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Sixers Balls: Farewell for Bynum? Not happening here…

Andrew Bynum

So I am seeing people write farewell articles about Andrew Bynum.   I just have one question. What the hell is wrong with people. If you think I am lying here is a quote from a Spike Eskin article:

 I cannot be angry at Bynum, as many seem to be. Hard as a try, I can’t muster up the vitriol to wish him bad luck in Cleveland. If I feel anything for Andrew Bynum, it’s a little bit of pity.

Andrew Bynum is a knucklehead and a goofball. That much is for sure. Basketball might not be his favorite thing in the world, and he probably doesn’t work as hard as he should. He’s patently unaware, or just doesn’t care, about how he comes off publicly. The thing is none of these things caused Andrew Bynum not to play for the Sixers, his knees did.

I respect Spike (good NBA guy) but the dude is way-off base here. If Bynum wasn’t a goofball, a knuckle head or if he did care about basketball more he might not have done the stupid-ass things he did. He would have done everything and anything to get back on the court. All Bynum was for me was “False Hope”. I really thought I was done writing about Bynum. Whatever….

Well, since I am writing about him I might as well go back to the trade one last time.  The winner of the trade? The Magic (Captain Obvious Strikes Again). Here is the breakdown one last time (painfully)

Sixers got…

Andrew Bynum aka the “Bowler”. The guy loved to take shots at half-time, not basketball, the Jack Daniels ones. Of course he was a flamingo dancing expert and as well an entrepreneur of hair styles.  I played as many minutes as he did for the Sixers.  Damn, I almost forgot about Jason Richardson. J-Rich was solid until he got injured.

Lakers got…

Dwight Howard. Hahaha, Sorry… The funny thing about that situation is that Kobe said that he would teach Dwight to be a champion if he stayed. Kobe, you’re the BIGGEST reason why Dwight left.

Nuggets got…

Andre Iguodala. Iggy had a solid season for the Nuggets but he became a one year rental by opting out of his contract early. The Warriors should be even more fun to watch this coming year.

Magic got…

Nikola Vucevic, Arron Afflalo, Moe Harkless and a few future first-round picks. Vuch is a double-double machine and Harkless still gives Doug Collins nightmares. Afflalo is a solid player when healthy. This trade made Sixers fans cry until Hinkie burst on the scene. The Magic have something nice building down there.

I swear, that is the last time I write about Andrew Bynum.


Sixers Balls: We are talking Balls! Lottery Time!

2008 NHL Draft Drawing

So it begins tonight night, the beginning of a long journey for the Sixers to the land of “Who the Hell Knows”. If you say you know what direction the Sixers will take this off-season you’re part of the “Illuminati”. That is my only guess.

I have written it in a previous post that the Sixers have a total of 8 balls for the Lottery tonight. That means they have a .8% chance for all you special people, who like me needed to go out to the “Trailer” for help in school. Or you could just call it the “Special Bus”.

The Sixers have a 90% chance at staying at the 11th pick in 1st round. They have a 3% chance of grabbing the 2nd or 3rd overall pick. They also have a 6% chance that the Raptors, Mavericks or the Jazz pushes them below 11th pick.

Did you get all that? I wrote the damn thing and I am not sure if I got it. Whatever position the Sixers get Hinkie will be the man in charge of evaluating the talent. Most NBA people of have applauded the Sixers for hiring Hinkie, though some are not quite sold. Here is one league executive thoughts:

“Who is making the basketball decisions right now?” asked one league executive.  via InsideHoops

He was told that it’s Hinkie’s ship according to InsideHoops.com. He replied:

Don’t they have a basketball guy helping out in some ways?”

That’s a very good question. The Sixers did need an analytics expert in the organization (Hinkie), but you still need a BASKETBALL GUY with say. So who is Hinkie’s right hand man? Another analytics guy? I hope not. Rod Thorn is still there on an advisory role. Though there are rumors of Josh Harris and Hinkie not wanting his advice anymore.

