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Sixers Balls..We Talkin Chances..

NBA Draft Lottery

The time has finally come. The right of passage. The day the basketball gods will shine down upon us. Well, for the love of God they better.  I don’t think that I can endure another shit-show of a season by the Sixers or take on another 26-game losing streak. To be honest, I may cry if the Sixers don’t at-least get the number two pick.

Before I keep going on about the Sixers Lotto chances on Tuesday night, I must put my two-cents in about these Michael Carter-Williams trade rumors.  GO KICK ROCKS...Come on peeps, you’re really searching for a story, especially saying that if the Sixers drafted Dante Exum they would trade MCW. I’m guessing that you peeps didn’t watch the Phoenix Suns play. They used  two-man point guard combo all season in their back-court. I must say that Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe were fun as hell to watch. I could use more examples but I won’t waste my time anymore on this non-sense. Moving on…

Well lets get right into it. Here are the chances for each Lotto team for the top pick.

NBA Lottery Odds
Team Odds
1 Milwaukee Bucks 25.0%
2 Philadelphia 76ers 19.9%
3 Orlando Magic 15.6%
4 Utah Jazz 11.9%
5 Boston Celtics 8.8%
6 Los Angeles Lakers 6.3%
7 Sacramento Kings 3.6%
8 Detroit Pistons 3.5%
9 Cleveland Cavaliers 1.7%
10 New Orleans Pelicans 1.1%
11 Denver Nuggets 0.8%
12 New York Knicks 0.7%
13 Minnesota Timberwolves 0.6%
14 Phoenix Suns 0.5%

Since 1996 (Sixers won Lotto that year), the team that finished with the second-worst record has gotten the first pick only twice (Sixers-AI and Clippers-Blake Griffin). The team that finished with the worst record has gotten the first pick twice (Cavs-LeBron and Magic-Dwight). To go along with the 1996 theme, the team that finished with the third-worst record (Magic this year) has won the Lotto the most (6 times). By the way, its good to know that the tenth-worst team in the league has never won the lottery. That would be the Pelicans. So the Sixers are looking good on that part.

To go along with winning the Lottery in 1996, the Sixers also had the top pick in 1986.  The NBA used a different format for the Lottery up until 1990 (current process now). I won’t bore you with the old process, just click on the link if you want to read. As Sixers fans, we like to forget 1986. On June 16, 1986, after the lottery and a day before the draft, the Sixers traded the first pick to the Cavs  for Roy Hinson. Who did the Cavs draft that year? Oh, that’s right, Brad Daugherty. That one hurts just a little. What could’ve been with Charles Barkley and Daugherty as part of the Sixers front-court. Long live Harold Katz

So where should the Sixers fall with their pick and the Pellis pick? According to LibertyBallers, their best chance is fourth and tenth (27.75%). Their second best chance is first and tenth (17.31%).  I will take the latter please. Tanks…..


Sixers Balls: Let’s Enjoy The Ride…

Thad Young Sixers

Yes, this was the year that the Sixers were supposedly “Tanking”, as of right now? Yeah, not so much…But hey, I am cool with it. First and for most, I am a fan. I will NEVER just sit there and root for the Sixers to lose. It’s just not in my DNA. If you do root for them to lose, I am not sure how you call yourself a fan if I’m being honest.  Of course I want them to get a high draft pick, so they can continue the draft process, but just maybe they’re already a step higher then we thought.

Its waaaaaay early, but maybe this team could win 30-35 games this year? I know I had them around 17-18 wins this year like most. We all thought that this team was going to struggle with every part of the game-scoring, rebounding, defense, and turnovers. This team is built with guys that are getting their last chance, rookies, underachievers, and guys fighting for their next contracts.

There are two things that usually happen when players have their “backs against the wall” or even everyday people like us for that matter. One is that they succumb to the pressure. They just go into a shell and just can’t take the pressure. The other is that they come out fighting, laying everything on the line. They’re ready to run over any obstacle that is put in front of them. No matter what the cost is. They don’t care what anyone else thinks about them. They believe in themselves and at the end of the day, that is all that matters. In the first few weeks of the NBA season that is what the Sixers are doing. They have come swinging.

