Sixers Balls: A Roster Worst Than This? 1995-96 Roster..

Philadelphia Sixers

I am sitting here wondering what is the worst roster the Sixers have ever assembled. Why I am thinking that? It’s pretty DAMN obvious, why I am thinking about that. This year’s roster looks to be able to do barbaridadesBarbaridades is the Spanish word for terrible things. Yes, this roster could do some terrible things, once it is finalized.  Could this roster be historically bad? Probably not, BUT

I mean, the Bobcats (7- 59) finally took over the worst winning percentage (.106 winning percentage) in NBA history from the Sixers two seasons ago. Well, that 1972 Sixers team went 9-73 and had a winning percentage of .110.  They were actually lead by Hall of Famer Hal Greer, though Greer was in the twilight of his career. With all the terrible things that are likely to happen with this year’s team, I figured to take a look at some of the worst rosters put together by the Sixers organization. I am thinking about just doing my ERA of Sixers b-ball. I say, let’s go from 1990 until now.

My search for the worst roster begins and ends in the “Dark Ages” of Sixers Ball. If you’re a Sixers fan, you know exactly what ERA I am talking about. That would be 1992-1996. For the love of all  things that are good, they had some dreadful rosters back then.  You had Charles Shackleford, Sharone Wright, Andrew Lang, Thomas Jordan, Billy Edwards, Greg Graham, B.J Tyler, and Sean Higgins that were involved in those rosters then. I could have kept going, but I would have given myself carpel-tunnel.

After looking up and down those rosters, I said to myself that 1995-96 team (18-64) has to be the worst roster ever assembled by the Sixers in my ERA. Here is look at that roster:

Derrick Alston– The 6″11′ forward played three season in the NBA.  He some how scored 30 points in a single game. I am still not sure how he did that.  He averaged 5.4 points for his NBA career.

Elmer Bennett– This guard scored a total of 48 points in four NBA seasons. Enough said.

Shawn Bradley– The “Savior” of the Sixers franchise.  Yeah, not so much. He did have a decent career though. Still can’t believe that the Sixers didn’t take Penny Hardaway with that pick.

Mike Brown– Another journey-man center. If only I could have been 6″9′ or 6″10′.

Derrick Coleman– I believe that this was the infamous hurt “toe-nail” season. What a waste of talent. He was actually voted the second worst cancer ever to a team by ESPN

Richard Dumas– This dude looked to be a very solid player at one time, but substance abuse derailed his NBA career. He was done when he was with the Sixers

Greg Graham- He was a nice college player, but as a NBA player? Well…

Greg Grant– I used to love this dude. Why? Well, he was my height 5″7′. That is all he had going for him.

Sean Higgins- Well, he could actually shoot the ball at least, which was his MO back then. Though strangely enough, his shooting results never said that.

Jeff Malone– Malone had a good NBA career (17, 231 points scored). That year though, he only averaged 6. ppg and had a .394 shooting percentage for the Sixers. He retired after that season.

Tony Massenburg– This dude was a monster.  He was 6″9′, 220 lbs of muscle. He ended up playing 14 seasons in the NBA.  He was an OK player.

Vernon Maxwell– The dude could score, but was streaky as hell. He also was not all there in the head, hence the nickname “Mad Max”. He actually thought about trying out with the Eagles that year. That would have been fun.

Tim Perry- TempleUniversity’s own.. That’s all I like to remember him for.

Ed Pinckney– “Easy” Ed was an NBA journeyman and a Villanova alumnus.  He played 12 seasons in the league. That year he played for the Sixers was a forgettable one. Though 1985 will never be forgettable..

Trever Ruffin– This dude had a game for the Sixers that year where he scored 32 points. He could score, but was awful defensively. After that year he vanished from the league. Not sure what actually happen to him.

Scott Skiles– Skiles was on his last leg with the Sixers. He retired after that season.

Jerry Stackhouse– One of the few bright spots for the Sixers. I will never forget his first game with the Sixers. He dropped 27 points in a Sixers win in the opener. That was the only time the Sixers were above .500 that year. Game One…

Greg Sutton– Ummm…

LaSalle Thompson– The 6″10′ center played 15 seasons in the NBA. He was a solid player at one point. With the Sixers? Well, he averaged 1.9 ppg and 4.5 rb. He was also at the end of his career.

Rex Walters– He did have that one game where he scored 23 points, dished out 12 assists and had 6 rebounds for them. Just throwing stuff into the wind here.

Clarence Weartherspoon– Spooooon!!! He was my favorite Sixer growing up before A.I came around. Man, his top of the key and baseline jumper was nice.

Scott Williams– The “Lance Parrish” of the Sixers.

Trever Wilson– Played for four different NBA teams in his four year career. Enough said.

Sharone Wright– Well, he at least made the Second Team All-Rookie Team in the 1994-95 season for the Sixers.

You know I had to show you my “Spoon” jersey. Yes, Sir…

Clarence Weatherspoon Philadelphia Sixers


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