want to be the first guy to game plan against Chip in his first NFL game.

Skins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan on the Eagles being an unknown. Kyle:

That’s always a hard thing because when you only have preseason film to go off, you’ve got to respect it …try to get a feel for their fronts and what they want to run,” Shanahan said. “But half the clips you’re looking at, guys aren’t on the team [anymore], so you don’t know what they’re trying to set you up for, what they’re actually trying to do.” via CSN Washington

Sounds like an advantage to me for the Eagles.

Skins head coach Mike Shanahan on trying to slow down Chip’s offense and maybe using the “dive” technique. Mike:

“Yeah it’s a way [to help],” Mike Shanahan said “But it’s not ethical.”  That’s how people used to do it, I played a team one time, and in the last five minutes they were 14 points down. A player went down every play. Things like that have happened in the past.” via ESPN

So that sounds like a stragedy for him. No?

Skins linebacker Brian Orakpo on the diving stragedy or you can say, faking an injury. Orakpo:

We don’t believe in that, but I wouldn’t tell you anyway,” he said. “Obviously stuff like that probably does happen in the league. I wouldn’t know — and if I did know I wouldn’t give you that much information about it.” via ESPN

Oh, Brian. You’re funny…

Sounds like the Skins will figure out what to do on the field, when it happens on the field.


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