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Sixers Balls: Doug is finally pissed off..


I mean, what can I say about the Sixers’ season thus far. I could drop a couple of “F” bombs and other fun adjectives. I can save them for later though. I think Doug is about to let them fly. Can you blame him? Well, actually you could. He hand a big-hand in putting this roster together. Doug the GM is for another day.

In this streak of going 7-19 in their last 26 games and 3-13 in their last 16 games...Actually it doesn’t matter how I put it. This is ugly as hell. I will give Doug some credit. He has tried positive reinforcement to get his troops going. He has basically coddled them. BUT I believe that Doug may have finally reached his breaking point in Milwaukee…

“It is unacceptable the way we are starting games. It is unacceptable,” he said. “We coaches have worked so hard to prepare these guys and to come out and look up and see six points on the board, 5-for-20 shooting and the other team is up 12 or 10 — every single night, every night.” via CSN

I am just as frustrated as you there Doug. The Sixers come out sleep walking night. You know what Doug’s probably more pissed about? That the bench guys that he turns to for help in these slow starts are Ivey, Wilkins, Hawes, N.Young and Kwame. Doug talks about having Spencer coming off the bench…

“I’ve got to have something coming off my bench. It’s like rob Peter to pay Paul,” Collins said after Tuesday’s loss in Milwaukee. “Guys have got to play. Lavoy comes out and shoots the ball the first three times he touches it. How about moving the ball and go screen somebody?”

I really don’t know what to tell you, Doug. I know I said that I would not get into the “GM Doug” but this is his roster, though they are missing a big piece of it. Still though, these are his players. He was the one that decided to give Kwame a two year deal. Doug also touched on not getting to the line against the Bucks:

“They had 33 free throws to our 13. At some point in time, you had better learn how to get to the free-throw line. It is what I come and talk about every single night.”

Again Doug, the players you brought in are mostly jump shooters. J-Rich, Wright, and N. Young are all jump-shooters. They all love the three-ball and their long-two’s. So what do you expect? Nick has the ability to get to the line more but refuses too.

So this is what we are left with a jump-shooting team that can’t get to the line, A bench that has basically nothing going, a team that can’t defend and a team with no INDENTY.  Bynum could help solve some of these problems.

Sixers Balls..I am trying to calm myself down..

The lost against the Bucks on Monday night was one thing but losing to the Pistons? Oh, hell no. Collins said after the game that the team got deflated after shooting poorly. Really? 29% is just shooting poorly? Shooting poorly is like shooting 35% for a game or 38%. When you shoot below 30% against a team that was 0-8 that is PATHETIC Doug.

The biggest problem with team is that they are a jump shooting team. What does a jump shooting team need? A big-man that controls the block and spreads the floor for them to fire away. They built this team around Bynum and obviously he is not playing. Hawes is a pick and pop guy. He gets pushed around if he goes below the foul-line. Lavoy has lost that edge he had in last years playoffs. I thought he would have been better around the basket. Kwame Brown. Enough said. So all that translates into bad shooting(stating the obvious).

Another thing is that they just don’t get to the rack enough.Not many guys can create off the dribble on this team. If they are not shooting well they are screwed. They just don’t ever get to the line. They are ranked 25th in the league in free throw attempts and as a team they are just shooting 40% which ranks them 29th in that category.That is why they rank 28th in scoring at 88.o ppg. Its early but its ugly.

Turner is officially a head case.”Swaggy P” will shoot from anywhere. Hey Swaggy, you need to get to the rim more bro. 29 three-point attempts to just 14 free throw attempts  is not going to cut it when you are shooting 32% from the floor and 27% from the three-point land. Time to man up.

I have read an article about how the bench lacks the energy it had in the past. Well, most of that energy is in the starting lineup right now. That would be Thad Young. I still feel that he should be coming off the bench for that simple reason. Its is very important to have a energy guy on your bench. I have to try to calm myself down a little bit here. It is only 8 games into a season and their best player has yet to suit up.

