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Sixers Balls: I don’t trust the Sixers at all..

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So the Sixers split their last two games of the road trip and Doug actually gave Moultrie more than 6 minutes against the Jazz.  BUT what I really want to talk about is that I don’t trust Doug Collins and the Sixers front office.  Before I get into all that, I just want to touch on a couple of things from the Kings game that I found amusing. Hawes was booed every time he touched the ball. Apparently Hawes was important to the Kings and their fans. Would they like him back?

Damien Wilkins played 40 minutes, while Moultrie played only 6 minutes. Leave it up to Doug to give a journeyman 40 minutes and a rookie 6 minutes in a season where they’re going nowhere.

The best part about that game was when Howard Eskin called out Adam Aaron.  Aaron:

I’M IN SACRAMENTO WITH 76ERS. Sixers erased a 14-point Kings lead in Q2 and game is now tied, at the half. Dorell Wright with 16 points.

Eskin responded with:

“Nobody cares. Lasalle won. Sweet 16


Let’s get back to the real issue, Doug Collins and the Sixers front office. Do you trust them? I sure as hell don’t. Let’s pretend that Bynum doesn’t exist for a moment (I know, it’s not hard). The Sixers have a young All-Star PG. They will likely have a high pick in this years draft and they have plenty of cap space. Sounds good right? Not with this front office and especially not with Doug.

I mean, there is no better time then now to play a rookie. Let Moultrie get 25 to 30 minutes a game right now. YOU’RE not going anywhere with this team Doug. I know that Wilkins has played solid lately, but come on. The dude is a journeyman. If Doug or the front office doesn’t realize this little problem, what the hell are they going to do this summer?

This year’s free agent class features Al Jefferson, Utah teammate Paul Millsap, Josh Smith and the Timberwolves’ Nikola Pekovic, who will be a restricted free agent. They’re all nice players but none are franchise changers. My fear is another awful contract is coming.

The 2014 free agents are much deeper, featuring the Heat’s LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, the Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony, the Raptors’ Rudy Gay and the Pacers’ Danny Granger. The Pistons’ Greg Monroe, the Jazz’s Derrick Favors, the Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins and the Pacers’ Paul George should be among the restricted free agents. Sounds good right? I doubt any of them would want to come here.

 I will give the Sixers front office this. They did a decent job of freeing up money last summer. Let me take that back, they gave a Kwame a player option for 3 million. The one good thing out of all this is that Hawes trade value is going up.

 The Sixers do have plenty of options (Bynum is still one, sorry), though I don’t think they have the right people in place to fix this franchise.


Puck Heads: Gagne is back. Time to dust off the old jersey…


No other Philly team brings back former players like the Flyers. Once a Flyer always a Flyer, as they say… One of the biggest fan favorites is back. As you probably already know Simon Gagne is back with the Flyboys

The Flyers traded a conditional 2013 fourth-round draft pick (third-round, if they make the playoffs) to the Kings for him. Not going to lie, I am very happy that I can dust off my old Gagne jersey.

I know Gagne is only 32, but we are not getting the old Gagne back. He has only played in 11 games this year and has zero goals and 5 assists. He has been mostly a healthy scratch this season. Gags has really been hampered by injuries and concussions the last few years.

Gagne still can bring that veteran leadership/character that this team could use. He still can be a solid third-line player. Gags talked about how he feels right now…

I’m 100 percent now,” Gagne said. “I was really excited about this year because of that, but unfortunately things didn’t work the way it was here in L.A. this year, so now having a chance to play with Philly and play on a regular basis, I’m really excited to try that. It will be fun.” via csn

Glad to have you back Simon. You will get a very nice standing ovation on your first shifted. Gagne collected 528 points in 664 games with the Flyers. Since the Flyers traded him away, he  has only 62 points in the 108 games.

Philer Up!….Hope vs Optimism..

The difference between hope and optimism is that optimism is evidence based where as hope is purely faith-based. So when it come to our beloved Phillies this season there is no evidence that they can turn this mess around leaving us to only hope that they can. Even though it seems unlikely that this season will amount to anything I am hopeful that it will. Maybe it’s just that I don’t want the season to be over this quickly. It’s similar to the way I felt with the Eagles this past season, it felt like it was over as soon as it started.

