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Puck Heads: Lindros my child-hood hero


   The Flyers alumnus comes on at 3 o’clock today on Comcast. To be honest with you I am more excited to see this game then the actual Winter Classic itself. For it is just for one reason alone. Number 88 Eric Lindros. Man, I loved watching him play. He was the ultimate hockey machine. He could skate, pass, shoot, body-check and just knock you the hell out if he wanted too. He was different than Gretzky and Lemieux. I believe if he played they way the did just playing offense he would have put the numbers up like they did. I am not saying Lindros is better than them. Gretzky and Lemieux are to me are the two best players of all-time. We all know though that they did not play physical or much defense. Plus if a player breathed on them they got a penalty for it.

Lindros was a different breed. For a superstar that he was the refs did not look out for him at all. the reasoning might have been because of his style of play. What the hell am I talking about? It was because of his style of play. Christ, I will never forget that first concussion that he took. I believe it was against the Penguins. It was that piece of shit Darius Kasparaitis. He was such a cheap shot artist he would have been easily suspended in today’s NHL. I actually found that hit. Watch how Lindros has his head down and how Kasparaitis tries to take it off.

How can I ever forget my most hated man? Scott Stevens. He ruined my child hood hero. It always seemed that Stevens and the Devils always got the best of Lindros and the Flyers. I have to stop with this seemed shit. They did always beat us.That hit on Lindros by Stevens in Game 7 still haunts me to this day. Stevens and Claude Lemieux always broke our hearts. Claude always came up with that big goal. Late in the games to put the Flyers away. Lindros never had that deep of a team around him. It was his line and a bunch of grinders. Trent Klatt’s and Sandy McCarthy’s of the world just to name a few. 

Lindros is a Hall of Famer in my eyes. He won the Hart Trophy in 1997 in which he lead the Flyers by himself to the Cup only to lose to Detroit in 4 games. He has a 7-time all-star and he has 865 points in 760 games in his NHL career. 372 of them points are goals. He last 4 seasons in the NHL was basically a waste. He was not even close to being that player he was anymore because of all the concussions. John Leclair and Mickael Renberg can personally thank him for there careers. With them two he made up one of the best lines I ever seen “The Legion of Doom”. Dude, he even made Brent Fedyk look good. Ok, I am done now. Put Lindros in the Hall of Fame asap. Here are some Lindros highlights.

The Little Angry Elf’s and El Diablo’s choices of the weekend.


  All right boys and girls the “Mid-Cowboy” is still vacationing. Here is the Little Angry Elf’s picks for this week. He was upset with his picks last week. So obviously he has been bitching all week about them. Here is this week’s picks…

  Eagles -7 cuz philly has found their game finally and are going to finish strong to make a great run next year, chargers +3  philip rivers is still an elite qb and the wrs create mismatch problems for oaklands dbs. Cowboys +3 romo has had a terrific year and they have failed in the clutch too many years n its finally the season the qb who takes too much blame gets over the hump.


 Here comes the best choice for drinking this weekend from El Diablo. He always has the best advice to go along with it. The beer of the weekend is…. Sol it is a Mexican beer from which he resides from. His reasoning because the Senoritas Love it!! Of course they do.


Pat Hickman

Brandon Bramanti in which I most likely spelled his named wrong.

One little side note, prayers go out to my best friend’s brother-law. Keep battling Shawn.

Sixers Balls! Sixers/Jazz



  The Sixers will take on the Utah Jazz tonight peeps. They should be able to win this game. They might have issues down low though with Jefferson and Millsap. Jefferson can really score in the post. Spencer will have his hands full with him. Millsap is relentless down low and can really crash the boards. I sure hope that what we saw so far Elton Brand is that he is just trying to get himself into game shape. Man, has looked old so far. The Jazz also has Derrick Favors who could be a force down but he still needs more time to develop. Nothing really jumps at you with their wing players. I like Hayward but he is also young like Favors. Devin Harris is a solid player. When it comes down to the Sixers, not many peeps can match-up against their depth of wing players. The only issue is the Sixers bigs. Here is couple of match-ups to watch for..

