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Sixers Balls: Farewell for Bynum? Not happening here…

Andrew Bynum

So I am seeing people write farewell articles about Andrew Bynum.   I just have one question. What the hell is wrong with people. If you think I am lying here is a quote from a Spike Eskin article:

 I cannot be angry at Bynum, as many seem to be. Hard as a try, I can’t muster up the vitriol to wish him bad luck in Cleveland. If I feel anything for Andrew Bynum, it’s a little bit of pity.

Andrew Bynum is a knucklehead and a goofball. That much is for sure. Basketball might not be his favorite thing in the world, and he probably doesn’t work as hard as he should. He’s patently unaware, or just doesn’t care, about how he comes off publicly. The thing is none of these things caused Andrew Bynum not to play for the Sixers, his knees did.

I respect Spike (good NBA guy) but the dude is way-off base here. If Bynum wasn’t a goofball, a knuckle head or if he did care about basketball more he might not have done the stupid-ass things he did. He would have done everything and anything to get back on the court. All Bynum was for me was “False Hope”. I really thought I was done writing about Bynum. Whatever….

Well, since I am writing about him I might as well go back to the trade one last time.  The winner of the trade? The Magic (Captain Obvious Strikes Again). Here is the breakdown one last time (painfully)

Sixers got…

Andrew Bynum aka the “Bowler”. The guy loved to take shots at half-time, not basketball, the Jack Daniels ones. Of course he was a flamingo dancing expert and as well an entrepreneur of hair styles.  I played as many minutes as he did for the Sixers.  Damn, I almost forgot about Jason Richardson. J-Rich was solid until he got injured.

Lakers got…

Dwight Howard. Hahaha, Sorry… The funny thing about that situation is that Kobe said that he would teach Dwight to be a champion if he stayed. Kobe, you’re the BIGGEST reason why Dwight left.

Nuggets got…

Andre Iguodala. Iggy had a solid season for the Nuggets but he became a one year rental by opting out of his contract early. The Warriors should be even more fun to watch this coming year.

Magic got…

Nikola Vucevic, Arron Afflalo, Moe Harkless and a few future first-round picks. Vuch is a double-double machine and Harkless still gives Doug Collins nightmares. Afflalo is a solid player when healthy. This trade made Sixers fans cry until Hinkie burst on the scene. The Magic have something nice building down there.

I swear, that is the last time I write about Andrew Bynum.


Sixers Balls: Next head coach should tell us what direction the Sixers are heading


Are the Sixers close to a head coach yet?  I would hope so. Jeff Hornacek was just hired by the Suns. The Bobcats hired Lakers assistant Steve Clifford and the Bucks are closing in on a new candidate.

The next head coach should give us an idea of what direction the Sixers are heading in. If they name a first time head coach, it could mean that they’re looking to “add” then to “shed” contracts for the up coming 2013-14 season, according to Ric Bucher.  

Bucher thinks that a first time coach would likely stay away from a losing situation. He might be right.  If the Sixers intend to cut their payroll and shoot for a high lottery pick in the loaded 2014 draft that could easily scare off a first time head coach.  On the other hand, a “seasoned” coach may understand the situation and be more willing to forfeit a few years for the better of the franchise.

Going by Hinkie’s track record in Houston, it would seem that he might be looking at a transition year. Signing players to one-year deals and trying to load-up on draft picks.

The 2014 free agent class is more talented than this year’s class and the Sixers could have plenty of cap space with Hawes, Turner, Allen, and Kwame all likely coming off the books in 2014. Hinkie might also have Andrew Wiggins “fever”.

I have never been a fan of “Tanking”, for the simple reason that it doesn’t guarantee anything. Just ask the Orlando Magic about that. Like I said before, the next coach should give us an idea of what the Sixers are thinking.

Kobe’s 81 or Wilt’s 100?

images (47) images (52)

Kobe’s 81 or Wilt’s 100?  The other day I was fighting with a few of my co-workers about this.  Some of them said that Kobe’s was more impressive strictly because Wilt was bigger than everyone. Even one guy said that Wilt’s 100 point-mark might not even happen. Hmmm, Illuminati?

I had to break the news to him that it did. Yes, I know there was not many people in attendance and it was not televised, mainly because College Basketball was the “Big-Dog” at the time.  The NBA was not considered a Major Sport yet. BUT there is evidence besides the picture of him hold up a piece of paper reading 100 points. It was also said that the game never even ended.

WCAU radio broadcast found a copy of the game in 1988. Wilt actually stood at half-court for the final 46 seconds. The reason he stood at half-court he said, “100 sounded better than 102”.  You know what? It kinda does. By the way, the players that guarded Wilt in that game were Darrall Imhoff  (6-10) and Cleveland Buckner (6-9).

I even saw a local “expert” say that Kobe’s 81 was more impressive. His reasoning, “Don’t argue something that you did not see.” Well, I can tell you one thing, he did not see that shit either. The local “expert” that I am talking about is a former Eagles player that played under Andy Reid. Weak bro.