So we have seen some “highs” (Boston W) and some “lows” (Piston L) so far. Seriously, I feel like they have played a lot more than just 8 games. They have already put me on a emotional roller coaster because of my expectations for this team. Like I said before I just need to chill.  I believe that Bynum will make a huge difference for this team once he gets back.  Hopefully sooner than later. PRETTY PLEASE???? By the way, Bynum’s “Pimp-Juice” is alive and well with that hair style he is rocking..

Sixers Balls..Collins not a fan of “SABR”. Actually, he rather shoot himself..

The first thing I think of when I hear analytics guy is WAR (obviously). Then the next thing is Keith Law. The last thing is me punching Keith Law in the face. I know it’s a different sport but they use the same concept. John Hollinger of ESPN is the Keith Law of basketball.

I will give Hollinger credit. He did come up with PER (Player Efficiency Ratings) by himself. That is pretty impressive. I never heard John in an interview or anything. So I will give him  a pass on me wanting to punch him in the face like Law. I have heard Law in interviews and he comes off as an “ASS-BAG”. I think I just made that word up.

Listen, I understand that you need stat guys or “SABR” guys around. They can be helpful at times. I just wouldn’t want one as my GM or Coach. People get caught up numbers all the time and numbers can lie, even Hollinger points out in his system is flawed. For example his “PER” over values blocks and steals, if that was the case Iverson should have been on the first team All-Defensive team every year as a Sixer. See what I mean? By the way, in Hollinger’s All-Time ‘PER” he has Larry Bird ranked the 17th best player of All-Time. Larry the “Legend” that low? Never..

Collins was asked by Mike Jensen of the Inquirer Staff, the other day if he was an analytics guy. Here is what said..

“No. If I did that, I’d blow my brains out,” Collins said after a practice last week. “There’s 20-page printouts after every game – I would kill myself.”

Whoa, easy there Doug. I am not a big fan of stat guys either but let’s not go overboard..

“My analytics are here . . .” Collins quickly pointed to his head. “. . . and here.” He pointed just above the white waistband of his Sixers sweat suit – to his gut.

Well, I am glad he did not point below his waistband. If he was thinking with his boy down there for basketball…OK, fine. I won’t go there, though I think I already did..

Doug does use numbers. He uses his own and he does not go overboard with it. Doug has been around a long time and he is one of the smartest basketball minds around. Does he have faults? Of course he does, though he uses his eyes and gut to judge. To me at least, that is the way it should be…

Sixers Balls…Barkley has some questions about Bynum…

Well, someone might be skeptical about Bynum leading the Sixers and that would be Sir Charles. Barkley never really needs a reason to give his opinion anyway talks about Bynum in a interview with NBA.com . Here is some of his quotes..

“When you go from being a role player to a star, [things change]. He’s never been the best player on his team — you’re a role player,” Barkley said. “I’m not sure he’s been the second-best player on his team before. It’s debatable between him and Pau Gasol. So, he goes from being the third-best player on his team to being the man. The level of intensity that that takes, the level of pressure that brings, and you compound that by Philadelphia — it’s going to be a very interesting season for Andrew Bynum. via CSN..

Barkley goes on…

I like Andrew Bynum. I think he’s a very good player,” Barkley said. “But the stress level he’s going to come upon now is going to be totally different than anything he’s experienced in his NBA career.” via CSN..

He does bring up some good points. I understand that Philly is not an easy place to play neither is LA, especially for the Lakers. Yes, Bynum might have some maturity issues and he also might try to pull up for an occasional three-ball. He also has the skills to be a franchise player. Bynum already is the second best center in the league (better than Howard offensively). To me at-least, he is a better player than Gasol now. Barkley also added…

“Can Andrew Bynum be the man? That’s the first question,” Barkley said. “Second question: How [are] him and Doug Collins gonna get together? And the third one is: What do you do with his financial situation?” “I want to see how he’s going to handle the pressure in Philly,” Barkley said. “How him and Doug Collins are going to react — those are legitimate concerns.” via CSN..

