About Us…


Joe Hickman aka Phillytugger…  4 for 4 life… Writer for RantSports.com and Contributor to Gcobb.com. Excuse my Grammar because it sucks. You can follow me on twitter @phillytugger.

Chuck Lombardi… He is a Philly sports fan who just wants to write awesome stuff that people love. I dare anyone to question his Bruce Lee knowledge. You can follow him on twitter @chuckwagon924′

Frank Capriotti… If you’re looking for some fantasy sports insight, he is your man. He loves to spit “Hot-Fire”. He used to write for the Daily Times (Delco). You can follow him on twitter @TheFrankCap 


Pat Hickman   @pathickman

Brandon Bramanti  @fawkingpawsy

Brian Lockett  @block_TLP

3 responses

  1. Captain stubing | Reply

    Your all a bunch of frauds!!!!!

    1. Thanks for the comment bro! LOL

      1. brandonakasportsking

        joe my beliefs are u shuldnt interact wit the readers……….

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