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Sixers Balls: It’s about those “Ping-Pong” Balls…

NBA Lottery Machine

The time has come. The hour is upon us . The “Winless for Wiggins”, “Diggin 4 Wiggins”, or just “Tankadelphia”, whatever you prefer to call it, is about to begin. Will the Sixers make history this year? I mean, will they make run at the worst winning percentage they once held close to their hearts? Well… I am going to go with 17 wins. Last time I looked that is where Vegas had them.  Most people I talk too think it will be even less than that. Hey, I will take it .That just means more ping-pong balls coming the Sixers way. That last sentence could be taken in so many different ways.

I was thinking how to do a Sixers preview this year. I could sit here and write a few paragraphs on every player currently on the roster. Nah…I say, I should do a break down  on who will last the entire season on this team. Yeah, that sounds more fun.  I will go from highest to lowest.

Let’s Begin.

99.9% (I would say 100%, but with Hinkie you never know)

Carter-Williams- The rookie will be thrown to the wolves. He will likely play 30-35 minutes a game. He will turn the ball over a ton and he will be able to create off the dribble for others.  I am going to have fun watching him develop. He will have to learn the mental toughness to be a NBA point guard.

Nerlens Noel– As Brown once said, I doubt he will see the floor this year. Of course, I would like to see him out there causing havoc on the defense side of the ball, and a lot less havoc offensively, but it makes sense to get this dude totally healthy.


James Anderson– To be honest, he might be Sixers second or third best player this year. He had a good preseason and won the starting two-guard spot with that. I said it before; he might be the only Sixers that can knock down an open jumper.

Tony Wroten– The Sixers look fully ready to take on the “Wroten Project’ and that makes me happy. Now, just work on that jumper Tony.

Arnett Moultrie– Why is he so high? Well, he is hurt and is out until at least January. Plus, nobody else wants him. I really don’t see the Sixers picking up his option for next year,even if it is only 1.1 million.


Thaddeus Young– It really seems on the surface that Brown wants Thad to stick around through this process.  He is the perfect pro for kids to learn from. At the same time though, I hope that Hinkie trades him to a contender. Thad doesn’t deserve this hot-mess.  He is the Sixers likely best trading chip. He’s due about 27.4 million over the next three years.

Lavoy Allen– I would put him lower, but I just don’t see any value he has. He is an OK backup big-man. I think he makes it through the year for the Sixers and then they will likely let him walk.

Jason Richardson– J-Rich is going on a hiatus this year. Hinkie found him a nice a little time share in Caribbean.  He has a player option for 6.6 million next season. My guess, is that he picks it up. Hey, at least you can still use him in 2K.


Kwame Brown– The only way he leaves the Sixers is if they buy him out. So I figured to go 50/50. What? They are tanking…

Evan Turner– Turner is in line to have a solid year. The main reason for that is the current state of this roster. Brown did say there were only six NBA players on this roster. His number should go up. By the way, I know most of you can’t stand Turner, but he is one of those players Brown was talking about. The Sixers have until Thursday to pick up Turners option for next year. If they don’t (which they likely won’t), Turner becomes even more valuable. EXPIRING contract.

Spencer Hawes– I have said it a millions times. Hawes does have some value. He is a big-man that can shoot and pass. He would be solid first big-man off the bench for a playoff team. Yes, I said that correctly. I know, I cant’t stand him either. He is in his last year of his contract at 6.5 million. You know what that means.


Daniel Orton- I could see him lasting the year, strictly off his size (6-10, 275 lbs).  Other than that reason, I have no clue.

Darius Morris– I am a little bitter about him beating out Wyatt but it is what it is. Really don’t feel like writing about this dude.  Maybe a playoff team could use a third point-guard?


Hollis Thompson– One of those guys lucky to make it out of training camp, even on a Sixers team like this.

Brandon Davies- The 22-year-old, power-forward was signed by the Clippers in early September and was waived by them just a few days back.  He was suspended from BYU’s team in 2012 for having sex with girl.

Many people have said and written about it. This year is about finding individuals that fit this team moving forward.  I am expecting a lot of shuffling with this roster before years end. The Sixers have only 21.3 million committed to players next season, according to HoopsHype.com (Noel, MCW, Turner, J-Rich, Wroten, Thad, and Moultrie); though Moultrie and Wroten’s contracts for next year are a team option. We will know by Thursday with Turner (8.7 million qualifying offer).  Like I said before, J-Rich has a player option for 6.6 million.  Sixers are going to have a ton of money in the future and likely a lot of “Ping-Pong” balls. On The Road For More Balls…


Sixers Balls: Player Rankings..