That is the BIGGEST question, how are Doug and Bynum going to get along? We already saw how Doug and Turner got along. If Doug let Turner play through his struggles more we would know what we have in Evan. Going into this season there are still questions that need to be answered about Turner.

So Barkley hit the nail right on the head. Doug and Bynum’s relationship is the biggest key to Bynum becoming the player that we all think he can be. Hopefully, Doug is texting him love letters right now. Just saying…

Sixers Balls…John Hollinger’s Depth Chart vs My Depth Chart…

John Hollinger of ESPN came out with his ‘Projected” starters and reserves for the Sixers. I agree with all of them but one. He had Spencer starting at PF. I know Doug has come out and said that he likes Hawes next to Bynum, but just don’t see it working. Hawes is to slow and soft to be a starter in this league.  I told myself I was not going to bring up the fact that Doug thinks Hawes can play more like Gasol. Doug you funny bro. Moving on…

I am not completely blind though. Hawes offensive skill set does complement Bynum’s with Hawes being a solid high-post guy and Bynum taking care of the low-post. I know that is what Doug is thinking; though thinking that and it actually happening are two different things. Here is the link to Hollinger’s “Projected” starters and reserves…

I wrote this a few weeks ago. What the depth chart might look like…

There are some questions that the Sixers will have to answer now with the additions of Bynum and J-Rich to this team. Does J-Rich slide into the starting 2 guard? Who is the starting power forward, Hawes, Lavoy or Thad? Does Evan take over the small forward role?

There are a couple of spots that are locked down, point guard with Holiday and center with Bynum. The rest could be wide open. Here is who I would start at the 2, 3 and 4 positions.

SG- J-Rich. Some may think Nick Young would be good here as well. Young was signed to take over Lou’s spot and that is what he will do. Young’s game is perfect for the sixth-man spot. J-Rich makes the most sense. He brings that veteran presences/stability to the starting lineup. Other than him the starting lineup could all be 24 years old or younger.

SF. Turner. It is his time to shine. With Iggy now gone the wing play is all his. He could be primed for a big season. Turner brings a lot of the same skills as Iggy did for this team at three spot. Turner is not the elite defender Dre was but he is still a solid one. Turner’s offensive game is better. Here’s hoping that carries the momentum from the post-season run into this year.

PF. Allen. Hawes is to slow to start at the 4 position even though he has the offensive skill set to complement Bynum. Against bigger teams you might see Hawes and Bynum/Brown on the floor together. Thad is good at times at the 4 spot, especially when he does not have to bang with the big boys down low. The answer to me is Allen. His game is a nice complement to Bynum. Bynum controls the paint and Allen controls the mid-range jumpers. Allen has nice pick and pop game. This allows Thad to be Thad. Thad is a match-up problem for most teams coming off the bench.

One of the other question marks on this team is the backup PG spot. As of right now it’s Royal Ivey. Not crazy about that. Turner is essentially the backup PG . He will slide there at times as well. Not a big issue just a small one.

Here is my depth chart.

PG.  Holiday-Turner-Ivey-Wayns

SG.  J-Rich-N.Young

SF.  Turner-Wright-Thad

PF.  Allen-Thad-Hawes-Moultrie

C.  Bynum-Hawes-Brown

Sixers Balls…Doug Collins is the new GM. I mean Tony DiLeo…

The Sixers have finally ended their search for a new GM. The GM will be Doug Collins.  Yes, Tony Dileo is officially the new GM, though we all know Doug we likely have the final say. If you told me this to months ago I would have been flipping out. I thought Doug had a bad habit in falling in love with certain players and they’re for hurt his judgment. Though he got back some of my confidence with the Bynum trade. Collins and Thorn shocked us all.

Tony has been with the Sixers since 1990. He has had a variety of jobs coaching, director of personnel and chief college evaluator.  I heard he good with foreign players as well. Whatever the hell that means.

Doug has always had a ton of control over the team since being hired. A report came out yesterday that the Sixers aggressively pursued Denver Nuggets GM Masai Ujiri, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. People around the NBA say that Ujiri has emerged as a rising star among league front-office executives and had been the Sixers’ primary target along with new Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry, sources said.

