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Sixers Balls: The best quotes from the Collins presser


The first of many moves (I would think and hope so) for the Sixers started yesterday with Collins “officially” resigning as the Sixers coach. I figure to give Sixers fans (if there is any still left besides a handful of us) some of the better quotes from yesterday. Let’s begin…

Collins on when he knew he was “out” as the Sixers coach..

About 2 months ago, I told Tony DiLeo and Rod Thorn this is going to be my last year…

I wonder if Bynum did come back from his injury that would have changed Doug’s mind? 2 months ago is about the same time Bynum was officially ruled out for the season. Hmmm…

If you think that Harris and Aaron were going to fire Doug, instead of Doug stepping away that was not happening. Harris:

“This is his decision…I want to make that unequivocally clear.”

Whoa?! Unequivocally? That’s a big word. I get it Mr. Harris, you’re book smart. Good for you.

Doug also believes in this ownership. He believes that they will not settle for mediocrity. Doug:

This owner is a guy you want to work with. The guy’s not going to settle for mediocrity

Of course you do Doug, you’re still under their payroll. Doug final statement:

Thank you for the respect the last 3 years. I hope I’ve been a man in every way’…

I do have a soft spot for you, Doug.  I really thought you were going to work out here.  The bottom line is that you were your own worst enemy at times.

 Moving on. The one person that might be happiest about Doug leaving is Evan Turner. We all know the battles him and Doug have had over the past 3 years. Turner on Doug leaving:

We both grew this year. I went through maturity. At the end of the day, respect was there.’

To bad the growth didn’t show on the court. But Turner still believes in himself. Turner:

‘I’m just tapping potential…Didn’t notice drastic difference in back-to-backs. It could be mental.’

Did he just say he thinks he is mental? I totally agree. I have always been a Turner backer (unfortunately) but the guy makes very hard to defend him. The dude is a head case.

Even Doug favorite player chimed in on Doug and that would be Thad. Thad on Collins:

He’s by far the best coach I’ve had.’ via Tom Moore of the PhillyBurbs 

Thad also explained what he thinks the Sixers need:

‘A center and a backup point guard.'”

Nice. Thad just took a shot at Hawes. I know he actually was talking about Bynum but I like the Hawes thing better.


Sixers Balls: I am an exhausted Sixers fan. I need counseling..


It was inevitable.  We all knew it was coming. Doug even knew it was coming. That is why he has been dodging the question for over a week. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports was just the one who confirmed it. .  We obviously, all know by now that Doug is not returning next season, though there are rumors of him staying with the team is some capacity, likely a front-office role.

Doug has never stayed past 3 years in one spot EVER. I have said it before, he’s gotta little bit of Larry Brown in him. I have been hard on Doug at times this year and some of it is deserved. His rotation made little sense at times this year, as well as his schemes. But I can’t blame it all on Doug for the simple fact that he was never able to put the team that he/Di Leo/Thorn constructed on the floor together.

The Bynum move really hurt this team in many ways, when it really should have propelled this “Black-Hole” franchise. The move has fans not trusting the new ownership or thinking they’re incompetent.  It also helped people turn sour on local “Hero” (Doug Collins). This one move may have set this franchise back again for another 5 years. As a Sixers fan this has become the norm.

Which way the do the Sixers go from here? Seriously, do they rebuild? Do they go on a buying spree? I really don’t even know anymore. They do have money to spend but the free -agent class in filled with nice players in Josh Smith, Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap and Nikola Pekovic but none are franchise-changing players. You really don’t want to over pay for those types of players. I didn’t even mention Dwight or “Smack Ass” because Dwight is not coming here and “Smack Ass” is damage goods. Smack Ass is Bynum, just in case you didn’t know.

Who is going to coach this team or even want to? Mike Brown? No, thank you to that. Avery Johnson? Brooklyn kicked him to curb real quick for a good reason.  Maybe Brian Shaw? I wouldn’t mind seeing Shaw here but would he even come here? The only players that would appeal to him would be Thad and Jrue.

