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Sixers Balls: “False Hope” (Bynum) comes in to town..

Andrew Bynum Philadelphia Sixers

Well then, Bynum to retire? Nah, not until he gets DAT money. There was a time where I would be fully ready and willing to blast Bynum, but for some reason though, I kind of pity him now. Maybe, it’s because I just got back from vacation feeling fresh and delightful. Just delightful… Here’s a guy with all the talent in the world for a big-man, a throw-back type of big-man (back to the basket) in the ERA of “pick and pop” big-men. Here’s a guy that had the nastiness that could fit right into the “Bad-Boy” days of the NBA.

Yes, he has won two titles with the Lakers and to some that might be enough. Though there is something missing. Yes, his knees could rival ninety year old’s knees. Christ, some ninety year old’s knees might be better.  He is still trying to salvage what he can for his career, likely just money from what we hear through media outlets about his personality. Though through his actions they seemed to be warranted (Vodka shots ordered during half-time and pre-game).

Bynum (averaging 5.5 points and 3.5 rebounds this year) could have been the best center in the league for the next Ten years if he wanted to and if his knees allowed him to be. The guy looks to be on his last leg. Bynum talking to Brian Windhorst of ESPN. Bynum:

“Retirement was a thought, it was a serious thought. It still is,” Bynum said after the Cavs practice Thursday at TempleUniversity. “It’s tough to enjoy the game of how limited I am physically. I’m working through that. Every now and again I do (think about retirement)…It’s still career threatening. I’m a shell of myself on the court right now. I’m just struggling mentally.” …

“I just want to be able to play without pain and find the joy again,” Bynum said. “Right now I’m battling pain and it’s annoying. I’m not able to do the things I’m used to doing and it’s frustrating.”

Maybe, he really is trying for once and the pain is just too much. It’s hard to feel bad for Bynum. We have heard and read all the stories of how Bynum doesn’t really care for basketball. He is just good at it. Maybe, if he loved the game he would have done the proper steps in his rehabbing or even earlier in his career and been able to push away his aging knees for a few more years.

When I think about it, I really should be pissed off at him.  He’s is about to come strolling in on Friday Night and play more minutes on the Wells Fargo floor as a visitor, then he did as a home-player last season. I should boo the hell out of him after watching Nik Vucevic score 30 points and grab 21 rebounds just the other night. You can throw Moe Harkless and  the future first round pick in there as well. Not because of his knees, but for his attitude. Bynum on if the Philly fans boo him. Bynum:

“I honestly don’t really care,” Bynum said. “I don’t know how they will treat me. I was hurt. It is what it is, and I’m still hurt. But I’m still trying.

“Sixers fans ‘are still great fans. While I was here, I got nothing but love. I don’t have any animosity or anything.” via CSNPhilly

But I won’t boo (even though I should).  So in the end, like I said before, I feel some what pity for the guy.  He will always be looked as “False Hope” around these parts. He will be remembered as a guy, who just really didn’t care. Maybe, even as a waste of talent. A guy that has ruined his reputation and what could have been legacy forever. Not because of his knees, but for his attitude and the way he handled things.