If the Phils are out already it takes away one of my favorite parts of my summer. For some reason I just have hope that they will make it worth it for everyone. The season has been such an odd one already and most of the oddities are producing negative effects for the Phils. There are a ton of injuries, Cliff Lee doesn’t have a win after 10 starts and in the beginning of the year they couldn’t score runs, now the pitching can’t keep teams off the board. Most of the damage has come in the last two weeks when the Phils lost 9 of their last 12 while the Nats have won 9 of their last 12 leaving us 9 games back of the division lead and 5 out of the wild card.

As bad as that looks I still have hope. Partly it’s because the Nationals are a young team that haven’t proven anything yet and the rest of the teams in the division haven’t ironed out their problems either. The other reason is that Cinderella teams across most sports have been winning fairly frequently.

In baseball this has directly effected the Phillies with San Fran beating the Phillies and unexpectedly becoming the World Series winners. St Louis last year wouldn’t have even make the playoff if it wasn’t for the Phil’s sweeping the Braves at the end of the season. That made the Cardinals the wild card team who knocked out the Phils and then went on to be the eventual World Series champs. In the NFL the 2007-08 NY Giants made an improbable Super Bowl run beating every team in the playoffs on the road and finished by beating the then unbeaten New England Patriots. Green Bay Packers made a similar run in the 2010-11 season winning their all  playoff games on the road and becoming the first 6 seeded team to win the Super Bowl. Most recently in the NHL the LA Kings were almost out of contention by mid-season. Then they fired their coach and traded for Jeff Carter sparking something of a turn around allowing for the Kings to sneak into the playoffs as the eighth seed. They became the first team to defeat the top three seeded teams in the playoffs on the way to winning the Stanley Cup.

None of these teams gave their fan base any reason to be optimistic and yet they all still won championships anyway. All I’m saying is Cinderella has been getting around lately, shaking her ass at every ball she gets into. The Phillies were a favorite heading into the season so if they could get some good fortunate to come their way they could be one of those teams to go on a surprise run. There is no evidence for optimism but for some reason I keep hearing Harry Kalas singing “High Hopes”.

Puck Heads…Yes, I am rooting for Richards and Carter

It looks like some of our old friends are close to a Stanley Cup. There is just that one thing. Whether to cheer for Richards and Carter or not.  I say sure what the hell, I have no reason to hate these guys. Both had solid stints here. Though the real reason why they are on the verge of winning the cup is two words. Jonathan Quick. Quick has a 1.44 goals against  and a 947. save percentage in these playoffs. They have won 10 straight road games because of him. So much for home-ice advantage against the dudes. Remember those rumors of Quick  coming to Philly? I sure do. Only if he came here we be…… Screw it. Moving on to Richie and Carter before I start thinking about them DAMN rumors all over again.

All honesty it is hard to root against Richards and Carter. If they had a goalie here they would have likely won a cup here, especially 2009-10 season. Richards was a very nice player. He brought that work man like attitude and had a solid scoring ability. He also preformed well it big situations for the Flyers. The one thing I loved about him was that if you pissed him off he would come right after you trying to take your head off.  Awesome.. How can you ever forget the game tying goal against the Canadians in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals. When he beat Hamrlik and Halak to a loose puck to help send the Flyers to the finals. The one thing Richards struggled with was being a vocal leader. He was always more lead by example guy. He was expected to be the next ” Bobby Clark”. We as fans and the media put that label on him. In all fairness he had Clark’s grit  but not his offensive skill set. Richards still was good player he finished with 133 goals and 216 assists with the Flyers.

Carter was a little different for me. He seemed to disappear in big moments. Of course I am writing this right after Carter scores the game winner in Game 2 of the finals for the Kings. He scored on his patented move. Coming off the boards in the high slot and unleashing his nasty wrist shot.  More than Richards, Carter always left me wanting more. He had the skill to be a 40 scorer year in and year out. He only eclipsed the 40 goal mark just once. He had 46 goals in the 2008-09 season. All and all he still was a solid player. Just was very streaky.  He finished with 181 goals and 162 assists with the Flyers.

I think we all overhyped them both thinking they where going to be great players instead of just good players. They where just that, good players. Them two good players had us 2 wins away from the Cup. I can hear them now right after winning the Cup this year. ” On our way to Dry Island with the Cup Bitches!”  That quote will be direct right at Tim Panaccio. Just saying… Neither player wanted to leave here. They both where extremely upset when it happen. So how can you be mad at them? It was time for them to move on.  Homer did a great job of getting value for them. So I will cheer for them.  I really can not stand seeing the Fucking Devils win another Cup. The ruin my childhood with the Flyers. They simply will not go away. Though the real reason why I would like to see the Kings win the Cup, Simon Gagne.