So in ending, I am an exhausted Sixers fan. I need counseling

Sixers Balls: The “He said, She said” game has begun..


Well, so much for that rumor of ownership wanting Collins to resign I guess. Tom Moore of the PhillyBurbs reported that Doug’s agent John Langel, said that everything is in Doug’s hands. Langel:

“The relationship with Doug, me and Sixers management has been terrific,” said John Langel during a Thursday afternoon telephone conversation. “What they told me beyond this season and as recently as today and yesterday is how long Doug stays here is Doug’s decision.”

This is getting fun. I love the “He said, She said” game. Seems like something is going to happen.  The Sixers say that they will not report on the speculation. Sixers spokesman Mike Preston said:

“We are aware of the report and will not comment on a column loaded with innuendo and speculation.”

Innuendo’s.  I love fancy words.

Sixers Balls: “GM” Doug Please Step Away Or “Coach” Doug Please Step Away?


It was only a matter of time before these types of rumors started. You have to figure everywhere Doug has coached he has not lasted more than 3 years. He coached the Bulls for three years, 2 1/2 years in Detroit, and 2 years in Washington. He is just finishing up his third year for the Sixers. Doug’s gotta little of “Larry Brown” in him. No pun intended.

Bob Ford of the Inquirer reports:

“the 76ers organization privately hopes that coach Doug Collins decides not to return for the 2013-14 season and, regardless of his decision, it does not intend to extend his contract — which has one year remaining.”

So I guess Adam Aaron and Mr. Harris are not as happy with Doug after all. They have always publicly supported Doug but it seems they have grown tired of him.  The question is are they tired of the “Coach” Doug or the “GM” Doug? Or both?

 To me Doug is still a good coach but you can easily question the way he has handled this team/roster this year. At the same time though, this roster was not very good (Captain Obvious).  BUT the roster part falls right on the shoulders of Doug. This was his roster. We all know that Doug basically has the final say and that is why the Sixers likely gave Kwame a player option for next year. Doug falls in love with players.

 Just maybe, Mr.Aaron and Mr. Harris want the “GM” Doug gone. They know and we know that the only way that happens is if the “Coach” Doug goes as well. Changes are a comin.

Sixers Balls: I don’t trust the Sixers at all..

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So the Sixers split their last two games of the road trip and Doug actually gave Moultrie more than 6 minutes against the Jazz.  BUT what I really want to talk about is that I don’t trust Doug Collins and the Sixers front office.  Before I get into all that, I just want to touch on a couple of things from the Kings game that I found amusing. Hawes was booed every time he touched the ball. Apparently Hawes was important to the Kings and their fans. Would they like him back?

Damien Wilkins played 40 minutes, while Moultrie played only 6 minutes. Leave it up to Doug to give a journeyman 40 minutes and a rookie 6 minutes in a season where they’re going nowhere.

The best part about that game was when Howard Eskin called out Adam Aaron.  Aaron:

I’M IN SACRAMENTO WITH 76ERS. Sixers erased a 14-point Kings lead in Q2 and game is now tied, at the half. Dorell Wright with 16 points.

Eskin responded with:

“Nobody cares. Lasalle won. Sweet 16


Let’s get back to the real issue, Doug Collins and the Sixers front office. Do you trust them? I sure as hell don’t. Let’s pretend that Bynum doesn’t exist for a moment (I know, it’s not hard). The Sixers have a young All-Star PG. They will likely have a high pick in this years draft and they have plenty of cap space. Sounds good right? Not with this front office and especially not with Doug.

I mean, there is no better time then now to play a rookie. Let Moultrie get 25 to 30 minutes a game right now. YOU’RE not going anywhere with this team Doug. I know that Wilkins has played solid lately, but come on. The dude is a journeyman. If Doug or the front office doesn’t realize this little problem, what the hell are they going to do this summer?

This year’s free agent class features Al Jefferson, Utah teammate Paul Millsap, Josh Smith and the Timberwolves’ Nikola Pekovic, who will be a restricted free agent. They’re all nice players but none are franchise changers. My fear is another awful contract is coming.