It’s funny as I am watching last nights game, I realized to myself that I am seeing something that I haven’t seen in awhile around these parts. This Sixers team has some “dog” in them. There was no better evidence then these few plays where Wroten and MCW both dived on the floor for the loose ball and the Sixers came up with it, Thad coming out of nowhere and blocking the hell out of Dion Waiters, when he could have easily just let him throw it down, then of course Thad again stealing the ball from Tristan Thompson. That was a play you see all the time where the player will grab the rebound and just kinda walk it out of the lane and set the offense up again. It happens all the time. What doesn’t happen is what Thad did.

Listen, I not trying to glorify this team. Really, I am not. But there is an excitement about this team. It’s the way they play and with the energy that they play with. All that starts with Thad and Wroten. Both go full tilt. MCW doesn’t shy away from anyone, even Orton brings physicality from the bench. All of this style has rubbed off on Turner and Hawes. Turner (shooting 55%. Career 43%) is playing with a chip on his shoulder and playing his best basketball maybe ever. He has seemed to conquer his own demons (whining, sulking and disappearing), while attacking the rim and not worrying if he is going to get the call or not.

Hawes has been equally as good (10.3 rebounds and 2.2 blocks per game).  Hawes has been very good with starting the break. His outlet passes have been very impressive, if there where “Hockey assists” in the NBA, Hawes might lead the league in them. He has been decent defensively as well (coming off 6 block shots performance). He also is shooting the ball well at 56% clip. And for you advance stat lovers- Hawes is at 23.42 per (21st overall).His career high is 18.19. Turner is at 22.21 per (34th overall). His career high is 12.69. So everyone is winning right now.

This whole Sixers thing could go up in flames. They could lose 17 of their next 20 games.  BUT, all I know is that I am enjoying this ride while it last.

Sixers Balls: It’s about those “Ping-Pong” Balls…

NBA Lottery Machine

The time has come. The hour is upon us . The “Winless for Wiggins”, “Diggin 4 Wiggins”, or just “Tankadelphia”, whatever you prefer to call it, is about to begin. Will the Sixers make history this year? I mean, will they make run at the worst winning percentage they once held close to their hearts? Well… I am going to go with 17 wins. Last time I looked that is where Vegas had them.  Most people I talk too think it will be even less than that. Hey, I will take it .That just means more ping-pong balls coming the Sixers way. That last sentence could be taken in so many different ways.

I was thinking how to do a Sixers preview this year. I could sit here and write a few paragraphs on every player currently on the roster. Nah…I say, I should do a break down  on who will last the entire season on this team. Yeah, that sounds more fun.  I will go from highest to lowest.

Let’s Begin.

99.9% (I would say 100%, but with Hinkie you never know)

Carter-Williams- The rookie will be thrown to the wolves. He will likely play 30-35 minutes a game. He will turn the ball over a ton and he will be able to create off the dribble for others.  I am going to have fun watching him develop. He will have to learn the mental toughness to be a NBA point guard.

Nerlens Noel– As Brown once said, I doubt he will see the floor this year. Of course, I would like to see him out there causing havoc on the defense side of the ball, and a lot less havoc offensively, but it makes sense to get this dude totally healthy.


James Anderson– To be honest, he might be Sixers second or third best player this year. He had a good preseason and won the starting two-guard spot with that. I said it before; he might be the only Sixers that can knock down an open jumper.

Tony Wroten– The Sixers look fully ready to take on the “Wroten Project’ and that makes me happy. Now, just work on that jumper Tony.

Arnett Moultrie– Why is he so high? Well, he is hurt and is out until at least January. Plus, nobody else wants him. I really don’t see the Sixers picking up his option for next year,even if it is only 1.1 million.


