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Puck Heads: Flyers take “D-man” Sam Morin and he likes to fight. Of course he does.


Well, the Flyers stayed at number 11. Which I didn’t see coming, considering the way Homer was reportedly working the phones.  So the Flyers take Sam Morin and he is known to be a physical force. The Flyers just can’t help themselves with taking fighters and hitters.

He is 6’6″ and is 203lbs.  Did I say he likes to fight?  Because he does.

Sam Morin’s Scouting Report:

Morin is an interesting prospect with tonnes of potential and room to develop physically. Even at 203lbs he is nowhere near filling out his frame and this makes him a interesting prospect for a team that needs defensive defensemen.

Unlike the Stars Jamie Oleksiak, Samuel Morin uses his size well to be physical and aggressive. However, much like Oleksiak, Morin is an excellent skater for his size, though some more technical aspects of his skating could be improved upon. This skating ability is what makes Morin a player that would be a very good pick up late in the first round of early in the second. A player that size who can skate that well is not something that should be passed up easily.

To say he was raw would probably be an understatement but he has a lot of skills that if he can put it all together he could become a solid top four defenseman at the NHL level. He would be the kind of player you’d throw on to protect a lead or to kill an important penalty. via SBNation

Here is a couple of Morins fights. He is number 55..

Here is his hightlight reel

Puck Heads: Flyers Latest


The Draft  is in full stride and for some DUMB-ASS reason, Seth Jones slipped to the Predators at number 4. You know what that means right? Flyers will trade for Shea Weber.  Just saying…

The Flyers have been involved  in a ton of trade rumors so far.  You have  Braydon Coburn to Edmonton rumor and you have goalies rumors as well  (Halak, Miller ect…). Yesterday, there was a ton  of reports that the Flyers are among the teams going hard after recently bought out Lightning center Vincent LeCavalier. I would take Vinny  in a heart beat and I would trade Coburn for a bag of pucks.

Also the Flyers and the Sharks were the only two teams to have their full front office department (Clarke, Homer, Pronger ect..) assembled at their table on the Draft floor earlier in the day. What does that mean? Homer will be trying to do something big as usual.

The Flyers  loved  Rasmus Ristolainen, who just went the Sabres.

Sixers Balls: One Crazy Summer Night. Recap


First off, I would like to apologies to Sam Hinkie for calling him a “Buddhist Monk” on a silent vowel. Going into this draft I was excited and frustrated.  I know that is a helluva combination. Well, those feelings changed quickly once the draft started.  I have to hand it to Hinkie, the dude came out swinging. Trading your best player and so called future of your franchise?  Hinkie acting like a boss.

When the trade went down for Nerlens Noel I was confused as hell. I couldn’t believe that Jrue was part of the deal. My heading was spinning. The Sixers also received a first round pick in 2014 (Top 3 protected). As soon as that traded started to sink in the Sixers were drafting PG Michael Carter-Williams. I needed a drink by then. I didn’t realize there was a lot more to come. While the Sixers were making another trade to acquire South Dakota SG Nate Wolters at No. 38, Hinkie named Brett Brown the Sixers new head coach, according to CSNPhilly.

As I was righting this Hinkie makes another trade. Yes, try to keep up because I can’t. The Sixers traded Wolters to the Bucks for 6″6′ SG Ricky Ledo out of Providence.  Ledo was selected by the Bucks with 43rd pick.  Then Hinkies decides to trade Ledo for PF Arsalan Kazemi (Oregon). Kazemi was picked by the Wizards (for the Sixers) at 54.

I am not even sure if I got all that right. What a wild night. Before I get to the players, let me touch on Brown real quick. Brown has been with the Spurs since July 2002 and moved to the bench as an assistant coach before the start of the 2006-07 season.  Before Brown was with the Spurs he coached 14 seasons (9 as HC) in the Australasia National Basketball League. Brown led the Aussies to a seventh-place finish in the 2012 London Olympic Games.  He has been under “Pop” the past 7 years, so I like this idea. Though now Hinkie denies naming a coach yet. Seriously, I can’t keep up.  I am just leaving what I wrote about Brown in here. Whatever…

Moving on to the players now. Noels is a force defensively, though he is very raw offensively. He might be out until Christmas time with his torn ACL. Carter-Willams has great vision even better than Jrue, though Carter-Williams struggles with his jumper. Arsalan is decent at attacking the rim. The 6’7″ PF is the first Iranian drafted in the NBA.

