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Sixers Balls: Farewell for Bynum? Not happening here…

Andrew Bynum

So I am seeing people write farewell articles about Andrew Bynum.   I just have one question. What the hell is wrong with people. If you think I am lying here is a quote from a Spike Eskin article:

 I cannot be angry at Bynum, as many seem to be. Hard as a try, I can’t muster up the vitriol to wish him bad luck in Cleveland. If I feel anything for Andrew Bynum, it’s a little bit of pity.

Andrew Bynum is a knucklehead and a goofball. That much is for sure. Basketball might not be his favorite thing in the world, and he probably doesn’t work as hard as he should. He’s patently unaware, or just doesn’t care, about how he comes off publicly. The thing is none of these things caused Andrew Bynum not to play for the Sixers, his knees did.

I respect Spike (good NBA guy) but the dude is way-off base here. If Bynum wasn’t a goofball, a knuckle head or if he did care about basketball more he might not have done the stupid-ass things he did. He would have done everything and anything to get back on the court. All Bynum was for me was “False Hope”. I really thought I was done writing about Bynum. Whatever….

Well, since I am writing about him I might as well go back to the trade one last time.  The winner of the trade? The Magic (Captain Obvious Strikes Again). Here is the breakdown one last time (painfully)

Sixers got…

Andrew Bynum aka the “Bowler”. The guy loved to take shots at half-time, not basketball, the Jack Daniels ones. Of course he was a flamingo dancing expert and as well an entrepreneur of hair styles.  I played as many minutes as he did for the Sixers.  Damn, I almost forgot about Jason Richardson. J-Rich was solid until he got injured.

Lakers got…

Dwight Howard. Hahaha, Sorry… The funny thing about that situation is that Kobe said that he would teach Dwight to be a champion if he stayed. Kobe, you’re the BIGGEST reason why Dwight left.

Nuggets got…

Andre Iguodala. Iggy had a solid season for the Nuggets but he became a one year rental by opting out of his contract early. The Warriors should be even more fun to watch this coming year.

Magic got…

Nikola Vucevic, Arron Afflalo, Moe Harkless and a few future first-round picks. Vuch is a double-double machine and Harkless still gives Doug Collins nightmares. Afflalo is a solid player when healthy. This trade made Sixers fans cry until Hinkie burst on the scene. The Magic have something nice building down there.

I swear, that is the last time I write about Andrew Bynum.


Sixers Balls: Sacramento Fans really want Iguodala. It’s Hilarious.

images (18)

I will be the first one to tell you that I loved Iggy when he was a Sixer.  I always thought he got a bad rap and that he was underrated. Well, the Sacramento Kings fans may want to name  their first-born’s Andre or maybe even Iguodala. The Kings are going hard after Iggy in free agency. The best part about it is that their fans are all over twitter showing their love for Iggy.

So who is leading the charge for Iggy? It is SactownRoyalty.com (SB Nation’s Sacramento Kings blog).  I find this whole thing hilarious. Like I said before, I love Iggy as a player but the Kings fans even beat me in loving Iggy.

With that said, let’s begin..

If you didn’t know, @andre is Iggy’s twitter handle.

I am PRETTY sure that Sixers fans never called Iggy dominating..

Iggy has had some good playoff performances. The game winner against Dwight Howard’s  Orlando Magic, the two free-throws against the Bulls (clincher) and the last couple of minutes against the Celtics in Game 6 two years ago.

Maybe he meant to say “Duck” dynasty. I love that show.

This is true. Iggy really could fit anywhere, because of his style of play.

Iggy the HERO!


Sixers Balls…Turner’s New Confidence


In 2010 the Sixers got the second overall pick in the draft in a year which it was said to have only one real superstar, John Wall. It was thought that we missed out on Wall by one pick and had to settled for Evan Turner. When an NBA team gets the second overall pick it should be almost certain that your getting an impact player. Unfortunately that’s not how very many people had treated Evan. Even coach Collins for the first two years continued the trend of undervaluing Turner. Evan wasn’t given the minutes or the space to make mistakes in order to grow that most of the top picks in the draft get. You could see at times after making a mistake Turner looking over his shoulder to see if he was coming out of the game. My boy Joe has pointed out time and again that Evan was a slow starter to begin with and has needed time in high school and college to grow before meeting his expectations.