Thaddeus Young– It really seems on the surface that Brown wants Thad to stick around through this process.  He is the perfect pro for kids to learn from. At the same time though, I hope that Hinkie trades him to a contender. Thad doesn’t deserve this hot-mess.  He is the Sixers likely best trading chip. He’s due about 27.4 million over the next three years.

Lavoy Allen– I would put him lower, but I just don’t see any value he has. He is an OK backup big-man. I think he makes it through the year for the Sixers and then they will likely let him walk.

Jason Richardson– J-Rich is going on a hiatus this year. Hinkie found him a nice a little time share in Caribbean.  He has a player option for 6.6 million next season. My guess, is that he picks it up. Hey, at least you can still use him in 2K.


Kwame Brown– The only way he leaves the Sixers is if they buy him out. So I figured to go 50/50. What? They are tanking…

Evan Turner– Turner is in line to have a solid year. The main reason for that is the current state of this roster. Brown did say there were only six NBA players on this roster. His number should go up. By the way, I know most of you can’t stand Turner, but he is one of those players Brown was talking about. The Sixers have until Thursday to pick up Turners option for next year. If they don’t (which they likely won’t), Turner becomes even more valuable. EXPIRING contract.

Spencer Hawes– I have said it a millions times. Hawes does have some value. He is a big-man that can shoot and pass. He would be solid first big-man off the bench for a playoff team. Yes, I said that correctly. I know, I cant’t stand him either. He is in his last year of his contract at 6.5 million. You know what that means.


Daniel Orton- I could see him lasting the year, strictly off his size (6-10, 275 lbs).  Other than that reason, I have no clue.

Darius Morris– I am a little bitter about him beating out Wyatt but it is what it is. Really don’t feel like writing about this dude.  Maybe a playoff team could use a third point-guard?


Hollis Thompson– One of those guys lucky to make it out of training camp, even on a Sixers team like this.

Brandon Davies- The 22-year-old, power-forward was signed by the Clippers in early September and was waived by them just a few days back.  He was suspended from BYU’s team in 2012 for having sex with girl.

Many people have said and written about it. This year is about finding individuals that fit this team moving forward.  I am expecting a lot of shuffling with this roster before years end. The Sixers have only 21.3 million committed to players next season, according to HoopsHype.com (Noel, MCW, Turner, J-Rich, Wroten, Thad, and Moultrie); though Moultrie and Wroten’s contracts for next year are a team option. We will know by Thursday with Turner (8.7 million qualifying offer).  Like I said before, J-Rich has a player option for 6.6 million.  Sixers are going to have a ton of money in the future and likely a lot of “Ping-Pong” balls. On The Road For More Balls…

Sixers Balls: Player Rankings..

Funny Grandma playing basketball

ESPN finished their player rankings of 500 NBA players.  Guess who is not in the Top Ten or even in the Top Twenty?  Any Sixers of course, but that would be Mr. Kobe Bryant. Where does he fall?  Well, he fell down to number 25 in ESPN’s hearts. Yes, I get that Kobe has a ton of wear and tear on him. Yes, I know that he is coming off a major injury.  I get it.  Though to have Chris Bosh, John Wall, and Al Hordford (love that dude, but come on) ahead of him is absurd. Honestly, I never even liked Kobe, but I respect the hell out of him.  Hey, maybe they’re right? Maybe age and his injuries have finally caught up to him.   I will wait to see him on the court before I knock him off the peddle stool.

Since I am talking about the player rankings, lets see where our “Lovely’ Sixers roster fits in.  Lets Begin…

Thad Young Sixers

First up is Thad Young at #89. He was ranked at #91 last year. I would love to see Thad stay through this whole rebuilding process. He is one of those guys that young players can learn from, but most importantly learn how to be a professional. At the same time, I hope another team can rescue him from this hot-mess. Thad deserves it.