Funny Grandma playing basketball

ESPN finished their player rankings of 500 NBA players.  Guess who is not in the Top Ten or even in the Top Twenty?  Any Sixers of course, but that would be Mr. Kobe Bryant. Where does he fall?  Well, he fell down to number 25 in ESPN’s hearts. Yes, I get that Kobe has a ton of wear and tear on him. Yes, I know that he is coming off a major injury.  I get it.  Though to have Chris Bosh, John Wall, and Al Hordford (love that dude, but come on) ahead of him is absurd. Honestly, I never even liked Kobe, but I respect the hell out of him.  Hey, maybe they’re right? Maybe age and his injuries have finally caught up to him.   I will wait to see him on the court before I knock him off the peddle stool.

Since I am talking about the player rankings, lets see where our “Lovely’ Sixers roster fits in.  Lets Begin…

Thad Young Sixers

First up is Thad Young at #89. He was ranked at #91 last year. I would love to see Thad stay through this whole rebuilding process. He is one of those guys that young players can learn from, but most importantly learn how to be a professional. At the same time, I hope another team can rescue him from this hot-mess. Thad deserves it.

Evan Turner Sixers

Next the incumbent Evan Turner at #148. He was ranked at #119 last year. I mean, where do I begin with him?  His numbers will likely go up, because of his surrounding cast but does that even mean that he improved? Most likely not, though I am a “rare’ fan of Turner and we are almost extinct. If Evan is ever going to blossom this will be his last chance.  If not, all of us Turner fans will be extinct.

Spencer hawes

Another fan favorite for ripping Mr. Spencer Hawes at #179. He was ranked at #118 last season. Well, damn. That’s a nice little drop off. Fans love to make fun of Spencer. Yes, I will include myself in this one. Though in a league that has few decent big-men, Spencer still has value. He can knock down an open jumper and has nice passing skills for a big-man.  Personally, I could see him gone by the deadline.

Michael Carter-williams

Michael Carter-Williams comes in at #198 in his rookie year. He is one thing to look forward to this season. The kid has excellent vision and can get to the rim. The down side? Turnovers and his jumper. It’s all about development.

Nerlens Noel Philadelphia Sixers

Another rookie  would be Nerlens Noel at #221. The number 6 overall pick (might have been #1 if he didn’t get hurt), will likely miss the entire season, while rehabbing his knee.  It’s not a bad thing either. Let him get 100%.  Or Hinkie said to him, you’re sitting out this year, because this doesn’t mean shit anyway. I like to think he said it that way. 

Lavoy Allen Philadelphia Sixers

Lavoy ” I have narcolepsy ” Allen comes in at #272. He was ranked #232 last season. Really not much to say about this dude, other than he is an OK backup and that he apparently over sleeps a lot.

Jason Richardson Philadelphia Sixers

The veteran Jason Richardson at #290. He was ranked #121 last season.  Even at his age and the fact that Hinkie asked him to kick-back this season, he shouldn’t be this low.

Tony Wroten- Philadelphia Sixers


Another player to watch is Tony Wroten coming in at #341.  He was ranked at #379 during his rookie season. He will almost certainly move up the charts, by his increased playing time and his energy and size. If he actually develops a jumper, he could make a big jump.

Arnett Moultrie Philadelphia Sixers

Arnett Moultrie is next at #346. He was ranked at #400 last season. Moultrie was about to receive his chance this year, but he is out until at least January with an ankle injury.

James Anderson Philadelphia Sixers

James Anderson comes in at #429. He was ranked at #424 last season. The 4th year shooting guard has been having solid preseason for the Sixers. He looks to have won the starting 2-guard for the Sixers. Has a decent jumper.

Kwame Brown Philadelphia Sixers

Not sure how this dude is ranked above anyone but Kwame Brown is ranked at #450. He was ranked at #332 last season. I mean, the only way to top-off “Tanking” mode is to have Kwame start at center this year.