Lastly, I will miss Jrue. He was the one guy you could enjoy watching this year on a team that was unwatchable. Jrue should have some fun with Anthony Davis. Wishing, Jrue the best of luck.

Some might not like this move. The bottom line is that the Sixers were not going to win with Jrue anytime soon and he had the most value. Sometimes you need to take a step back before you move forward.

To recap, the Sixers acquire Nerlens Noel, Michael Carter-Williams, Arsalan Kazemi, a 2014 1st round pick from New Orleans, and two 2014 2nd round picks from Milwaukee and Dallas. I need sleep.

Sixers Balls: Players reaction and How many trades did the Sixers do? 4 or 5. Maybe 6. I stop counting..


Hinkie is finally done (I think). So the last player that the Sixers acquired was Arsalan Kazemi. He played his college ball at Oregon and at Rice. The 6’7″  Power Forward is the first Iranian drafted in the NBA. Kazemi was picked by WAS (for the Sixers) at 54. I might just call this dude “Kazaam” instead. How many trades did the Sixers do? I believe 4 or 5. Maybe 6. I stop counting..

Here are some of the reaction from Sixers players about tonight.

I agree there Thad.

You almost did too.

Oh, Evan, you heard the rumors. Stop playing.

Here is Arsalan Kazemi Scouting Report:

He also showed the ability to catch the ball at the elbow and put the ball on the floor for a few dribbles to get to the rim, where he’s able to utilize his quickness advantage against most college big men. He is relentless attacking the basket.

Defensively, Kazemi primarily defends big men at Rice, and as we mentioned before, his lack of size can be a liability against the stronger, bulkier players he faces in the post in the post. He does look to have the lateral quickness to make the switch to defending more on the perimeter, but it might take some time to adjust. via

Sixers Balls: Brett Brown the New Head Coach. Unless he was traded too..

Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs - Game One

I really can’t take anymore of this. Hinkie you’re a sneaky son of a bitch. While you were making another trade to acquire South Dakota St. Guard Nate Wolters at No. 38 you hired a coach? The Sixers have named Brent Brown, according to CSNPhilly.  Wait, as I am right this Hinkie made another trade. Yes, try to keep up because I can’t. The Sixers traded Wolters to the Bucks for 6″6′ SG Ricky Ledo out of Providence.  Ledo was selected by the Bucks with 43rd pick.  For the Love God, Ledo was just traded. I give up.

Back to Brown now before anything else happens or before he gets traded. Brown has been with the Spurs since July 2002 and moved to the bench as an assistant coach before the start of the 2006-07 season.  Before Brown was with the Spurs he coached 14 seasons (9 as HC) in the Australasia National Basketball League. Brown led the Aussies to a seventh-place finish in the 2012 London Olympic Games. He has been under “Pop” the past 7 years, so I like this idea.

Sixers Balls: Carter-Williams is now your future at PG.


For Love of God, what the hell is going on tonight? My head is spinning. So we realized that nobody was untouchable. Does Hinkie like Turner? Just saying… Sixers selected PG Michael Carter-Williams at No. 11.  By the way, “SABR” guys love him.  Hinke got his man all along. This tells me maybe, just maybe Turner has a future on this team. Or NOT. LOL…

Carter-Williams has great vision on the court even better than Jrue.  Man, I will miss Jrue, but this needed to be done I guess. Jrue was the only real talent on this team and  sometimes to move forward you have to take a step back. Like I said before, Andrew Wiggins here we come! I need to step away and take this all in….

Carter-Williams Scouting Report:


High level passing ability … Tremendous length and height for his position combined with a high basketball IQ. Carter-Williams is a gifted athlete … He has the ability to handle the ball well for his size … Possesses the skill to burst through a first line of defenders, with a deceptive first step … Can turn a broken play into points with an outstanding ability to find the open man … Solid competitor … Rebounds the ball very well for a player at his position


Ceiling is considerable, but so is his basement, has star potential but also appears to be a guy that could end up playing the majority of his career overseas … Already the age of a senior, so there is concern about his upside and how much his body and offense will improve … Routinely passes up open shots … His inconsistent outside shooting (29% from 3) will make it easy for opponents to sag off him, making it even more difficult for him to get by defenders via

Sixers Balls: Just Exploded!