Evan Turner Sixers

Next the incumbent Evan Turner at #148. He was ranked at #119 last year. I mean, where do I begin with him?  His numbers will likely go up, because of his surrounding cast but does that even mean that he improved? Most likely not, though I am a “rare’ fan of Turner and we are almost extinct. If Evan is ever going to blossom this will be his last chance.  If not, all of us Turner fans will be extinct.

Spencer hawes

Another fan favorite for ripping Mr. Spencer Hawes at #179. He was ranked at #118 last season. Well, damn. That’s a nice little drop off. Fans love to make fun of Spencer. Yes, I will include myself in this one. Though in a league that has few decent big-men, Spencer still has value. He can knock down an open jumper and has nice passing skills for a big-man.  Personally, I could see him gone by the deadline.

Michael Carter-williams

Michael Carter-Williams comes in at #198 in his rookie year. He is one thing to look forward to this season. The kid has excellent vision and can get to the rim. The down side? Turnovers and his jumper. It’s all about development.

Nerlens Noel Philadelphia Sixers

Another rookie  would be Nerlens Noel at #221. The number 6 overall pick (might have been #1 if he didn’t get hurt), will likely miss the entire season, while rehabbing his knee.  It’s not a bad thing either. Let him get 100%.  Or Hinkie said to him, you’re sitting out this year, because this doesn’t mean shit anyway. I like to think he said it that way. 

Lavoy Allen Philadelphia Sixers

Lavoy ” I have narcolepsy ” Allen comes in at #272. He was ranked #232 last season. Really not much to say about this dude, other than he is an OK backup and that he apparently over sleeps a lot.

Jason Richardson Philadelphia Sixers

The veteran Jason Richardson at #290. He was ranked #121 last season.  Even at his age and the fact that Hinkie asked him to kick-back this season, he shouldn’t be this low.

Tony Wroten- Philadelphia Sixers


Another player to watch is Tony Wroten coming in at #341.  He was ranked at #379 during his rookie season. He will almost certainly move up the charts, by his increased playing time and his energy and size. If he actually develops a jumper, he could make a big jump.

Arnett Moultrie Philadelphia Sixers

Arnett Moultrie is next at #346. He was ranked at #400 last season. Moultrie was about to receive his chance this year, but he is out until at least January with an ankle injury.

James Anderson Philadelphia Sixers

James Anderson comes in at #429. He was ranked at #424 last season. The 4th year shooting guard has been having solid preseason for the Sixers. He looks to have won the starting 2-guard for the Sixers. Has a decent jumper.

Kwame Brown Philadelphia Sixers

Not sure how this dude is ranked above anyone but Kwame Brown is ranked at #450. He was ranked at #332 last season. I mean, the only way to top-off “Tanking” mode is to have Kwame start at center this year.

Arsalan Kazemi Philadelphia Sixers

Arsalan Kazemi is next at #466. Ummm, some how he was ranked at #193 last year, even though he was playing in college.  He’s got skillzzz… I am sad to see him playing overseas. I still don’t understand why, but I guess he wanted to be closer to home. Loved his energy during the summer league.
Tim Ohlbrecht Philadelphia Sixers

Tim “I have been cut already” Ohlbrecht is ranked at #495. He was ranked at …Well, he wasn’t ranked last year and for some reason he got ranked this year.

Royce White  Philadelphia Sixers

Who wins Mr. Irreverent? That would be Mr. Royce White at #500.  He actually was ranked at # 290 last season. He does like to foul a lot. Sorry, that’s all I got for him right now.


So the Sixers have 14 players ranked in the top 500 players. One being number 500. Two, who are not even playing in the league, and four players ranked 450 or lower. If that’s not “tanking” I don’t know what is. 

LeBron was number one obviously, followed by Durant, CP3, Harden, Westbrook, Curry, Dwight, Irving, D-Rose, and to finish the Top Ten Marc Gasol at number 10.


Sixers Balls: Camp is upon us..