Arsalan Kazemi Philadelphia Sixers

Arsalan Kazemi is next at #466. Ummm, some how he was ranked at #193 last year, even though he was playing in college.  He’s got skillzzz… I am sad to see him playing overseas. I still don’t understand why, but I guess he wanted to be closer to home. Loved his energy during the summer league.
Tim Ohlbrecht Philadelphia Sixers

Tim “I have been cut already” Ohlbrecht is ranked at #495. He was ranked at …Well, he wasn’t ranked last year and for some reason he got ranked this year.

Royce White  Philadelphia Sixers

Who wins Mr. Irreverent? That would be Mr. Royce White at #500.  He actually was ranked at # 290 last season. He does like to foul a lot. Sorry, that’s all I got for him right now.


So the Sixers have 14 players ranked in the top 500 players. One being number 500. Two, who are not even playing in the league, and four players ranked 450 or lower. If that’s not “tanking” I don’t know what is. 

LeBron was number one obviously, followed by Durant, CP3, Harden, Westbrook, Curry, Dwight, Irving, D-Rose, and to finish the Top Ten Marc Gasol at number 10.


Sixers Balls: Sixers win the worst basketball game ever and they lose Thad..


 The Sixers have finally won three games in a row for the first time since November. A win is a win but that might have been the worst game I have ever seen. If that was the first time you have watched an NBA game, I don’t blame you if you don’t ever watch a game again.

By only giving up 61 points the Sixers gave up the second-lowest points in the shot-clock era.  Trust me when I say this, it was not from the Sixers “D”. The Magic are just that bad. Another fun part of the night was the line-up that the Sixers had the court at one point Nick Young, Holiday, Wilkins, Moultrie and Allen. Yup, just how I envisioned it would be in the preseason.

On a night where Hawes actually made someone his poster boy and yes, I said that correctly. The Sixers lose their heart and soul in Thad Young and for how long? Who knows? It didn’t look good when he went down. Here is Doug Collins on Young…

 ‘Thad is going to be out a while.’ via Tom Moore of the PhillyBurbs.com

Well, that about sums it up. Thad will also undergo an MRI on his left hamstring tomorrow to find out how severe it really is. Any way I look at this there is not a positive outcome. So are we actually going to see the Hawes/Kwame combo that Collins talked about in the preseason?

Yup, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Thad is the Sixers rock. He is their best defender on the pick and roll. He does all the little things that don’t show up on the score sheet. He brings energy every single night. He is the guy you can count on to show up, night in and night out. This is just awful.

The Sixers really need someone to step up and with this roster, I don’t see it coming. The guy that could help though is Evan Turner. If he some how could find away to become more consistent. To be honest, I not even sure that would really help. That is how much Thad brings to this team.

Sixers Balls…Sixers keep winning despite their Front-Court

images (64) uspw_6657746

The Sixers are 10-6. Yes I am stating the obvious but with this Front-Court it’s pretty amazing. I knew the front court would struggle without Bynum, but the Sixers go into every game not knowing what the hell they are getting out of their Big-Men. Well, Charlotte’s Front-Court made them look even worse. If only Bynum were healthy this team… I have to stop with this Bynum shit. Get over it Joseph. OK, moving on…

The Sixers front court (Brown, Lavoy, Hawes) were getting man-handled by Bismack Biyombo. Who? Exactly.. I guess I should throw in Thad but to me Thad is a man without a position. He does not have the handle to be a “3” or the size to be a “4”. BUT you have to have Thad out there, especially with this Big-Man rotation. I still think Thad would be better off the bench as a match-up problem. You have to love Thad though. You know what you are getting out of him every single night. All heart and hustle. Plus, he is averaging a career high at 7.8 rebounds per game. I could write about Thad all day so let me stop right now.

Lavoy (4.4 rebounds in 22.4 a game) has had his moments. He had solid game last night posting a double-double (10 and 10). His defense has been solid as well at times. I like Lavoy but he is just not consistent enough. He is a backup to me. Hawes (5.2 rebounds in 20 minutes a game) is a decent backup. I am trying to be nice here. He is a solid high-post player. When he tries to go into the low-post forget it. He gets pushed around like a 10 year-old. The dude also needs to cut his hair. He looks like he is straight-out of a 70’s porno flick, “Debbie Does Dallas”. Just saying..

I guess you can say that Kwame (2.7 rebounds in 12 minutes a game) has helped in a game or two. I mean, he did have a nice effect in the Dallas game. He did post 6 points and 8 rebounds in just 16 minutes. I do have a hard time giving him credit though. It just does not feel right. All I ask of the Sixers is to NEVER throw the ball into the post to him. EVER.