There has been times over the past two years that Turner has shown what he is capable of but he hasn’t been consistent. With Evan it always seemed to me that his ability was there he just needed to be in the right state of mind for him to play to his potential. This season Elton Brand, Lou Williams and Andre Iguodala are gone which has allowed Turner and Holliday to take ownership of the team. Evan knows he will start every game and he will have the opportunity to play through his mistakes this year. The result is Turners confidence is growing and it was apparent last night.

Turner made his impression felt in the first half of the game going 9-16. He knocked down another corner three which is starting to be known as Turnerville and was 2-3 from behind the arch. It wasn’t a perfect game Evan went 2-11 in the second half.  What impressed me most was even with all his struggles in the second half he didn’t stop shooting.  Turner ended the game with 26 points, 10 boards, 5 assists, and 1 block.

While he played a very good game it wasn’t mistake free but he didn’t let that take him out of his game which was the most impressive part to me. One play Evan dribbled to the top of the key took a shot but was blocked. Evan kept with the play and got the ball back drove down the lane and laid it in. Turner had enough confidence to take the game winning shot even after going 1-10 in the previous 1o shots before the game winner. Evan has been playing great over the last couple of games and hopefully this is the player that Turner will be for the rest of his career or better. As for looking back on that draft it’s starting to look like Evan was worth that second overall pick and with his new found confidence he may still have even more room to grow.

Sixers Balls..”Iggy” like us…

So Iggy does like us. This comes a day after he said that he did not really care if the fans booed him or not. He also said a couple of weeks back that the “past 2 years have been the toughest in his playing career.” Well, that was about Collins.

The bottom line is that he was solid player here. He could do a little bit of everything on the court. The Sixers tried to tell us that he was a franchise player early on in his career. Obviously, he was not.

Dre always had an up/down relation with the fans here. Most pure basketball fans liked him, while the casual fan did not. He went out on high note here so I think he will get cheered. Then again…

Here is the thank you letter from him..courtesy of mindofAI9.com


I would like to take the time to thank you and all your devoted sports fans for the passion, loyalty and spirit that you gave to me during my eight seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Thanks as well to the 76ers organization, who gave me the opportunity to fulfill my lifelong dream of playing in the NBA and provided me with a great front office of dedicated people to work with. I would also like to thank all the coaches, trainers and teammates that I was blessed to compete along side and build lasting relationships with here.

Tonight I begin a new chapter in my career but I will always share my accomplishments with the city and the organization and I thank you both for all that you have done for me.


Andre Iguodala

Smart dude. He used his website instead of a billboard. Racking up them web hits…

Sixers Balls..Iguodala Speaks Out….

When it comes down to it opinions of “Iggy’s” game were always split down the middle with him here. Though he did win over a lot of fans with last year’s post-season performance. I was always on “Iggy’s” side.

In the beginning of his career he was asked to be something he was not, a scorer. You see a lot of players struggle to live up to expectations following a superstar. Iguodala was no exception. Iverson was a tough act to follow. So what he is not a great scorer? He still is a very solid b-ball player.

Matt Moore of CBSsportline  came out with a very good interview with “Iggy”. “Iggy’ had nothing bad to say about Philly but seemed to be frustrated with Collins. He also talked about how he is still looking for respect and how he was told to never shoot the three-ball. Here are some of the better quotes from the interview..

Talking about respect..

“I think there’s still a lot I can prove to people,” Iguodala told CBSSports.com this week. “I think the basketball minds know I can play. I think I’m respected by those people. “I think everybody wants to have respect [from people] that they got the most out of their careers.”

I totally agree with his statement..

This one is interesting..

“I haven’t really enjoyed basketball a whole lot the last couple of years,” Iguodala said. “Last year was a big year for us, but it was just draining for the criticism to be there every single day.”

That sucks he feels that way. The past two seasons were his best..

Talking about respect again and most likely Collins..

