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Sixers Balls..Collins not a fan of “SABR”. Actually, he rather shoot himself..

The first thing I think of when I hear analytics guy is WAR (obviously). Then the next thing is Keith Law. The last thing is me punching Keith Law in the face. I know it’s a different sport but they use the same concept. John Hollinger of ESPN is the Keith Law of basketball.

I will give Hollinger credit. He did come up with PER (Player Efficiency Ratings) by himself. That is pretty impressive. I never heard John in an interview or anything. So I will give him  a pass on me wanting to punch him in the face like Law. I have heard Law in interviews and he comes off as an “ASS-BAG”. I think I just made that word up.

Listen, I understand that you need stat guys or “SABR” guys around. They can be helpful at times. I just wouldn’t want one as my GM or Coach. People get caught up numbers all the time and numbers can lie, even Hollinger points out in his system is flawed. For example his “PER” over values blocks and steals, if that was the case Iverson should have been on the first team All-Defensive team every year as a Sixer. See what I mean? By the way, in Hollinger’s All-Time ‘PER” he has Larry Bird ranked the 17th best player of All-Time. Larry the “Legend” that low? Never..

Collins was asked by Mike Jensen of the Inquirer Staff, the other day if he was an analytics guy. Here is what said..

“No. If I did that, I’d blow my brains out,” Collins said after a practice last week. “There’s 20-page printouts after every game – I would kill myself.”

Whoa, easy there Doug. I am not a big fan of stat guys either but let’s not go overboard..

“My analytics are here . . .” Collins quickly pointed to his head. “. . . and here.” He pointed just above the white waistband of his Sixers sweat suit – to his gut.

Well, I am glad he did not point below his waistband. If he was thinking with his boy down there for basketball…OK, fine. I won’t go there, though I think I already did..

Doug does use numbers. He uses his own and he does not go overboard with it. Doug has been around a long time and he is one of the smartest basketball minds around. Does he have faults? Of course he does, though he uses his eyes and gut to judge. To me at least, that is the way it should be…