 Key Matchups:

Jefferson Versus Hawes. Hawes is off to great start. He is playing solid defense and rebounding extremely well. Jefferson can be a load in the post like I said before. Hawes needs to keep up his play for the Sixers to make some noise this year. Hopefully he can.

Advantage Jefferson.

Holiday versus Harris. Harris is very quick with the ball. He looks to score more than setting up his teammates. He can fill it up if he gets going. Holiday has struggle with his shot early on but he seemed to find it in the second-half of the Suns. I am looking for that to carry over to this game.

Advantage Holiday

I am feeling a “W” tonight. I can see us going 3-2 on this road trip. They just have to handle Jefferson and Millsap and they should be alright. Here is the article I wrote about the Sixers/Suns post- game and how Nash looks like he might be done. So Lets Goooo! Showyaluv!!!!!!

Puck Heads: Jagr gets fingered/ and a Jagr as Hanukah

 I wonder if this made Sports Center? You know if it was a Philly fan that it would have made every Sports Center in the world. It is funny as hell though. The best part is that Jagr gives him the salute right at him. By the way the Flyers should sign him now. Please. When I say him I mean Jagr. The dude still has it. I think he is trying to grow that mullet back in? 


So, I guess Clark and Lindros really did make up because there names appear together on the same line. I just realized that the Flyers did not write that it was a fan that wrote it. I swear I am a complete dumbass. Well, maybe they did make up but I can almost guarantee that Clark still hates his parents. Just saying….


Here is one more thing a Jagr Hanukah candle. Just for the hell of it.  I think it is a Hanukah candle?

Thanks to Brian Lutz for contributing. 










Puck Heads



  This is pretty cool. The Empire State building is rocking the Flyers/Rangers colors for the Winter Classic. All honesty, I think I am more excited to see the alumni game and seeing my boy number 88 Eric Lindros! Here is the full story.

Quick Tuggs: Sixers/Eagles



-They opened up the season with a sloppy performance. They play hard as usual but those 20 turnovers just killed them. Portland is a very good team and for them to have a chance to tie the game with 10 seconds was impressive. There goes Iggy again shooting the last shot. Seriously bro, you need to give up the rock there. 

-For all my thoughts on the game check out my article here Sixers/Blazers.



– It was just a matter of time that Spaggs name came up as the Eagles next D-coordinator. Especially since his Rams have made zero progress under him. If this is true he would be a perfect fit here. He was very coordinator for the Giants. He learned from the best Jim Johnson.

Babin, McCoy, and Peters were named to the Pro-Bowl. Nnamdi was named a second alternate and Jenkins was named a first alternate. No love for Celeck? Brent has been the most underrated player on this team this year. How cares anyway! Nobody watches the Pro Bowl anyway


Here is my Philly sports Christmas/ New Year’s wish listed



 Like everybody else right now I am feeling the Christmas spirit. With a nice cold one though. Miller high life is the best, the Champaign of beers.  I was running around all day shopping with my three year old daughter by my side. Yup, that was smart move. This little girl would take two steps and have to stop and show me something or she would stop and do this little hip shake. No more music videos for her. Then to top it off as soon as my wife gets home from work she begins to tell my wife everything we got her. SMH. Three year olds. While I was waiting in long lines and watching my daughter do her hip shake for everyone I began thinking the things I would wish for in Philly sports teams for Christmas. I came up with three things for each team and this is what I thought of.



I wish….

J-Roll would stop swinging at the first pitch he sees. Dude, just one time bro take a pitch. I swear you will be ok after. I swear.

Victorino actually understood baseball. The guy will run through a wall for you and I love that about him. He does something every couple of games that leaves you scratching your head. You’re still my boy Shane!

Ryan Howard would be more appreciated here. I get he strikeouts a lot and he made the last two outs to end our season but he is the best firstbaseman the Phillies ever had. You think Halladay, Lee and others players come to Philly with Howard not here? Nope. Oh, I forgot he has a ring.



I wish….

