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Sixers Balls: Scenarios…

Awww yeeesss… Let all SCENARIOS begin and there is a plethora of them. By the way, plethora has to be my favorite word of all-time. Before I get into the scenarios for the Sixers, here is a message from my sponsor..

So the Sixers have the 3rd and 10th pick in the first round. Not going to lie, to say I was slightly disappointed about the Sixers not getting the first overall pick is  an understatement. I was speechless. I honestly felt like my pet turtle died. I was so depressed. I know this draft is deep as hell, but I wanted Andrew Wiggins sooo baaadd. Well, I ‘m finally over it and ready to move on from my depression. I have put my full trust in Sam Hinkie.

To go along with the two-first rounders, the Sixers have the 32nd, 39th, 47th, 52nd, and the 54th picks. Hinkie could easily package a couple of those second rounders and get back a late-first rounder. As we found out quickly last year, Hinkie is locked and loaded to make moves.

There will be many more scenarios falling from the sky in the coming weeks leading up to the draft, but here are some I have found or heard so far.

Thad  to the Sacramento Kings for the 8th pick.

There would be a player that the Kings would send back and the Sixers would likely send a second rounder as well to make it work. If you’re going to move Thad, the Sixers might as well do it on draft night. I really would like to see Thad stay but this might be too good to pass up. Scott Howard-Cooper of reports that the Kings are looking for a veteran in exchange for the 8th pick.  Libertyballers reported that the Sixers and Kings came very close last year on striking a deal, involving DeMarcus Cousins and Jrue Holiday. The Kings are not interested in drafting and developing another kid. Hinkie’s gotta be all over this. I mean, if the Sixers can add the 8th pick, to go along with the 3rd and 10th, helloooo opportunities (trades)…

Then there is this: That would be just lovely, if Embiid’s back is truly healthy. There have been a ton of reports out all year on how much the Bucks loved him.  That would mean Jabari Parker or Wiggins could slide. Me likey.

Oh God, yes… I’m starting to feel better about  the Sixers chances for Wiggins. Jason Lloyd is a Cavs beat writer for the Akron Beacon Journal. Though I still see Embiid going here more than Parker, especially if the Cavs are going to make a run at LeBron. I don’t see them drafting  Parker or Wiggins if Embiid is healthy. Kyrie Irving, LeBron James and Embiid would be scary.

Aaron Gordon would a great pick at number 10, though I don’t see him sliding  down that far. It also seems that the Sixers may decide on shooter at the 10 spot. Look at Doug “Buckets” McDermott and Nik Stauskas. Maybe, even a solid two-way player-Garry Harris. I personally, love Harris.

The Sixers 3rd and 10th pick for 1st overall.

Yes, this might be the biggest one I heard so far. Could it happen? I mean, I don’t think you can say no when Hinkie’s involved.  I would definitely do it, if they do indeed trade Thad to the Kings for the 8th. Then you could see a Sixers lineup with Wiggins (1st pick) and  Gordon (8th pick) in it next year. By the way, both Bleacher Report and SBNation both have the Sixers drafting Wiggins with the 3rd pick in their latest mock drafts.

I’m spent…

Sixers Balls..We Talkin Chances..

NBA Draft Lottery

The time has finally come. The right of passage. The day the basketball gods will shine down upon us. Well, for the love of God they better.  I don’t think that I can endure another shit-show of a season by the Sixers or take on another 26-game losing streak. To be honest, I may cry if the Sixers don’t at-least get the number two pick.

Before I keep going on about the Sixers Lotto chances on Tuesday night, I must put my two-cents in about these Michael Carter-Williams trade rumors.  GO KICK ROCKS...Come on peeps, you’re really searching for a story, especially saying that if the Sixers drafted Dante Exum they would trade MCW. I’m guessing that you peeps didn’t watch the Phoenix Suns play. They used  two-man point guard combo all season in their back-court. I must say that Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe were fun as hell to watch. I could use more examples but I won’t waste my time anymore on this non-sense. Moving on…

Well lets get right into it. Here are the chances for each Lotto team for the top pick.

NBA Lottery Odds
Team Odds
1 Milwaukee Bucks 25.0%
2 Philadelphia 76ers 19.9%
3 Orlando Magic 15.6%
4 Utah Jazz 11.9%
5 Boston Celtics 8.8%
6 Los Angeles Lakers 6.3%
7 Sacramento Kings 3.6%
8 Detroit Pistons 3.5%
9 Cleveland Cavaliers 1.7%
10 New Orleans Pelicans 1.1%
11 Denver Nuggets 0.8%
12 New York Knicks 0.7%
13 Minnesota Timberwolves 0.6%
14 Phoenix Suns 0.5%

Since 1996 (Sixers won Lotto that year), the team that finished with the second-worst record has gotten the first pick only twice (Sixers-AI and Clippers-Blake Griffin). The team that finished with the worst record has gotten the first pick twice (Cavs-LeBron and Magic-Dwight). To go along with the 1996 theme, the team that finished with the third-worst record (Magic this year) has won the Lotto the most (6 times). By the way, its good to know that the tenth-worst team in the league has never won the lottery. That would be the Pelicans. So the Sixers are looking good on that part.

To go along with winning the Lottery in 1996, the Sixers also had the top pick in 1986.  The NBA used a different format for the Lottery up until 1990 (current process now). I won’t bore you with the old process, just click on the link if you want to read. As Sixers fans, we like to forget 1986. On June 16, 1986, after the lottery and a day before the draft, the Sixers traded the first pick to the Cavs  for Roy Hinson. Who did the Cavs draft that year? Oh, that’s right, Brad Daugherty. That one hurts just a little. What could’ve been with Charles Barkley and Daugherty as part of the Sixers front-court. Long live Harold Katz

So where should the Sixers fall with their pick and the Pellis pick? According to LibertyBallers, their best chance is fourth and tenth (27.75%). Their second best chance is first and tenth (17.31%).  I will take the latter please. Tanks…..