The 2014 free agents are much deeper, featuring the Heat’s LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, the Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony, the Raptors’ Rudy Gay and the Pacers’ Danny Granger. The Pistons’ Greg Monroe, the Jazz’s Derrick Favors, the Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins and the Pacers’ Paul George should be among the restricted free agents. Sounds good right? I doubt any of them would want to come here.

 I will give the Sixers front office this. They did a decent job of freeing up money last summer. Let me take that back, they gave a Kwame a player option for 3 million. The one good thing out of all this is that Hawes trade value is going up.

 The Sixers do have plenty of options (Bynum is still one, sorry), though I don’t think they have the right people in place to fix this franchise.

Sixers Balls: Doug’s World Class Rant. Just in case you missed it..


Just in case you missed it, I figured to give you part of  Doug’s rant after that embarrassing loss to the Magic.  Here is the full transcript, if you like to read it on CSNPhilly.

I do feel bad for Collins the coach, but I don’t feel bad for Collins the talent evaluator. At the end of the day, this is his roster. He has the final say.

On Team’s lack of effort

“Well I sure didn’t see this effort coming. I thought we played incredibly hard against Miami. I thought we played incredibly hard in New York on Sunday. And this is mind-numbing to me. We went up 29-20, and from that point on, I couldn’t even tell you what occurred.”[Pat Summitt] is one of the all-time great coaches, and she spoke at my clinic when I was in Chicago, and she was incredible. And I’ll never forget what she said. She said when she goes into young ladies’ homes to recruit them, she said there are three things that you have to bring in my program: energy, effort and execution. And I’m in charge of one of them: execution.”

“I think the team that we’ve tried to put together, Gonzo, we’ve never seen. And so I think what happens is, when you take a huge piece away from it, your warts show.” via CSN

On leaving the court before the buzzer:

“I thought the clock was going to wind down. I didn’t realize they were going to take a shot clock violation.”

Did he leave because he was pissed:

“Oh no no no no no. I thought the clock was going to wind down. I didn’t realize there was a differential. I’ve done that before.”

If the players are cool with losing:

“You would have to ask them that. I don’t know. I do not know. The thing about it is, I can’t speak for others. Damien Wilkins — I mean he’s been one of our best players since coming back from break. I told you, I did not think our guys prepared themselves during the break to come back to play.”

Can he change them:

“Can I tell you something? If everybody looked inside themselves as much as I did, this world would be a CAT scan. OK? I mean, believe me, there’s not two days go by that I don’t to go Rod [Thorn], I don’t go to Tony [DiLeo] — what can I do? Can I do anything different? How can I be a better coach? How can I be a better leader? How can I help these guys? Sometimes you’ve gotta help yourself. You know? Sometimes you’ve gotta help yourself. Youth is a very blaming thing.” via CSN

Does he have leaders:

“To me, I’m a day’s work for a day’s pay kind of guy. That all I’ve ever been taught. And the one thing I have to understand is — from me staying up, working harder, not sleeping — that’s not going to help anything. There’s nothing wrong with our preparation.

Media official says a couple more questions:

“Yeah, go ahead, I don’t mind. Hey, I’m having fun. I feel like I’m at the State of the Union.”

Sixers Balls: Doug loves himself some Moe..


The day Tony DiLeo was hired we all knew it meant that Doug Collins was hired as the GM. There were rumors of Rod Thorn and Collins having a power struggle during last year’s off-season. I am not sure if Collins was the reason for Thorn stepping down, but I guarantee that Doug helped push Thorn out the door.

So basically, Doug has the final say. I still think trading for Bynum was the right move. I also believe that the Sixers knew that Bynum was not completely healthy. They obviously didn’t know he was hurt this bad. Or was it just that one God Damn night when he went bowling? Maybe…

They took a shot and they came up empty. I don’t blame them at all. This franchise has been starving for a difference maker since AI left. Say what you want, Bynum is a difference maker when he is on the court. If he was healthy this year the Sixers could be 7-10 games above .500, instead of being 10 games under.