Asante Samuel would learn how to tackle. Come on bro, how in the world are you in the NFL and still not know the proper technique to tackle someone. Seriously bro, I know I am talking to a wall right now though.

Nnamdi would live up to the hype. Man, he is making me look very stupid. I stuck up for him so many times this year. Saying just give him time. It is a new team, and new system. Well, watching him getting scored on every week I have finally run out of excuses.

Andy just loosens up for once. I know this will never happen but just one time show your real side. The fans might actual like you for it. Just saying “Big Red”, you probably just burned another timeout right now.



I wish….

Iggy would learn how to shoot. I am one the rare people who actually like Iggy even though he can’t shoot the rock. Well, I know this one is not going to come true.

I could find a Sixers shirt some where or any where. Dude, I went to two malls, Model’s, and even Fan Gear down at Wells Fargo. Found a total of 4 different shirts that is it. FOUR. Why do I have feeling Ed Snider has something to do with this.

People will pay attention to the Sixers this year. This team is easy to root for. They play hard, smart and play together. Are they going to win the title? No. They are growing and are going to surprise a lot of peeps



I wish….

I could hang out with Ilya Bryzgalov. Between tigers, huskies, hot girls, the universe, and Russian liquor he is the real life “Hang-Over’ character. Awesome. Dude, someone should ask him what he thinks of Chuck Norris. That should be fun.

Eric Lindros could have finished out his career here. He was the ultimate hockey machine. He could fly on his skates, score a hat-trick, throw a vicious body-check, knock you out and set you up with a perfect pass. Can not wait to see him out there for the Winter Classic.

We could get rid of concussions. Man, we know all to well about them here. Lindros, Primeau, Pronger, Laperriere and now Giroux. I know you can not stop them but there has be a better way to make them fewer. Maybe bigger helmets? They need something.

Well, that is my Christmas wish listed. None if things will actually happen for me but what the hell. Here’s wishing… Merry Christmas!!

Little Angry elf and El Diablo’s picks


 I gave the Mid-Night Cowboy the week for Christmas. Though I found a replacment eveyone meet The Little Angry Elf. He tends to piss off alot people. So I thought he would be a perfect fit for this week. Since it is a holiday and all. So here is his picks…

Broncos bc bills r in a downspin n defense fallin apart lately plus chuck norris cant even beat time tebow…titans bc must win and bad loss to winless Colts last week…chargers bc rivers doest lose this time of the year n lions too young to win such a meaningful game at this time of the season.



El Diablo’s choice of the week

Anchor steam Christmas Ale beer

His reasoning… Because he Fuckin said so…

There you have it peeps. Merry Christmas!! Let’s go JETS! We need them bad to today! Man, I hate the Cowboys

Sixers Balls number 2


– Almost time for the opener!!! 4 days and counting… I have not been this excited for the Sixers in long time. They are young, fast and they play the right way. Thanks to Dougie C. Portland is a tough match-up for them to start with though. They are very big up front with Aldrige who is a flat out beast, Oden, Camby, and Kurt Thomas. Hawes and Brand are going to have their hands full.

-Holiday is ready to bust out this year big-time. I am starting to man crush big time. Check out my man crush on Holiday here.

– I keep stressing that the only way Turner can develop is to get at least thirty-minutes a game. He does not need to start. Just needs thirty-minutes. Check out my story on Evan Turner.

– Check my tweet where the Sixers new CEO Adam Aron responded to it. It was corny as hell by me. I am always corny when it comes down to the Sixers. I just can not help it. LOL.



 Adam Aron 

We all hope so. RT  We are going to surprise a lot of people. Holiday/Turner/Thad leading the way. Dec 26th the real Christmas.


– Holiday and Lou williams missed practice today. They are listed as day to day. Just a little sore thats all.

– One more thing. How in the hell does Model’s or Champs not have a single Sixers t-shirt in stock. Total Bull-Shit. Just saying……


Puck Heads: Lavi’s about to throw down!

Check out Lavi in a shoving match! Yes Sir!

HBO 24/7 in 20 minutes!