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Quick Tuggs: A 2 year-old, took on Shaq in a shooting contest

This baby is YouTube sensation. You can find him all over the place. His name is Titus Ashby and he is just two-years old. He took on Shaq in a free-throw contest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

Well, lets just say nothing has changed for Shaq.


Quick Tuggs: Mets announcer Keith Hernandez needs work on his analogies.

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Keith Hernandez has been a Mets broadcaster for years now. Keith, the former 11-time Gold Glove Award winner is considered one of the best defensive first baseman of all-time. But he might want to work on his analogies.

The Mets were playing the Yankees this past Memorial Day and in the bottom of the first inning, Yankees starter Phil Hughes induced Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy into a broken bat ground out to first. That play happens a lot in baseball.


“That is a dead soldier right there folks laying on that infield dirt. That’s what we call getting sawed off. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. It happens.” via Yahoo!

Insert foot into mouth. 

Quick Tuggs: The “Force” is strong with Johnny Manziel.


The Legend of “Johnny Football” continues. This dude is just insane.  Johnny doesn’t even need to know where his receiver is. He uses the “Force”.

This dude hits a receiver dead-on in the chest while blind folded. This report comes from Charean Williams of the Star-Telegram.  Check out the video here:

The Heisman Trophy winner threw only two uncatchable passes in 29 attempts while blindfolded. Yup, he definitely has the “Force”.

You know who else has the “Force”? This guy right here:

Quick Tuggs: The Best Wiffle Ball Pitches

Every time May rolls around I always get that feeling to just go out and play some wiffle. Wiffle ball is the best.  It makes you feel like you can have the best “12 to 6” curve ball in the MLB.  Surely, I am not that serious. BUT…

Since I love wiffle ball so much I decided to find some of the best wiffle ball pitches around. Enjoy:

Quick Tuggs: Andre Miller just gets it done


We have heard “experts” say, he is to slow. That he can’t shoot. He is not a good defender and he needs to be in better shape. At times, maybe that’s true. BUT I will tell you this; Andre Miller is one of the smartest “B-Ball players” I have ever seen. Some might look at his numbers (career 13.8 ppg 7.1 assists and 45% field goal) and say, he is a decent player.

There are players in every sport that you can’t put a number on and he is one of them. The guy is just a ball-player. I don’t give a shit about hearing that he can’t shoot or he is to slow. All he has ever done is produce in his NBA career. To me at least, he is the most underrated player in my generation. It’s about DAMN TIME this dude starts getting some love.

The thing that I love most about Miller is that he always knows when to take advantage of a situation. Knowing when to make the extra pass or go one-on-one with a defender. He seems to always find the right match-up for his-self or a teammate. That is what a good point-guard does.

In the 2 1/2 years that he was in a Sixers uniform I learned a lot of this. Don’t get me wrong, I watched him play plenty of times before he came to the Sixers and liked his game even then. But when you get to watched someone up-close and personal, you always learn more.

Last night’s game winning layup against the Warriors, came as no surprise to me. He took advantage of a situation and used craftiness and got it done. Miller’s teammates were not surprised at it either. Corey Brewer on Miller:

I’m never surprised with Andre Miller,” Brewer said. “I say he’s `unguardable.’ They always talk about these Kobe, LeBron, if you give Andre Miller the ball he’s one of the toughest guys to guard in NBA.” via CBSSports

You know what? Brewer is right. When Miller wants something done on the court, he justs gets it done.

Here is Miller’s game-winning layup last night:

Quick Tuggs: Out-Of-Control Umpires..

This is awesome. I figured what the hell?  Its baseball season, so enjoy…

Quick Tuggs: Bryz knows basketball. Someone tell Doug Collins..


With all of the Sixers struggles this season they could have used a player or two to help out. Maybe, even a coach to help out with spacing and strategies. After the Flyers loss to Winnipeg Jets on Saturday, Bryz was asked about what he thought went wrong in the second period of that game. Bryz’s answer:

“You know in basketball, if you lose the rebounds in the offensive and defensive zone, you probably lose the game.” In the second period in particular, there were hard battles in front. (The Jets) drove everything in front and crashed it.”

Screw it. Sign him up. There is nothing Bryz can’t do. He does hockey, universe, tigers, astronauts and now basketball. The Sixers are ranked 18th in rebounding. Bryz would have fixed that.

Yup, this post was useless.

Quick Tuggs: Why not hit a golf ball out of a tree? Sergio Garcia does.

Okay, so I was bored at work searching around on YouTube and I stumbled across this video.  I have no clue when it was from because I am not much of a golf guy.  But somehow the ball lands in a tree and golfer Sergio Garcia climbs the tree and hits the ball out of it and actually makes a pretty good shot!!

I think there is some rule in golf in which you get to drop the ball and play it where it lands.  Now, don’t take my word on that because it might not even be a rule.  But if it is a rule I am not sure why he didn’t take advantage of it.

Then again, I personally probably would have climbed the tree just for shits and giggles and tried to hit it.  Here is the video on this event. Happy Easter!

Quick Tuggs: Mexico and Canada brawl

Just in case you missed it, here is the brawl between Mexico and Canada.  Check out Phillies prospect Tyson Gillies just toss a dude to the ground. This was wild.

Bill Burr’s Take on Lance Armstrong and Oprah Interview

Bill Burr is one of my favorite comedians even though he trashed Philly once for about 12 minutes straight(that’s even funny as shit). I haven’t seen one stand up from him that isn’t hilarious. Below is the full interview with Conan and Bill talks about the Pope, the Grammy’s and people on the Internet. Most importantly he talks about the Patrice O’Neal Comedy benefit that’s this Tuesday Feb 19. He is another great comedian that passed away a little over a year ago. All benefits go to his mother and family.