With all that said, it seems as if someone has been having some MAJOR second thoughts. Ric Bucher reported that Collins is infatuated with checking Moe Harkless’s box scores. Bucher:

” Collins basically said Bynum’s absence killed the 76ers’ season and he sees little chance of Bynum returning to change that based on how he looked — sources say that Collins has been consumed (does he do anything any other way?) with tracking the boxscores and performances of Moe Harkless, the rookie forward the Sixers sent to Orlando as part of the deal that netted them Bynum.”

Well, I am surprised he didn’t mention Vucevic as well. Vouch is averaging a double-double (12.3 ppg and 11.4 rpg) for Orlando.  Doug my man, I thought I had it bad.

Harkless, 19, is averaging 5.8 ppg and 4.1 rpg in 20.8 minutes a game. He also is shooting 46% from the field. Moe’s play of late has to be the reason for Doug’s obsession. In the month of February, Harkless is averaging 11.5 ppg and 6.9 rpg in 35.4 minutes. He is averaging over 14 points in his last 5 games.

Bucher thinks that is the reason as well. Bucher:

“I can’t say I’ve watched a load of Magic games this season or have a feel for the kind of season Harkless has had, but he’s 19 and more or less has been in the rotation making a contribution all season long. That’s more, obviously, than Bynum has done and it’s not hard for me to imagine Collins torturing himself (and, quite possibly, others) with that fact.”

Ric, I totally agree.

Sixers Balls: Collins on communicating with players…


While the Sixers are on a mid-season break, Dei Lynam of CSN had a pretty good interview with Doug Collins. Before I go any further, I completely understand if you would like the Sixers to stay on break. You won’t get an argument from me. For those who still care for some dumb-ass reason (me included) I will go on.

Collins talked about where his head is right now and the difference between last year’s team and this year’s team with Dei. Collins:

“Our guys, last year going into the playoffs, we knew what we could hang our hat on each and every night,” Collins said. “And in the offseason we had the draft and we were very happy with that. And then in July we made the big trade. And since that point in time, it has been more disappointment than anything else. It just seems at every turn there is something else that keeps coming up.” via CSN

Doug, I actually agree with everything you said there. I still don’t know why you had Ivey in at the end of the Bucks game though. Understand your personnel, Doug.  You know better then that.

Collins went on talking about how he is constantly trying to think of different ways of making this team better. He also started to talk about on how he tries to communicate with his players. Collins:

Players don’t want to talk on the phone, not to me,” Collins said. “I talk to the parents all the time and they say they try and call their children on the phone and they won’t answer. They shoot them a text and they get right back to them. You don’t take it personally. You just understand that’s the way it is.”

Seriously, I am one of those dudes that can’t stand having a conversation over a text. I rather just call the person. But people rather text now, so I have learned to text more. Sorry, that has noting to do with Collins I was just venting. Collins continued…

It is getting harder and harder in this business to create those kind of relationships,” Collins said of those bonds he has with the likes of Grant Hill and Michael Jordan. “Number 1, the players are getting much younger and I am older, and they don’t allow that many people in. So there is a real trust that you have to build and sometimes a trust is so hard to build and so easily broken. I mean, one little thing can break a trust. I have to be consistent and true every single day

Doug has made mistakes and has looked completely lost at times on the sideline. BUT he is always giving his heart and soul to his players. I will never question Doug’s love for the game. I also know that this whole mess of a season is killing him just as much as it is killing me.

Doug must find away to reach this team though. Even if it looks impossible, which it might be.

Sixers Balls: Sixers win the worst basketball game ever and they lose Thad..


 The Sixers have finally won three games in a row for the first time since November. A win is a win but that might have been the worst game I have ever seen. If that was the first time you have watched an NBA game, I don’t blame you if you don’t ever watch a game again.

By only giving up 61 points the Sixers gave up the second-lowest points in the shot-clock era.  Trust me when I say this, it was not from the Sixers “D”. The Magic are just that bad. Another fun part of the night was the line-up that the Sixers had the court at one point Nick Young, Holiday, Wilkins, Moultrie and Allen. Yup, just how I envisioned it would be in the preseason.