The Sixers just keep winning despite this Front-Court. Thanks in large part to Holiday, J-Rich, Turner and Thad. It would be nice for one of the ‘Big-Men’ to some kind of consistency. I doubt it will happen. They are backups. By the way, the Sixers are a plus 88 when Thad Young is on the floor. They are a minus 69 when Dorell Wright is on the court. So that’s why Wright’s minutes have disappeared..

Sixers Balls…Some early thoughts and numbers

Well, after a rough back to back (the Knicks bullied, bitched slapped, bent the Sixers over their knees), the Sixers start their first road trip of the year tonight against the Hornets.  I was pumped up to watch Anthony “The Brow” Davis but he is out with minor concussion. Davis has looked good in the early going even though he has only played 2 games so far. Davis is averaging 14.5 points, 6.5 rebounds and 1.5 blocks. The kid can play..

I know its only 3 games in but I figured to give some breakdown of some players just because I feel like writing something about the Sixers. No, I am not John Mitchell and his trends after just one game. So leave me alone. Here is some numbers and a little break down of some players..

Evan Turner… He is shooting 28% from the floor and is leading the team in rebounding with 8.7 rebounds a game. It’s not looking good for my “man-crush” early on. His body language is awful and he looks completely lost. Stop bitching Evan, play some DAMN ball…

Jrue Holiday… He is averaging 19.3 ppg and averaging 8.7 assists. He is shooting 53% from 3-point land. Jrue is playing at a high-level; unfortunately he is the only one.

Thad Young… He is shooting 52% from the field and is averaging 14.3 ppg. Thad has played well so far. He will always bring that energy. The bad thing is that he has only been to the “charity strip” just 6 times so far. Thad my man, please stop shooting “fade-aways”. Please…

Nick “Swaggy P”… He is shooting 26% from the floor and is shooting 30% from “down-town”. Ummm, this dude just loves to shoot the DAMN ball. I mean from anywhere…

Spencer Hawes… He is averaging 8.7 ppg, 8 rebounds and 1.7 blocks. After the opener where he looked like the new fan-favorite he has not done much. Also after the opener I saw someone write about the “six things to love about Hawes”. Yup, someone really wrote that..

As a Team…

Shooting-  (93-250) 37%                      Opp- (111-249) 44%

Three-point land-  (23-64) 35%          Opp- (28-77) 36%

Foul shooting- (47-57) 82%                 Opp- (35-48) 72%

Never a good sign when you are taking more three-ball’s then free throws..

Sixers Balls…Who starts next Bynum?..Part 2…Up next Thaddeus Young..

Thank God, I am done with talking about Spencer Hawes. By the way, Hawes can not be more annoying on twitter right now. Dude, I get it. You are a Republican and you wish you had Romney’s hair. In another quick note, I am also proud to announce that my 3-year old pooped on the potty for the first time! Parents, you understand my excitement.  This little girl could hold in her poop for weeks. Seriously..

Well, after starting this post with politics and my daughter’s poop issues, now is the time to start the main reason for this post. The pros and cons of Thaddeus Young starting next to Bynum..


How can you not love Thad? He brings energy and heart every single night. He also is match-up problem for teams on most nights. He would fit nicely next Bynum. He would be that athletic ‘4″ that teams love to have now a days. Thad developed a decent mid-range game last season. That will help his cause as well.  Thad is very crafty around the rim and he scores most of points in or around the paint. The combination of Bynum blocking shots and Thad taking charges in the paint does sound like a nice defensive tandem…


I hate to even bash Thad but there are concerns about him starting at power-forward. For example, we saw how he wore done by the end of the season and how he struggled against the Bulls down-low. The problem with Thad starting is that he does not have a true position. He does not have the handle/range to be a starting “3” or the size to be a starting “4”. I know he has put on weight again in the off-season but he has done that before. He plays so hard that he has a habit of losing a decent amount of weight during the season.

Chances of Starting?..

I am rooting for the guy. It’s hard not too, though I think Thad is at his best coming off the bench by creating match-up problems to opposing teams. His high-energy style of play is perfect for coming off the bench. Doug will give him every opportunity to win the starting spot. He might be Doug’s favorite player on the team.

I almost posted the picture of my daughter’s first poop in the potty in this post. That is how pumped I was or stupid I was. Whatever you want to call it..