The Sixers also considered former New Orleans Hornets GM Jeff Bower and ESPN’s Tom Penn.  The bottom line is what ever Doug wanted he was going to get. The Sixers ownership has put their trusted in Doug. Hopefully, he does not screw this up.

Sixers Balls…Turner a bust? I don’t think he is YET…

So is Evan Turner a bust? If you ask 20 people half of them will tell you he is. I am on the side that he is not a bust simply, because of the use of him. Doug and Evan have had a very odd relationship. Doug chose to sit and make an example out of Evan when he was not playing well. Turner would often seem to pout because of this and at times he would be looking over his shoulder to see if he was coming out if he turned the ball over.

Most top picks get a chance to develop on the court. They are able to learn from their mistakes by playing through them. In Evan case not so much. For example, during the month of February last season Turner only averaged 20 minutes a game. Overall last season he is averaged 26 minutes a game. Just to prove my point here are some of his 2010 draft classmates that averaged more minutes than him. Gordon Hayward 30.4 minutes a game, John Wall 36.2 minutes a game, Greg Monroe 31.5 minutes a game, and DeMarcus Cousins 30.5 minutes a game. Obviously, they were able to play through some growing pains. The thing is that Turner is going into his third season and we still don’t fully know what we have in him. If Doug played him as he should have we would know.

I will give Doug this he finally let Turner and you can even say Holiday loose in the playoffs. They both showed a lot of growth. Turner showed toughness and that he is not scared of a big moment. He was public enemy number 1 against the Bulls and played well. He was booed every time he touched the ball in Chicago. Against Boston he did not shoot the ball well, but he showed a ton of grit, including the game winning layup in Game 2.

Yes, I know Turner jumper is ugly as hell. He just needs to perfect what he got. Is Turner ever going to be a great jumper shooter? The answer to that is  most likely NO. He could still become a solid shooter. He should forget about the “Herb McGee School” of shooting. No offense to Herb.

He has been working hard this offseason. He has been getting up at 6 or 7 in the morning during the week. He is on the court for an hour and half then he goes to the gym to lift. Then he is back on the court until noon time. He has been working on going to his left. He also has been working on his catch and shoot. Fingers crossed…

This is the year that we will find out if Turner is a bust or not. I am banking on that he can carry that confidence he got in last years playoffs into this year. Everywhere Turner has been he was a slow starter before he took off, high school, college and now the NBA. Here’s hoping the trend continues .Here is Turner’s one on one interview he had with the Sixers.com…

Sixers Balls…Do you trust Doug Collins? I am not sure if I do..

Well, since this off-season has not gone the way I hoped it would, I figured I’d turn my attention to Doug Collins. Obviously, he is heavily involved in every free agent/trade the Sixers do. Doug has definitely left us confused with this entire off-season plan of his. I like to tell myself that he does have a plan. That this is just the start of it and the 2013 off-season will top it off with the free agent class that is out there. For some reason I don’t have that much faith the Sixers. Hopefully they prove me wrong.

There is no doubt that Doug knows that game. He has plenty of basketball credentials to prove that. He was the number 1 overall pick back in 1973 by the Sixers. He is a 4 time All-Star and also hit the two of the biggest free throws ever in the Olympics. In the Gold medal game in the 1972, he made two foul shots with no time remaining to give USA the gold medal over Russia 50-49. Yes, I said the Gold medal. That game was fixed. There is no other way to describe it. That 1972 team still refuses the silver medal from that game.
Where I start to question him is with the development of players and the way he falls in love with certain players. Why else would Kwame Brown be your starting center. We have seen how he fell in love with Iggy and Lou at the end of games. We saw how he never fully trusted Evan and Jrue. He should have given them the keys to this team from the beginning of last year. We are now going into this season still wondering exactly what do we have in them, when we could’ve had the answer already.