On a night where Hawes actually made someone his poster boy and yes, I said that correctly. The Sixers lose their heart and soul in Thad Young and for how long? Who knows? It didn’t look good when he went down. Here is Doug Collins on Young…

 ‘Thad is going to be out a while.’ via Tom Moore of the PhillyBurbs.com

Well, that about sums it up. Thad will also undergo an MRI on his left hamstring tomorrow to find out how severe it really is. Any way I look at this there is not a positive outcome. So are we actually going to see the Hawes/Kwame combo that Collins talked about in the preseason?

Yup, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Thad is the Sixers rock. He is their best defender on the pick and roll. He does all the little things that don’t show up on the score sheet. He brings energy every single night. He is the guy you can count on to show up, night in and night out. This is just awful.

The Sixers really need someone to step up and with this roster, I don’t see it coming. The guy that could help though is Evan Turner. If he some how could find away to become more consistent. To be honest, I not even sure that would really help. That is how much Thad brings to this team.

Sixers Balls: At least we have Jrue..


In this hot-mess of a season, Jrue is this year’s silver lining. The 22 year -old is on his way to his first All-Star appearance and there should be many more to come. He’s actually the youngest All-Star in franchise history.

Jrue has developed into one of the best point guards in the league. The Sixers finally decided to hand over the KEYS to this team this past off-season. Doug finally put his trust into Jrue… Wait, what did I just say? Doug put what into Jrue? You know what I meant.

The former first round pick (17th overall) in 2009, has become building block for the next ten years. He did not have that much hype when was drafted by the Sixers. In his only year at UCLA, he played off the ball while Darren Collison (Mavericks) ran the show for the Bruins. Even though Jrue was considered one of the best PG’s in the nation when he recruited by UCLA.

In his first season as a 19-year-old he played behind Lou Williams and showed signs of his skill then. He averaged 8.o ppg and 3.8 assists 24.2 minutes a game. He had that veteran feel to the game even in his first year.  Then as the starting PG the next two seasons he made some strides even though Doug had the ball in the hands of Iggy and Lou-Will in key situations.

This year he has taken off and I love watching him play. Yes, I know he is turning the ball over a ton. He is actually second in the NBA in turnovers (152, average of 4.0 a game) and Harden is first (166, average of 3.9 a game). Turnovers are going to happen when a young player is given full freedom out on the court. I can almost guarantee that Jrue will learn to turn the ball over less. Jrue has also gotten praise around the league.

Steve Nash’s quote on Jrue..

 “I think he gives them obviously a very talented players but he also makes guys around him better.  He makes it more difficult for you to guard [Evan] Turner[Jason] Richardson and the other guys on the perimeter

He’s a terrific player,” Nash said.  “He’s an All-Star this year” via LATimes.com

Jrue’s ride started back in the summer when he and Kyrie Irving were hoopin against the Olympic team. Jrue was on the USA Select Team this past summer. Holiday thinks that played a big part in his breakout season…

It was definitely big playing with the USA Select Team this summer,” Holiday said. “Obviously, playing against the best players in the world and just seeing what they do, how they think and just picking their brains. That, and then the experience in the playoffs. A little bit of Derrick Rose,Paul Pierce and KG (Kevin Garnett), you just learn so much, so it was definitely big.” via CSN

Jrue has had two games of 30 plus points and 13 plus assists. That is pretty impressive assists totals, considering the way the Sixers offense is.  At least we have Jrue.

Here are some numbers on the top PG’s…

Name                   PPG                  ASSISTS            FIELD GOAL %             3-Ball %       TO’s

HOLIDAY           19.0                    9.0                     45%                                   35%                4.0

PARKER             19.8                     7.4                     47%                                   39%                2.4

IRVING                23.7                    5.7                     46%                                  39%               3.7

RONDO               13.4                      11.1                    48%                                  24%              3.8

D-WILL               17.0                     7.8                     40%                                   32%               2.7

CP3                       16.6                     9.7                      47%                                  33%                2.2

WESTBROOK  22.7                     8.1                     41%                                   33%               3.5