The bottom line is that both are impressive as hell. Kobe had 55 points in the second-half of his 81 point game. I don’t care that he was playing the Raptors and that Jalen Rose was guarding him at one point. The Raptors tried a bunch of different players to guard him. Yup, that worked out well. The Lakers scored 73 points in the second-half and Kobe had all but 18 of them. You might want to double check that. I went to Catholic school for 12 years.

Kobe shot 28 of 46 from the floor, including 7 of 13 from 3-point range and 18 of 20 from the foul line. He left the game to left to a standing ovation with 4.2 seconds remaining in the game in a 122-104 victory over the Raptors in 2006.

Wilt actually broke his own record (78 points) with 100 point performance. Wilt shot 36 of 63 from the floor and shot 28 of 32 from the foul line in the 169-147 win over the Knicks back on March 2, 1962. In the fourth quarter of that game, the Knicks began fouling other players on purpose to keep the ball away from Wilt. The Knicks also took their time on offense for another way to keep the ball from Wilt.  Obviously, that didn’t work out well.

There have been twenty different players that have scored 60 or more points in a game. There has only been four players that have scored 60 points more than once, Wilt 32 times, MJ 5 times, Kobe 5 times, and Elgin Baylor 4 times.

You can say all you want that Kobe’s was better or that Wilt’s was better. The fact is that both were amazing. That’s a FACT and the rest is just opinion. One last thing, the rule “3 seconds in the lane” was already in place well before Wilt starting playing ball.

Sixers Balls…. Bynum vs Shaq….

Shaq tried to punk out Bynum, but Bynum would have none of that… I love how Bynum went right after Shaq, after he was dunked on by him… Bynum was only a rookie at the time..Awesome stuff here…Welcome to Philly!

Sixers Balls… Hello, Andrew Bynum!! HELL YA!!

Its official! Sixers made it official at 2pm today. Yes, Sir!

Well, I guess I can get a HELL Ya?!! I can’t believe that this trade is going down. The news came out earlier in the day by Adam Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports that they were discussing it. We have found out that this is not a dream. That this trade will go down. I was thinking that the Sixers would some how screw this up. They certainly did not…ESPN’s Marc Stein reports..

A source with direct knowledge of the talks told ESPN.com’s Marc Stein the Lakers will receive Howard, the Denver Nuggets will acquire Andre Iguodala, the 76ers will receiveAndrew Bynum and Jason Richardson, and the Magic will get Arron AfflaloAl Harrington,Nikola Vucevic and one protected future first-round pick from each of the other three teams. In addition, the Magic will be getting other pieces, including 76ers No. 1 draft pick Moe Harkless, a source told Stein.

Man, this is AWESOME! The Sixers don’t even lose Turner or Holiday in this deal. All I have to say is “WOW’. Can you say number 2 seed?! Now all of the other moves the Sixers did this off-season make sense. I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop and it dropped BIG TIME.

Bynum gives the Sixers their first legitimate center since Moses Malone. Bynum is more polished offensively than even Howard is. Howard is the better defender though. Yes, Bynum’s knees might be an issue and he can be sort of a head case at times but who cares. He brings that nasty “Old School” side that I love. He is entering his last year of his contract. Sixers will have to convince him to stay. The one thing in their favor is that the Sixers can offer Bynum the most money and a extra year.

Jason Richardson gives the Sixers a solid two guard, who can really knock down the three ball. He is not the “High Flyer” he once was, but he still can play. With J-Rich, Nick Young and Dorell Wright the Sixers have guys that can knock down an open jumper, if Turner and Holiday continue to develop watch out. Richardon has three more years on his contract at a friendly 5.7 million this year, 6.2 million in 13/14 and 6.6 million in 14/15.

To piggy back what I said about “Iggy” in an earlier post I have always been a fan of Iggy. I always thought the Sixers asked him to be something he is not, a scorer. Since the arrival of Doug Collins, Dre has learned who he really is as a player.  He has become one of the best wing defenders in the game and has developed a nice all around game.  So thanks for a great year and nice career here “Iggy”.

The BIGGEST thing this trade does for Sixers  it makes them relevant again. Bynum makes the Sixers a “cool” team to play for. In today’s NBA that is huge. Players love to team up together. Bynum brings that to Philly.

Here is what the current roster looks like..

PG. Holiday

SG. Richardson

SF. Turner

PF. Allen

C. Bynum

Bench. Hawes, Brown, N.Young, Wright, Moultrie, Thad and Ivey.

Suddenly, the Sixers  have size and athleticism together. Yes, Sir! The Sixers are back!!!!

Sixers Balls.. Bynum to the Sixers? Can I get a HELL YA?!!