He has been a head coach for four different NBA teams (Sixers, Wiz, Bulls and Pistons) compiling a record of 408-359. Doug is a very good defensive coach. Anywhere he went the team was instantly better defensively. Doug is a demanding coach though. That style of coaching wore out his welcome in his previous spots. I am not implying that Doug is doing that here. He would be the first one to tell you that he has made strides to relate to players. We all know about how he texts his players after every game.

I understand that a coach’s job is to win ball games, sometimes though it is about developing players. Another player you could point at is Vouch. There is still no reason why he was planted on the bench behind Spencer Hawes, especially in the playoffs. Who knows what will happen this season now? Are Kwame and Hawes going to take time away from Lavoy, Moultrie and Vouch? Are Iggy, N. Young and Wright going to take time from Harkless and Turner? They very well could especially with Turner.

Doug and Evan have clashed from the beginning of Turner’s career. Turner is not innocent in the matter. He certainly did not help his cause at times. Doug is at fault for not letting Turner play through his mistakes though, instead of putting him on the bench. I know people worry about Doug’s personnel moves. I still think that the jury is still out on that. We will know more about his personnel moves next off-season. Though he has not instilled confidence in that department this off-season.

Sixers Balls… I think the Sixers may have a plan. Well…

My fears have come true for the Sixers. I have said before God help us all if Collins starts Kwame Brown and Spencer Hawes together. Well, God help us all.. Doug has said today in his press conference that he plans to have Hawes at the four and Brown at the five. Here is the quote.

                   Goal is to start Hawes at power forward and Brown start at center.

Christ..Thanks, Doug. I am telling you right now, this is one of the oddest off-seasons that I have ever seen by the Sixers.  I am not sure if they are trying to tank the season or not. Doug has to realize most fours now are just hybrid three’s. In today’s NBA you need athletic four’s. Collins has to be trying to motivate Hawes and Lavoy Allen. Well, I think he is?

Sixers also brought back Royal Ivey. I really did not think that this team needed a back up PG, considering Jrue and Evan can both play the point. Iggy even plays point-forward at times. Ivey is here to fill-out the roster. Speaking of the roster is this it? I keep thinking that something has to give with all the wings they have Wright, Iggy, N. Young, T. Young, Harkless and Turner.  I guess nothing is going to happen. Collins touched on that as well….

Phone was ringing off the hook. Everybody wanted ‘Dre. We’ve already been offered a ton for Moe Harkless”

So they received a lot calls. Hmmm… Doug also said he likes the fact that there will be a lot of competition on this team. I have been left scratching my head and making fun of the Sixers with the moves they made so far. I will give them this, they have done a good job on the salaries. We have seen a ton of money get thrown around this off-season in the NBA. For example, Asik got 3 year 27 million from the Rockets. He only averaged 13 minutes a game last year. Humphries just got 12 million a year for two years from the Nets and people use to bitch at Iggy’s 14 million. Well, they still do. The Sixers got Wright at 1 year 3 million, Nick Young at 1 year 6 million, Hawes at 2 year 12 million and Brown at 2 year 6 million.

They have set themselves up to have a good amount of room for 2013 free agents class. The 2013 class is loaded. I have stated that many of times. Maybe the Sixers do have a plan after all? I hope..

Sixers Balls… Welcome Kwame Brown?

Well, I thought this off-season could not get any stranger, but it just did. Sixer signed Kwame Brown? This is funny. All I can do right now is laugh about it. Doug talked to Bob Cooney of the Daily News yesterday, saying that the Sixers where in the market for a center and that they wanted to move Hawes to power forward.

There are two things wrong with this. Kwame Brown as your starting center and Hawes as you’re starting PF.  The Sixers can not be serious. They can’t be. Maybe, Collins has a soft spot for Brown? He was his coach when the Wizards made Kwame the first overall pick in 2001. We all know about Doug’s soft spots (Meeks). That is the only way I can explain it. Brown would not be bad as a back-up. God help us if he is here to be the starting center and Hawes as the starting power forward.

The Sixers are Kwame’s 7th team. He has averaged 6.8 ppg and 5.6 rebounds for his career.  I am completely lost at what the Sixers are trying to do here. There has to be something else. Me confused…