Nerlens Noel Philadelphia Sixers

When you’re talking Sixers, you’re talking non-guaranteed, minimum contracts. That is basically what the Sixers have done since trading Jrue Holiday. I mean, it is smart on their part. Next year’s draft class is Exhibit A for that ( Wiggins, Parker, and Randle).  I have said it before, I am not crazy about the tanking thing, but in the NBA sometimes it must be done.  David Stern doesn’t like taking credit for that.

The Sixers have brought in undrafted rookies, players that haven’t found their niche yet (likely never will), and veterans desperately trying to stay in the league. That adds up to non-guaranteed contracts, partial guaranteed contracts, some guaranteed contracts and barely reaching the cap floor. That is the ultimate tanking job. Well, done Mr. Hinkie…

Training camp is upon us (opens Saturday) and with that said lets take a look at one of the most interesting  Sixers rosters ever assemble.  This is going to be a fun year. I say the Sixers win 17-22 games. Too much?

I figure to begin with the players that actually are guaranteed to make this roster, unless Hinkie decides  to say no, and just trades everyone. It could happen.

          Guaranteed Contracts

PG- Michael Carter-Williams – The 6-6 point guard is one of the youngsters that Hinkie is relying on to be part of the future. The kid has good vision and can get to the rack. He struggles with his jumper and turning the ball over.

C- Nerlens Noel – The Kentucky product should just sit out until he is fully healthy from his ACL injury. Even if that means the entire season.

PF/SF- Thaddeus Young – The heart and soul of the Sixers. A good guy to have around for youngsters to learn from.

PF/C- Spencer Hawes – Can you say traded by the deadline? Yes, Sixers fans. He does have some value. As much as he drives us insane, he does have skills for a big-man.

PF- Arnett Moultrie – If he wants to stay in the NBA, there is no better time than now to prove it.

PF- Lavoy Allen– Remember that time when we thought that Lavoy maybe could be a starter in this league?  He is a decent backup.

SG- Jason Richardson– I did read a report that the Sixers may ask him to sit out the year. Hinkie is a funny dude…

G/SF- Evan Turner– The Sixers “whipping-boy”. Some thought that he would have been gone already. Does Hinkie actually like Turner? Or does he not know what value Turner has in the trade market. I sure as hell have no clue.

PG- Tony Wroten– This dude is intriguing as hell. He has size (6-6) and is very athletic. He sees the floor well, BUT the guy can’t shoot. That is a recurring thing on this team.

C-Kwame Brown- Giving this guy a guaranteed contact is the ultimate “tanking” move. Just start him at center every game.

         Partial Guaranteed  Contracts

PG- Khalif Wyatt-  I love me some Wyatt.  If Wyatt wants to make this team or stay in this league, he should be watching Andre Miller game tape’s .

PG-Darius Morris– Well, he did play for the Lakers at least.

C-Tim Ohlbrecht- Who? The center appeared in just 3 NBA games for the Houston Rockets. The 25 year-old  is a German professional basketball. Hooray, for the Deutschland!!

PF- Royce White– Actually, I have no clue where to put this dude at. I guess, I can say that he is a partially guaranteed contact. He is expected to be in camp. I really don’t even know where to start with this talented, but trouble dude.

         Non- Guaranteed Contracts

SF/PF- Arsalan Kazemi – Reportedly, signed a contract overseas in Iran. I would love to see him stay. Love his grit.

SF/G-Rodney Williams– The undrafted wing out of Minnesota is a good athlete. He did run the floor well in the summer league. Just saying… 

SG-James Anderson– The former first round pick by the Spurs (20th overall), has played three seasons in the NBA.  He has played for the Spurs and Rockets

G-Vander Blue– The former Marquette guard, is an outstanding athlete. His name is awesome.

SF- Hollis Thompson- The 6-8 swing-man out of Georgetown, He spent last year with the Thunder’s NBA Development League affiliate, the Tulsa 66ers.