Hinkie got his head out of the spread sheet finally and stopped his silence. He just dropped a bomb. The Sixers sent Jrue Holiday to New Orleans for Nerlens Noel  and 2014 first-round pick. The pick is Top 3 protected. You have to be shitting me. This draft is insane. I don’t even know what to think right now. I can’t believe Jrue is gone. What the fuck.. Well, Andrew Wiggins here we come..

If you don’t know much about Noel here is a scouting report.


One of the best pure shot blockers to come along in a number of years … He’s a more explosive leaper and has better on ball shot blocking ability than last year’s UK freshman intimidator Anthony Davis. While Davis had a little better lateral speed and ability to get to shots as a weakside defender, Noel’s ability to deny his man any daylight to the rim and be a rim protector makes him even more dominant, and a potential defensive enforcer for the NBA … An elite level athlete with great quickness and explosive leaping ability … Great length, reported 7’4 wingspan …


Offensively, Noel’s game is rudimentary. He has shown some development but the general perception is that he will never be a strong offensive player, instead he impacts games with his defense, rebounding and athleticism … Won’t be able to “out-athleticize” opponents for baskets at the next level the way he has in college … Scores mainly on put backs and dunks when he gets a clear path to the basket, or when teammates are able to create for him Via

Sixers Balls: Everywhere

images (9)

-This is insane. Zeller going before Noel? Jordan will never learn.  Anthony Bennett at number 1 was a bomb.  Noel just keeps dropping.  Time for Sammy to swoop in. Stern is trolling everyone tonight. Noel finally taken. AD and Noel that could be a great front-line. (8:15)

– McLemore taken by the Kings. I guess  you can forget about that deal with the Sixers.. (8:17)

– Sam get you head out of the Damn spread sheet. Sixers might move back now, though they do like CJ McCollum. He reminds me of Lou-Will. I rather have my boy Caldwell-Pope if he is still there and if the Sixers are staying with the 11th pick. (8:22)

Sixers Balls: Things could be finally heating up


Hinkie, who has been quieter than a buddhist monk on a “No-speaking” vow, has finally made contacted with the outside world. So what is the news? Sixers are trying to move up. This comes from a writer from  Philadunkia (ESPN affiliate)

Like I said earlier, if the Sixers are willing to make move it would have to be 11th pick (obviously) and a player. That player likely would be Thad Young. Besides Jrue, he is the only other player with value. Sixers are targeting  Oladipo, Bennett (forget him now, Cavs man) and McCollum. The Sixers really want to match Jrue up with another perimeter player.

C.J. McCollum, 6’3  SG, Lehigh.

Scouting Report:

Combination guard whose game is marked by a lethal capacity for scoring. His off the dribble variety is elite—hesitation, rocker and crossover—excellent shiftiness and ability to burst through an open seam … He can score from anywhere, a truly unpredictable defensive assignment in the half cout

McCollum will need to further cultivate his lead guard and team running skills at the next level … At this point, he profiles as more of a natural scoring, combo guard. via

Victor Oladipo, 6’4″ SG, Indiana

Scouting Report:

His upside will depend on his offensive game. While he has made tremendous strides on that side of the ball, he’s still fairly unrefined as a playmaker off the dribble. His jumper has become more effective, but he still only took 1.9 3-pointers a game this season.

Given how much he improved in the last season, it’s hard to put a ceiling for how good he can become, although few guards develop into a first option once they get to the NBA. via


Sheed Coach the Sixers? I can hear him now. Turner misses another baseline jumper. Sheed: “Ball Don’t Lie”.


I am trying to find any news or rumor about the Sixers right now.  I am telling you there is nothing out there. Apologies, I did find one hilarious little nugget. Andrew Lynch of ESPN tweeted this out:

Sheed as the Sixers coach? Ha! I can hear him now. Turner misses another baseline jumper. Sheed: “Ball Don’t Lie”. That would be entertaining as hell, not happening though.  Also Aldridge wants out of Portland, someone contact Hinkie. Wait, nobody knows how to get a hold of him. Forget. “Silence is Golden”. That is the new slogan of your 2013-14 Philadelphia 76ers.

There are rumors flying everywhere around the league. You have KG and Pierce maybe going to the Brooklyn. Cavs want nothing to do with the number 1 overall pick. They’re trying to find any takers for that pick.  The Kings are trying to trade the 7th pick overall.  Hmmm, maybe that Sixers trade could be a real-thing? Nah… Adrian Wojnarowski ‏ of Yahoo Sports is making picks already for teams.

Wojo being Wojo already. OK, I am done. In the mean time, I will be searching  for any Sixers news because I have no life.