“Once again, you get that perception that you’re just a defender, you’re just an athlete, blah, blah, blah,” Iguodala said. “I think that’s what the perception was based on my last two years in Philly because I was the facilitator.  They didn’t want me to go out there and get 20-25 (per game) because when I got that, they said we couldn’t win.”went through so much to prove myself in every single training camp because a lot of coaches would come in and say, ‘Don’t shoot threes. Don’t shoot threes. Don’t shoot threes. Drive and dunk. Drive and dunk.’ And I would be like, ‘I can shoot threes!’

It sounds like he might have some issues with Doug..

“So in Doug Collins’ first year, I didn’t shoot threes because he was like, ‘I don’t want you shooting threes, I don’t want that shot.'”Last year, I said, ‘I’m shooting it.’ And what happened? Shot 38 percent from three, top-25 in the NBA from three and I’m supposed to be a non-shooter. You put so much work in, and then to be told, ‘Don’t do what you worked on all summer.'”

Yup, he definitely does have issues with Collins..

This is why I always loved “Iggy”. This statement right here..

I’d rather get a triple-double than score 40.”

Sixers Balls…ESPN Rankings…Bynum/Moultrie Update

I would like to announce that I will be at every Sixers home game this year. I was hired as a court-side runner. Fine, you can just call me someone’s bitch if you want. Hopefully, I don’t get fired for watching the game instead of doing my job.

We are just a couple of weeks away from one of the biggest seasons in a long time for the Sixers. They open up training camp on October 2. I see this team falling anywhere between the 5th seed to the 3rd seed. If Jrue and Evan develop they could go as high as the number 2 seed. Stop calling me homer! Seriously, it could happen. Though I think they will need time to learn to play together after a major roster shakeup. For the first time in a long time the Sixers look like a “REAL” balance team.

Here is some injury updates..

Arnett Moultrie

He is still bothered by his high ankle sprain that he hurt while working out for teams prior to the draft. He has not been able to play five on five yet, so obviously he has put on some pounds. What a fat-ass…He will be fine.

Andrew Bynum- Well, he will throw out the first pitch on Sunday against the Braves, according to the 700level.  So how are his knees? I can tell you that he had the procedure done last week, according to the Courier-Post. The procedure was taking place Monday through Friday. The procedure was done like this..

“The treatment takes blood from Bynum’s knees and cartilage, and then makes a specific syrum that is re-injected back into his knees around the patella. The assesment will take a week and Bynum will be back in time for training camp before the beginning of pre-season.”

All is well…

Most know by now, but if you don’t ESPN is ranking all players from No. 500 to No. 1. You can follow all the discussion at #NBArank on twitter. As ESPN usually does, they have pissed me off with some of the rankings. They had Andrei Kirilenko ranked #79. The dude did not even play in the NBA last year. STUPID. Though they did do a solid job overall with it. They are now down to the Top 25 players. Bynum is the only Sixer whose ranking has not come out yet. He should fall anywhere between the 15th-20th spot. The rankings should be out in the next day or so. Old friend Andre Iguodala is ranked #28

Here is the rest of the Sixers bunch..

#73- Guard, Jrue Holiday. If he can take off this year the Sixers will be at another level.

#91- Forward, Thaddeus Young. He is aiming for that starting PF spot. I am rooting for you bro.

#118- Center, Spencer Hawes. Mr.Softy higher than my boy ET? Me not likey..

#119- Guard/Forward, Evan Turner. Break-out year? Please be or I will look like a moron.

#121- Guard, Jason Richardson. The VET still has some game left.

#165- Guard, Nick Young. Should be the first guy off the bench…SWAG..

#182 – Forward, Dorell Wright .He can knock down an open three-ball Sixers Fans!

#232 – Forward, Lavoy Allen. He had the biggest jump in rankings out of any player. He was Mr. Irrelevant last year #500.

#332 – Center, Kwame Brown. Well, he is Kwame Brown.

#375 – Guard, Royal Ivey. Seriously, how could this dude ever be ahead of anyone?

#400 – Forward, Arnett Moultrie. Rookie hazing….