The Sixers may go up to 20 guys on the training camp roster. As of now, 19 where it stands and this is where the journey for Wiggins begins…


Sixers Balls: Talking Minimum…

Philadelphia Sixers

So what is there to talk about with the Sixers right now? They have a coach, and the shock of Joshua Harris buying the New Jersey Devils has seemed to have died down. Well, it has for some I should say. For me, at least the only thing to talk about with them, is how they’re going to reach the salary cap floor and roster limit. Well, that is if they even want to go for the salary cap floor, because they don’t have too. The Sixers would be penalized, but it’s not a harsh penalty at all. They would have to pay the difference of their payroll and the minimum payroll, which is $52.81 million, according to HoopsRumors. The Sixers are currently at $41.2 million against the cap. My guess, the Sixers take on some contracts for picks, so that number would move up.

Their roster sits at 13 contracts, only 11 guaranteed with last week’s addition of guard Tony Wroten. Wroten played last season for the Grizzlies in 35 games as a rookie. He is decent at attacking the rim, but struggles with his jumper. What is this Groundhog’s day?  Can anyone shoot on the Sixers?

Let’s get back to the contracts real quick. The Sixers actually have 12 contracts with 10 guaranteed, because they haven’t signed Michael-Carter-Williams to yet, but it’s just a matter of time. He would make the 11th guaranteed contract. He also would make their payroll to some where in the $44 million ballpark.

Another thing the Sixers need to do at the very least is get to the minimum for the roster spots. The NBA minimum is 13 players. You have to have 12 active and 1 inactive on your roster. The easy move for that would be is to keep Arsalan Kazemi on the roster. There where rumors about a month ago that the Sixers might send him overseas to play for his development. That would be the dumbest thing ever. So yeah, let’s send a guy overseas for development. Ummm, there is no better time then now to let him learn the NBA.  You are tanking correct?

Speaking of “tanking”, there are rumors that Jason Richardson will likely miss the entire up-coming season and that the Sixers will likely waive Kwame Brown. Well, half that is tanking by forcing J-Rich to just chill for a season. Though if you want to truly “tank”, you would keep Kwame and have him start and play 30 minutes a game.

This whole tanking thing, I totally get it. It’s the only way at times to get good in the NBA, because of the way the league is setup. I am not going to lie though; I am really not a fan.  There is something just morally wrong with trying to lose on purpose. Sorry, it does bother me.

One last thing, the Sixers are reportedly interested in big-man Earl Barron.  The journeyman played for the Wizards and the Knicks last season, averaging 3.3 PPG and 5.1 RPG. Who’s next Charles Shackleford?


Sixers Balls: Orlando Summer League Begins…


The journey to the NBA starts today for a lot of kids. As for me, this begins my journey to the 2014 NBA draft. The Sixers open-up against the Rockets at 9 am on NBATV.  Some players to watch are first round pick Michael Carter-Williams (obviously), Philly’s own Khalif Wyatt, second round pick Arsalan Kazemi, and Rodney Williams ( Minnesota College). Rodney is a freakish athlete.

Here is the complete roster:

Michael Carter-Williams, point guard 

D.J. Cooper, point guard 

Micheal Eric, forward 

Justin Holiday, forward 

Arsalan Kazemi, forward 

Travis Leslie, guard 

Zeke Marshall, center 

Trevor Mbakwe, forward 

Brock Motum, forward 

Arnett Moultrie, forward 

Rodney Williams, forward 

Khalif Wyatt, guard 

James Southerland, forward

Also here is the Schedule:

Date                                       Opponent           Time

Sunday, July 7                   Rockets               9 am

Monday, July 8                  Pacers                1 pm

Wednesday, July 10         Thunder             1 pm

Thursday, July 11              Magic                   5 pm

Friday,  July 12                  TBD                         TBD

And I leave you with a word from my sponsor Jackie Moon:

Sixers Balls: One Crazy Summer Night. Recap


First off, I would like to apologies to Sam Hinkie for calling him a “Buddhist Monk” on a silent vowel. Going into this draft I was excited and frustrated.  I know that is a helluva combination. Well, those feelings changed quickly once the draft started.  I have to hand it to Hinkie, the dude came out swinging. Trading your best player and so called future of your franchise?  Hinkie acting like a boss.