Is Thorn becoming like RAJ and Homer? Nah….I have been thinking of writing a post for the Sixers on how their roster will look like this up-coming season. Obviously, I would have started the post as the “Land of the Small forward”. I also would have tried to explain that Kwame Brown and Spencer Hawes can play together.  Thank God I don’t have to lie about that situation right now.

Man, if this reported deal goes down, “Yes, Sir!” The deal was first reported by Adam Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports. Here is some of the report from Adam..

There are other players involved in these fluid talks, but a framework of the possible deal includes Howard and Denver forward Al Harrington going to the Lakers, Philadelphia guardAndre Iguodala going to the Nuggets, Los Angeles center Andrew Bynum moving to the 76ers, and Los Angeles forward Pau Gasoland Denver guard Arron Afflalo going to the Magic, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Bynum would give the Sixers their first legitimate center since Moses Malone. Bynum is more polished offensively than even Howard is. Howard is the better defender though. Yes, Bynum’s knees might be an issue and he can be sort of a head case at times but who cares. Got it done! Suddenly, that Brown signing does not look so bad. OK, fine. Maybe, I am pushing it a bit.

I will tell you this if this deal goes down this will make the Sixers a top team in the East. The main thing about this potential trade is that it would make the Sixers relevant again.  Bynum would make the Sixers a “cool” team to play for. In today’s NBA, players love to team up together. Bynum brings that to Philly.

I have always like Iggy. I always thought the Sixers asked him to be something he is not, a scorer. Since the arrival of Doug Collins, Dre has learned who he really is as a  player.  He has become one of the best wing defenders in the game and has developed a nice all around game. When you get a chance to get a young dominate big-man you do it. So thanks for a great year and nice career here “Iggy”. Hey, Sixers do you need me to pick up Bynum from LA?

Sixers Balls.. Draft Day is here!

It’s NBA Draft Time!  You know what that means, Rumor Time!

-Dwight Howard maybe going to Houston. Houston has loaded up draft picks to make a run at Howard. They got the 12th pick from the Bucks for Dalembert and their 14th pick. They have 12th, 16th and the 18th picks. They got the 18th pick by trading Chase Budinger to the Wolves

-Speaking of the Timberwolves, they are ready to offer Brandon Roy a multi-year contract. That would be an interesting spot for him. They have a nice little young squad.

-There was a false report on the internet that Melo got traded. Now, that would have been awesome. The “Savior” of the Knicks gets traded. I would personally enjoyed that.

-People already have Ray Allen in a Heat jersey. Celtics fans might start calling him “Judas”, instead of “Jesus” Shuttlesworth. Sorry, that was an awful joke.

-The Bobcats and Pistons made a trade yesterday, Maggette for Gordon. Why even bother? Strictly a salary dump move. The Bobcats also seem to be willing to move their number 2 overall pick to any takers.

-It looks like Odom might be back in L.A. after all. This time though with the Clippers.Dallas is trying to move him there. Khloe will at least be happy now. Moving on now to the team that I care about.

– Raptors are shopping the number 8th pick overall. Iggy? Nash is linked to them as well. Why in the world would Nash go there? He is from Canada though.

Here is some of the latest news/rumors from the Sixers.

-ESPN on Sirius radio mentioned that there is a rumor that the Lakers would send Bynum to the Sixers for IGGY, Holiday and the 15th pick. It would make sense. The Lakers are looking for a young point guard and they need to get younger. At the same time though, why would the Lakers move the best young center in the game? All reports have them trying to deal Gasol and Artest to get young pieces. I refuse to call Artest by his other name.

– The Sixers are also link to Jamal Crawford. Crawford would fill the gap if Lou and hopefully leaves. Jamal is a better player than Lou, simply because he is bigger and stronger than Lou. Not really crazy about Crawford depending on what else the Sixers would do.

-Here is a couple of quotes from GM Rod Thorn on the draft and free agency. Courtesy of Dei Lynam of CSN and 97.5 the Fanatic.

“If you take (Anthony)Davis out of the mix, there are some guys who are going to be really good players but there isn’t a heck of a lot of difference,” Thorn explained. “There’s a whole bunch of guys after you take him out and a lot of it is in the eye of the beholder. I think this is a good time to be 10 to 20. There are some good players there that can turn out to be as good as some of the guys taken a little higher.”

“76ers President Rod Thorn tells Mike Miss that there is more than a 50% chance that Iguodala, Hawes, and Lou-Will all will be back next year”

Not the quotes I wanted to hear. I want to hear that the Sixers are being aggressive. That they are looking at all options to make this team better. That is what he should have said. I swear, if Lou-Will comes back I am boycotting the first ten games of the year. OK, I am lying.

-Here is some of the first round picks the Sixers should be eyeing, Perry Jones, Terrence Jones, Jared Sullinger and Terrence Ross. The Sixers seem to like Illinois center, Meyers Leonard. They have had him in twice for a workout. Not a big fan of his.

Seven o’clock can not come quick enough.