Chip And His Gang Need Time…

Chip Kelly Philadelphia eagles

The honeymoon is over already? Please… People have to have real expectations about the Birds this year. This really is a TRANSITIONAL year. I know some thought that the Birds would go 10-6 and surprise people while others thought they could make a playoff run. Well, maybe that could still happen, but I doubt it. There is just too much of a learning curve for this team. I also seen John Gonzalez, of CSN Philly, say that Chip is now under the microscope after the loss to the Chiefs.  Ummm, this is Philadelphia so he was under the microscope the minute he was hired by the Birds. That dude is the worst.

Like I said before, it’s all about learning curves people – a new offense, new defense, and a plethora of new coaches.   Some of the media and fans love to write people off as quick as possible. For example, ESPN First Take asked if Kelly’s offense has been exposed after the Birds put up 511 yards on the Chargers. Huh?

I do understand that patience is not a virtue for Birds fans (I can include myself in there at times), but I think we need to learn this virtue, especially when it comes to Chip Kelly.  I should throw in the new 3-4 defensive scheme as well.  We are three games into the season and for once I am willing to have patience with the Birds.

Chip Kelly... Give the guy time to see how the NFL game works. Let him learn time management better and that you really don’t need a two-point conversion, unless the situation calls for it. Let him learn what is the best ratio for run to pass plays during an NFL game. Let him learn to push the pace and when not too offensively.  Let him learn what tricks will work and what won’t.  The BIGGEST thing will be to give him time to make adjustments.

Offensive Line…Give them time to gel. Give Lane Johnson time to learn the NFL game. Give time to Jason Peters (two torn Achilles) to get back in rhythm. As a whole, give them time to learn the offensive scheme as one.

Defense… Try to give Billy Davis the benefit of the doubt. I know he doesn’t have the greatest track record, but neither did the late “great” Jim Johnson, until he came to the Birds. Understand that they don’t have the right personnel for the 3-4 scheme. That some players have never played in that scheme before. That it will take a little bit of time to get the right players for this system.

To some this is a lot to ask of. I do understand that to a point. We as a fan base are tired of not having a Super Bowl ring, and that every other team in our division has more than one. We are tired of hearing that (I know am). We are also tired of being held accountable as the only fan base to ever boo anyone (Santa Claus). OK, fine…We also throw snowballs at him. He deserved it though. Trust me…

We proved a lot of the National Media wrong when we gave Andy Reid and McNabb great ovations. Now we can even surprise our selves by giving Chip and the Birds some time…


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