When the trade went down for Nerlens Noel I was confused as hell. I couldn’t believe that Jrue was part of the deal. My heading was spinning. The Sixers also received a first round pick in 2014 (Top 3 protected). As soon as that traded started to sink in the Sixers were drafting PG Michael Carter-Williams. I needed a drink by then. I didn’t realize there was a lot more to come. While the Sixers were making another trade to acquire South Dakota SG Nate Wolters at No. 38, Hinkie named Brett Brown the Sixers new head coach, according to CSNPhilly.

As I was righting this Hinkie makes another trade. Yes, try to keep up because I can’t. The Sixers traded Wolters to the Bucks for 6″6′ SG Ricky Ledo out of Providence.  Ledo was selected by the Bucks with 43rd pick.  Then Hinkies decides to trade Ledo for PF Arsalan Kazemi (Oregon). Kazemi was picked by the Wizards (for the Sixers) at 54.

I am not even sure if I got all that right. What a wild night. Before I get to the players, let me touch on Brown real quick. Brown has been with the Spurs since July 2002 and moved to the bench as an assistant coach before the start of the 2006-07 season.  Before Brown was with the Spurs he coached 14 seasons (9 as HC) in the Australasia National Basketball League. Brown led the Aussies to a seventh-place finish in the 2012 London Olympic Games.  He has been under “Pop” the past 7 years, so I like this idea. Though now Hinkie denies naming a coach yet. Seriously, I can’t keep up.  I am just leaving what I wrote about Brown in here. Whatever…

Moving on to the players now. Noels is a force defensively, though he is very raw offensively. He might be out until Christmas time with his torn ACL. Carter-Willams has great vision even better than Jrue, though Carter-Williams struggles with his jumper. Arsalan is decent at attacking the rim. The 6’7″ PF is the first Iranian drafted in the NBA.

Lastly, I will miss Jrue. He was the one guy you could enjoy watching this year on a team that was unwatchable. Jrue should have some fun with Anthony Davis. Wishing, Jrue the best of luck.

Some might not like this move. The bottom line is that the Sixers were not going to win with Jrue anytime soon and he had the most value. Sometimes you need to take a step back before you move forward.

To recap, the Sixers acquire Nerlens Noel, Michael Carter-Williams, Arsalan Kazemi, a 2014 1st round pick from New Orleans, and two 2014 2nd round picks from Milwaukee and Dallas. I need sleep.

Sixers Balls: Carter-Williams is now your future at PG.


For Love of God, what the hell is going on tonight? My head is spinning. So we realized that nobody was untouchable. Does Hinkie like Turner? Just saying… Sixers selected PG Michael Carter-Williams at No. 11.  By the way, “SABR” guys love him.  Hinke got his man all along. This tells me maybe, just maybe Turner has a future on this team. Or NOT. LOL…

Carter-Williams has great vision on the court even better than Jrue.  Man, I will miss Jrue, but this needed to be done I guess. Jrue was the only real talent on this team and  sometimes to move forward you have to take a step back. Like I said before, Andrew Wiggins here we come! I need to step away and take this all in….

Carter-Williams Scouting Report:


High level passing ability … Tremendous length and height for his position combined with a high basketball IQ. Carter-Williams is a gifted athlete … He has the ability to handle the ball well for his size … Possesses the skill to burst through a first line of defenders, with a deceptive first step … Can turn a broken play into points with an outstanding ability to find the open man … Solid competitor … Rebounds the ball very well for a player at his position


Ceiling is considerable, but so is his basement, has star potential but also appears to be a guy that could end up playing the majority of his career overseas … Already the age of a senior, so there is concern about his upside and how much his body and offense will improve … Routinely passes up open shots … His inconsistent outside shooting (29% from 3) will make it easy for opponents to sag off him, making it even more difficult for him to get by defenders via NBADraft.com