The Sixers need a True B-Ball guy to go with Hinkie. So if the rumors are true about Thorn, does that mean that the Sixers are looking at someone else on the outside? Maybe and Hopefully.

Here is the complete list of teams and how many balls they have:

Orlando Magic (250)

Charlotte Bobcats (199)

Cleveland Cavaliers (156)

Phoenix Suns (119)

New Orleans Pelicans (88)

Sacramento Kings (63)

Detroit Pistons (36)

Washington Wizards (35)

Minnesota Timberwolves (17)

Portland Trail Blazers (11)

Sixers (8)

Toronto Raptors (7)

Dallas Mavericks (6)


Sixers Balls…Sixers look like a 7th or 8th seed in the East. Story of my Life..

So it seems as if the Sixers are done with their off-seasons plans. We all hoped for that one big move by the Sixers. Baring any miracles it’s not happening. OK, let me take a deep breath and take all this in. I am trying not to choke here. Like many, I am disappointed with this off-season, I anticipated much more. I am going to have to live with this roster for now. One thing they did address was their outside shooting. Wright and Nick Young are solid catch and shoot guys. Other than not having an inside presence, outside shooting was the biggest weakness. That is all they have answered. Unless, if they were trying to collect a team of small forwards. They were very successful at that.  I would get into the resigning Hawes and the signing Brown, but I really don’t feel like pissing myself off again over that. So moving on..

The Sixers are still good enough to make the playoffs, simply because they are in the East. They will likely finish some where in between the 7th-9th seed. Could they finish higher? All depends on two guys, Holiday and Turner. If they both develop, the Sixers could make some nice strides.  With all that said here is what I think the East looks like as of right now.

1. Miami- If you thought that the ‘Big Three” had a decent supporting cast this past year, well they have gotten even better by adding  Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen. They will be raining three’s all day long.

2. Pacers- They matched the Blazers offer sheet to Hibbert smartly. They trade Darren Collison to Dallas and brought D.J. Augustine to replace him. They also brought in Gerald Green. The Pacers will be tough.

3. Bulls– Their front court is still tough as hell.  Rose is out until January though. No major moves, but they did bring back Kirk Hinrich. Could they take a step back? I think they could..

4. Celtics- They brought back KG and brought in Jason Terry to replace Ray Allen. They also resigned Jeff Green to a crazy ass contract and got a steal in the draft with my boy Sullinger late in the first round. Rondo makes this team go.

5. Nets– D-Will is back. They have resigned Lopez, Gerald Wallace and Humphries as well. Traded for Joe Johnson for a pile of slop and it looks like they struck out on Howard. That is funny as hell to me. They still will be solid even without Howard on the team.

6. Knicks– Well, they let go of Lin-Sanity. They choose not to match the Rockets offer and brought in Felton to replace him. Team Melo won. It was obvious that Melo did not want Lin around. I thought it was a little odd that Melo and J. R. Smith were so worried about Lin’s contract. All the pressure is now on Melo. I love that.

7. Sixers

8. Wizards– The hope for the Wizards comes down to the development of John Wall. They have put together a nice starting 5 with Nene, Okafor, Ariza, Beal and Wall. Is Wall a slacker in the off-season or does he work hard? We are about to find out. Could be a sleeper team..

The Hawks have taken a step back. All they have is Josh Smith and our old friend Lou-Will. The Magic are in blow up mode. Dwight Howard has threatened to sit out the entire season if he is not traded. That’s funny.. I find a lot of things funny. The Bucks are interesting. They have resigned Ersan Ilysova, who I love. Both Jennings and Ellis can score but they are not stopping anyone. It will be interesting to see how the rookies Henson and Lamb contribute.

So in the end the Sixers are stuck in mediocrity as usual. The question is can they find their way out?  Maybe they have and we just don’t know it yet . 2013 free agent class! They will have money! That is if anyone wants to come here. I will leave that for another time to discuss. I really don’t want to get depressed right now